President Trump Pulls Out USA of The Paris Agreement

President Trump just announced that the U.S. will “withdraw” out of the Paris Climate Accord. But “begin negotiations to re-enter”.

Trump said:

“We will cease honoring all non-binding agreements”, and “will stop contributing to the green climate fund”.
“I can not in good conscience support a deal that harms the United States”.

“The bottom line is that the Paris Accord is very unfair to the United States”.
“This agreement is less about climate and more about other countries getting a financial advantage over the United States”.
“The agreement is a massive redistribution of United States wealth to other countries.”

“Fourteen days of carbon emissions alone would totally wipe out the U.S. contribution to reduction by 2030”

“Compliance with the terms of the Paris accord… could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025.”

“India makes its participation contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid.”

“We need all forms of available American energy or our country will be at grave risk of brown-outs and black-outs.”

“Withdrawing is in economic interest and won’t matter much to the climate.”

“We will be environmentally friendly, but we’re not going to put our businesses out of work… We’re going to grow rapidly.”
“No responsible leader can put the workers and the people of their country at this debilitating and tremendous disadvantage.”

“The same nations asking us to stay in the agreement are the countries that have collectively cost America trillions.”

“My job as President is to do everything within my power to give America a level playing field.”
“The same nations asking us to stay in the agreement are the countries that have collectively cost America trillions.”

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

“Foreign leaders in Europe, Asia, & across the world should not have more to say w/ respect to the US economy than our own citizens.”

“Our withdrawal from the agreement represents a reassertion of America’s sovereignty.”

“It is time to exit the Paris Accord and time to pursue a new deal which protects the environment, our companies, our citizens.”

Scott Pruitt: “America finally has a leader who answers only to the people.” “This is an historic restoration of American economic independence.”

The Paris Accord is a BAD deal for Americans, and the President’s action today is keeping his campaign promise to put American workers first. The Accord was negotiated poorly by the Obama Administration and signed out of desperation. It frontloads costs on the American people to the detriment of our economy and job growth while extracting meaningless commitments from the world’s top global emitters, like China. The U.S. is already leading the world in energy production and doesn’t need a bad deal that will harm American workers.

UNDERMINES U.S. Competitiveness and Jobs

According to a study by NERA Consulting, meeting the Obama Administration’s requirements in the Paris Accord would cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion over the next several

By 2040, our economy would lose 6.5 million industrial sector jobs – including 3.1 million manufacturing sector jobs

It would effectively decapitate our coal industry, which now supplies about one-third of our electric power

The deal was negotiated BADLY, and extracts meaningless commitments from the world’s top polluters

The Obama-negotiated Accord imposes unrealistic targets on the U.S. for reducing our carbon emissions, while giving countries like China a free pass for years to

Under the Accord, China will actually increase emissions until 2030

The U.S. is ALREADY a Clean Energy and Oil & Gas Energy Leader; we can reduce our emissions and continue to produce American energy without the Paris Accord

America has already reduced its carbon-dioxide emissions

Since 2006, CO2 emissions have declined by 12 percent, and are expected to continue to

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the U.S. is the leader in oil & gas

The agreement funds a UN Climate Slush Fund underwritten by American taxpayers

President Obama committed $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund – which is about 30 percent of the initial funding – without authorization from Congress

With $20 trillion in debt, the U.S. taxpayers should not be paying to subsidize other countries’ energy

The deal also accomplishes LITTLE for the climate

According to researchers at MIT, if all member nations met their obligations, the impact on the climate would be The impacts have been estimated to be likely to reduce global temperature rise by less than .2 degrees Celsius in 2100.

The NGA-The Billion Spying Agency

While most Americans would consider the CIA, and perhaps the NSA, household names, one U.S. spy agency – whose headquarters surpasses the U.S. Capitol in size – has managed to keep to the shadows while possessing cutting edge tools of the surveillance trade.

Called the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), even former President Barack Obama didn’t know of its existence when he first took office – despite that the agency employs some 15,400 people…

“So, what do you [do]?” Obama asked a customer at a Washington, D.C., Five Guys hamburgers in May 2009. 

“I work at NGA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency,” he answered.

“Outstanding,” then-president Obama asserted. “How long have you been doing that?” 

“Six years.”

“So, explain to me exactly what this National Geospatial …” Obama asked, unable to recall the agency’s full name.

Timidly, the man replied,

“Uh, we work with, uh, satellite imagery.”

“Obama appeared dumbfounded,” Foreign Policy’s James Bamford reports. “Eight years after that videotape aired, the NGA remains by far the most shadowy member of the Big Five spy agencies,* which include the CIA and the National Security Agency.”

  • U.S. Big Five spy agencies:

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

National Security Agency (NSA)

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

The NGA’s secretive identity belies the agency’s massive physical size and the scope of its surveillance activities, as James Bamford continues,

“Completed in 2011 at a cost of $1.4 billion, the main building measures four football fields long and covers as much ground as two aircraft carriers.

In 2016, the agency purchased 99 acres in St. Louis to construct additional buildings at a cost of $1.75 billion to accommodate the growing workforce, with 3,000 employees already in the city.

“The NGA is to pictures what the NSA is to voices. Its principal function is to analyze the billions of images and miles of video captured by drones in the Middle East and spy satellites circling the globe.

But because it has largely kept its ultra-high-resolution cameras pointed away from the United States, according to a variety of studies, the agency has never been involved in domestic spy scandals like its two far more famous siblings, the CIA and the NSA.

However, there’s reason to believe that this will change under President Donald Trump.”

Originally tasked primarily with cartography – before a mammoth expansion, the spy arm had been called the National Imagery and Mapping Agency – until a name and mission switch in 2003 gave the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency its name, with the hyphen allowing a three-letter acronym so enamored by the government.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose fondness for imagery intelligence became known when he served as a general during World War II, created the National Photographic Interpretation Center shortly before leaving office – an agency also later absorbed by the NGA.

Now, the NGA works in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force to analyze the staggering amount of data collected through aerial surveillance abroad – mostly by unmanned aerial systems, such as drones with high-powered cameras.

According to at least one source, as of 2013, the NGA was integral in the analysis of surveillance data pertaining to Iran’s nuclear capabilities. 

Revelations on the depth and breadth of the Central Intelligence Agency’s domestic capabilities, long believed out of its territory, was exposed by Wikileaks Vault 7 recently to be on par with National Security Agency programs – so much so, analysts say it constitutes a duplicate Big Brother.

Data provided to the NGA by military officials has assisted in various U.S. operations in the Middle East by tracking vehicles believed responsible for planting improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, and for monitoring hot spots for insurgent breakouts.

But the NGA hardly only keeps to support operations, as David Brown – author of the book, “Deep State – Inside the Government Secrecy Industry” – explained:

“Before the trigger was pulled on NEPTUNE’S SPEAR, the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, SEAL Team Six had access to a perfect replica of the Abbottabad compound where the terrorist mastermind was hiding.

The details for the replica were gathered by the NGA, which used laser radar and imagery to construct a 3D rendering of the compound.

How precise were its measurements and analysis? The NGA figured out how many people lived at the compound, their gender, and even their heights.

But the NGA didn’t stop there: Its calculations also helped the pilots of the stealth Black Hawks know precisely where to land.”

With a combined budget request for 2017 of $70.3 billion, the National and Military Intelligence Programs – NGA falls under the latter – have seen a quickening of support from the authoritarian-leaning, pro-military Trump administration.

This and additional factors – such as the astonishingly sophisticated equipment at the agency’s disposal – have ignited fears the NGA could be granted authority to bring its expert microscope into focus against the American people.

“While most of the technological capacities are classified, an anonymous NGA analyst told media the agency can determine the structure of buildings and objects from a distance, has some of the most sophisticated facial recognition software on the planet and uses sensors on satellites and drones that can see through thick clouds for ‘all-weather’ imagery analysis,” reports

Efforts to bolster NGA’s innovate staff pool ratcheted up on Thursday, as Business Wire reported,

“From navigating a U.S. aircraft to making national policy decisions, to responding to natural disasters: today’s U.S. armed forces rely on Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) to meet mission requirements.

As the nation’s primary source of GEOINT for the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) depends on the National Geospatial-Intelligence College (NGC) to produce top-tier talent to deliver intelligence with a decisive advantage.

Today, Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) announced that it has been awarded a five-year, $86 million contract by NGA-NGC to lead the Learning Management and Advancement Program (LMAP) that will provide high-quality learning solutions to equip a diverse workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet current and future GEOINT mission requirements.”

Bamford points out for Foreign Policy the Trump administration intimated a significant expansion of spying on mosques and Islamic centers, while others admonish said surveillance could put Black Lives Matter and other protest groups in the NGA’s silent crosshairs.

Of distinct concern for privacy advocates are drones with uncanny zooming capabilities – features used against U.S. citizens before. 

Bamford continues,

“In 2016, unbeknownst to many city officials, police in Baltimore began conducting persistent aerial surveillance using a system developed for military use in Iraq.

Few civilians have any idea how advanced these military eye-in-the-sky drones have become. 

Among them is ARGUS-IS, the world’s highest-resolution camera with 1.8 billion pixels. Invisible from the ground at nearly four miles in the air, it uses a technology known as ‘persistent stare’ – the equivalent of 100 Predator drones peering down at a medium-size city at once – to track everything that moves.

“With the capability to watch an area of 10 or even 15 square miles at a time, it would take just two drones hovering over Manhattan to continuously observe and follow all outdoor human activity, night and day.

It can zoom in on an object as small as a stick of butter on a plate and store up to 1 million terabytes of data a day.

 That capacity would allow analysts to look back in time over days, weeks, or months. Technology is in the works to enable drones to remain aloft for years at a time.”

With cutting edge technology, a rapid enlargement underway, and billions in budgetary funds at the ready, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is the cloaked, mute sibling of the nefarious Intelligence Community… 

But it’s time to pull the protective shell off this potential ticking time bomb before reining it in becomes an impossibility…

The Plan By United Nations To Depopulate 95% Of World By 2030

The United Nations (UN) for some people conjure up images of a benevolent organization intended for the preservation of human life wherever conflict occurs, and of encouraging international cooperation and peace.
Far from this peaceful image, however, is their little-publicized plan to depopulate 95% of the world by 2030. Or as they have called it, Agenda 21.

United Nations plot to depopulate 95% of the world by 2030

Agenda 21 was United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development and was apparently developed as a means of restructuring the world population to lessen environmental impact and achieve an improved quality of life.

One of the main ways of achieving this, however, is through encouraged and direct depopulation.

As the UN put it:

“comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, government, and major groups, in every area in which humans have impact on the environment.”

Although the language used in the original 70-page report (National Implementation of Agenda 21 – A Summary) that the UN published on Agenda 21 is vague and open to interpretation, as well as plausible deniability, the intentions in certain sections are clear:

Depopulation to lessen environmental impact and stop overpopulation leading to instability.

While this sounds like a positive thing in some aspects, mere policy changes at governmental level alone cannot create an environment where big enough changes can come about in a short space of time.

To achieve such huge scale depopulation with a relatively short deadline the actions were taken would have to be drastic. Either a world war, global epidemic or some kind of widespread starvation caused by massive crop failures would be the only likely ways of achieving this. 

The idea also raises the question of,

Which 5% of the global population would be saved?

 Would these be those strong and hardy enough to survive the conditions placed on the earth that would kill off the remaining 95%?

Or perhaps the survivors would be chosen selectively from the elite and wealthy?

Whether such a plan could ever actually be successful is another matter.

Plans of this size and scope would require the collusion and agreement of at least every first world government in the world, not to mention that the amount of resources and effort that would have to go into keeping something like this covered up would be astronomical. 

Read the full document: “National Implementation of Agenda 21 – A Summary”:

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) Violations by Jehovah’s Witnesses(

Every human has a right to believe whatever they want in whatever way they wish as per Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). There are limits to such rights insofar as individuals cannot infringe on another’s rights when exerting those rights as per Article 29.2.
Many former members of Jehovah’s Witnesses argue that the religion denies them their human rights. These human rights violations are as follows:

Article 1 – Former members are not treated in a spirit of brotherhood. Former members are despised and shunned by remaining members.

Article 2 – If everyone is entitled to the rights and freedoms as set out in the UDHR without religious distinction, then it is incumbent upon religious organisations to consider the rights and freedoms of its religious members and former members. In other words, they must recognize and comply with the UDHR. Jehovah’s Witnesses think that because they are a religious organisation, they do not need to comply. This is false reasoning. See violation of Article 30 below.

Article 4 – Former members are held in a state of mental slavery – shunning of such persons will continue until such a time as former members return to being members of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Former members will enjoy a lifetime of shunning if they never return to the religion.

Article 5 – Shunning is a form of psychological torture. It is a cruel, inhumane and degrading form of treatment and punishment.

Article 7 – If all are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of the UDHR and against any incitement to such discrimination, then Jehovah’s Witnesses must desist from shunning former members and desist from writing articles in their publications requiring members to shun former members.

Article 8 – Considering Article 2 & Article 30 of the UDHR, nations need to recognize and insist that religious organisations comply with the UDHR. Religions cannot disregard the UDHR simply because they are a religion. Maybe Jehovah’s Witnesses would not find themselves in their current predicament in Russia if they complied fully with the UDHR.

Article 10 – Jehovah’s Witnesses have judicial committees and meetings that are held in order to discipline members who break their rules and regulations. It has been proven time and time again that these proceedings are not fair or impartial. They have secret policies and regulations that members are not privy to. Furthermore, they only inform members in “broad terms” of any proceedings brought against them. This does not allow a member to defend themselves properly.

Article 12 – Many former members have experienced harassment in varying forms and for various reasons by Jehovah’s Witness elders and other overly-zealous members.

Article 14 – Regardless of religious orientation, one has a right to marry whomever they wish with the free and full consent of the intending party. However, Jehovah’s Witnesses penalize members who do not marry Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Article 18 – Jehovah’s Witnesses violate the very article that they invoke to ensure their religious freedom. How? They deny members the right to change religion. If any member decides to change religion, they will disassociate them and require all remaining members to shun that former member.

Article 19 – Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow freedom of thought. Any opinions or expressions that go against Jehovah’s Witnesses current teachings, beliefs and doctrines will be dealt with harshly. Members who do not comply will be labeled an apostate, disfellowshipped and shunned.

Article 20.2 – If no one is compelled to belong to an association, Jehovah’s Witnesses need to desist from shunning members who no longer want to associate with them in a religious context.

Article 21.1 – Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow members to get involved in politics. If any member wishes to, the church will disassociate them and they will be shunned.

Article 23.1 – Jehovah’s Witnesses restrict access to certain vocations. For example, if a member chooses to join the army they will be disassociated and shunned.

Article 25.2 – Jehovah’s Witnesses will disfellowship any member who has a child out of wedlock. While that member remains shunned, it is likely that the child will also be shunned, or endure pain that other children are ever likely to experience.

Article 26.1 – Jehovah’s Witnesses do not deny their members some education. However, they will inhibit or restrict member’s congregational privileges if they pursue third level education. Although not a direct violation of an educational right, it does severely restrict members vocational pursuits.

Article 26.2 – The restriction of education is directly related to the deprivation of understanding, tolerance and friendship among those of a different persuasion. Education is one of the strongest factors associated with social capital in general and greater trust and higher tolerance in particular: the better educated individuals are, the more likely they are to have high levels of interpersonal trust and low levels of discriminatory attitudes and negative attitudes towards migrants (Hooghe et al. 2008; Stouffer 1955; Maykovich 1975; Quillian 1995; Scheepers, Gijsberts and Coenders 2002; Kunovich 2004; Semyonov, Rainmann and Tom-Tov 2004). Jehovah’s Witness members have a restricted worldview and are less understanding & tolerant of non-members and severely limit their friendships with outsiders.

Article 28 – Socially speaking, how can the rights and freedoms set out in the UDHR be fully realized if religions like Jehovah’s Witnesses restrict them?

Article 30 – Jehovah’s Witnesses flagrantly disregard this article of the UDHR by thinking they are exempt from adhering to it simply because they are a religion. They are not exempt. No one is exempt. As per Article 29.1, we must all do out part to exercise our rights and respect the rights of others.

Jehovah’s Witnesses violate 18 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights either in whole or in part. It is most noteworthy to point out that most of these violations are directly related to their shunning policy. If Jehovah’s Witnesses ended their shunning policy today, the vast majority of their human rights violations would disappear.

Unfortunately, Jehovah’s Witness leaders believe that the bible mandates that they shun former members. They quote 1 Corinthians 5:13 where it says “Expel the wicked person from among you” (New International Version). Yet, Jehovah’s Witnesses interpretation of “wicked” is both broad and vague. It’s left to the interpretation of elders to determine whether a person is wicked. In the real-world sense, the evidence suggests that all who leave the religion, all who question the religion, and all who commit acts of perceived wrongdoing (including those taking certain prohibited vocations, or accepting blood to save their life) are “wicked”. Therefore, the Jehovah’s Witnesses use of shunning is both extreme and cruel as the shunning encompasses those who cannot be categorized as “wicked” when one considers the previously quoted scripture in context.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Document bellow:

By 2070 There Will Be More Muslims than Christians


In the old city of Jerusalem with the traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam collide at every step

The number of Muslims exceeds the first time in the history of Christian believers around the year 2070, if the demographic trends in the world and in its individual regions take about current fashion. In their study indicated that the US Pew Research Center. This does not mean that Muslims will make up more than half the world’s population.

“The proportion of Muslims in the world’s population could be compared to the proportion of Christians around the year 2070, the two groups will form about 32 percent of the population. The number of Muslims outnumber Christians then, but both of these religious groups will grow roughly in tandem. By the year 2100 would be roughly one percent more Muslims (35 percent) than Christians (34 percent), “the agency said in its report.

now in 2070 and  2010

Christians 31.4% 32.3% 33.8%

Muslims 23.2% 32.3% 34.9%

Source: Pew Research Center 

The report but otherwise mainly engaged in the development in 2050, which indicates the estimates and in specific terms.

Current developments suggest that followers of Islam are their numbers on the rise worldwide. It is expected that between 2010 and 2050 will be added about 35 percent more people, so many mid-century the world will be 9.3 billion. Estimates show that the Muslim population is relatively young with the highest birth rates will increase by 73 percent. Christians also will be added, but should there be only about 35 percent more.

This does not mean that Muslims will on earth, more than half – just as Christians should make up less than a third of all people in the world. For example, slightly increase the number of atheists or those who do not belong to any religion, although in relation to the rest of them are lost.

World 2050 population:

 2010 estimate for the year. 2050 overall growth

Christians 2,168,330,000 (31.4%) 2,918,070,000 (31.4%) 749740000

Muslims 1,599,700,000 (23.3%) 2,761,480,000 (29.7%) 1161780000

infidels / non-religion 1,131,150,000 (16.4%) 1,230,340,000 (13.2%) 99190000

Hindus 1,032,210,000 (15%) 1,384,360,000 (14.9%) 352140000

Buddhists 487 760 000 (7.1%) 486 270 000 (5.2%) 1490000

Jews 13,860,000 (0.2%) 16,090,000 (0.2%) 2230000

other 462 840 000 (6.7%) 510 590 000 (5.5%) 47750000

total world 6895850000 9307190000 2411340000

Source: Pew Research Center

Europe is the only retreat

“Europe is the only world region where the total estimated population decline,” the study authors pointed out hereinafter.

They pointed out that Christians in the coming decades, about one hundred million will decline from the current 553 million to 454 million. Will remain the largest group of the population, but while now account for roughly three quarters of, in the future it will be only two thirds.

It is expected that the numbers will increase infidels and those who do not belong to any religion. By 2050, it would be nearly a quarter of Europeans (23 percent), while Muslims will be one tenth of the population. Now there is 5.9 percent. Doubly expected to increase also the ratio between Hindu European population from the current 0.2 percent (1.4 million faithful) to 0.4 percent (2.7 million faithful) and a similar increase is estimated in Buddhist on the Continent of the current 1.4 million 2.5 million.

Muslims have the most children

Global onset of Muslims is obvious: give birth to many children and their population is the youngest in the ratio. While Muslim woman gives birth to an average of 3.1 child and a Christian child 2.7. Indicator Hindus 2.4 and 2.3 Jews. Only in these groups is above the average birth rate of 2.1 children, which is the minimum needed to maintain demographic stability.

Muslims in children under 15 years old account for 34 percent, while 30 percent Hindus and Christians 27 percent.

Pew Research Agency warned that the estimated increase in the number of Muslims and Christians will be mainly due to the growing population on the African continent. The report’s authors emphasize that this is an estimate that can embrace many factors influence from natural disasters over political instability after the war and famine.

The President Trump Declares War on Rulling Elites and Media

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. 

Two extreme, very polarized paradigms have emerged as President Donald Trump takes command of the White House.

After the shattered hopes and fraud perpetrated by America’s first African-American president, Trump supporters naively believe they’ve elected their “great white hope” of a president who will “make America great again,” taking at face value his “America comes first” rhetoric. 

Many see Trump as a modern day George Washington figure, leading Americans in their second revolution, fighting to take back their country from the globalists.

But Trump’s legions of supporters fail to realize that the entrenched power machine that appears to reluctantly and covertly be behind Trump’s ascendance at the same time opposing him at every turn is in fact the very same power elite that’s been backing his opponent all along – the Hillary-Obama-Bush DC establishment cabal.

Indeed the trumped up “establishment outsider” image that’s won Trump the presidency belies the fact that in actuality he is an establishment insider who until now just hasn’t held political office.

In stark contrast to the new president’s loyal constituency, the anti-Trump, “liberal-minded,” pro-Clinton-CIA minions’ world-view steadfastly insist that Donald Trump along with “partner-in-crime” Vladimir Putin are the devil-incarnate themselves.

To do an actual reset with Russia (unlike Obama’s fake one 8 years ago) and cease the neocons’ insane push for WWIII, within weeks President Trump will be meeting with Putin in Iceland’s capital (report to be confirmed).

Of course Trump haters will see this as “proof” the two were in cahoots all along to “steal” the election.

Meanwhile, America has never been this divided a nation since the War Between the States more than a century and a half ago.

With present battle lines so bitterly and fiercely drawn, the planetary rulers are once again laughing in their mansions over having so effectively divided and conquered Americans as their reliable go-to formula for strengthening their power and control over the masses, regardless of who occupies the White House, setting the stage for America’ssecond civil war and Europe’s counterpart.

Speculation amongst those following the money behind these two polarized political camps posit a Hatfield versus McCoy inner power struggle within the global elite currently taking place between,

the Clinton-Bush-Obama crowd backed by the Rothschild cartel

the Trump-Netanyahu/Sheldon Adelson-Kissinger-soft countercoup merger supported by the Rockefeller cabal,

…and that the real powerline story here might be the Rothschild versus the Rockefeller feud competing and vying for increased power and control at the expense of the other.

Yet this too is far more apt to just be more sleight of hand chicanery to project an illusion of difference between the Trump and Clinton camps.

Bottom line – deep pocket money from both the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties have been funding both Hillary and Trump. Even the West versus East showdown leading humanity towards World War III could secretly be the pre-plotted machinations between the Western oligarchs and the Eastern oligarchs.

How much of this economic and geopolitical division is real or unreal is extremely difficult to determine and prove or disprove. 

With elitist shills controlling both the mainstream media as well as much of the alternative media, deciphering actual truth becomes nearly impossible. 

Perhaps one helpful method of seeking the truth can be conveniently found on the mainstream media’s “fake news” list that blacklists 200 actual alt news sites that ironically most closely approximate and consistently deliver the truth.

That said, the truth that we can sure of is that for well over a century the ruling elite has backed and promoted both sides to every major war it manufactures, just as it has selected, backed and promoted every two-party candidate who ends up its president, keyword being “its” president as no president over the last half century has clearly acted in the best interests of American citizens.

We’ve been living in an oligarchy where a handful of powerbrokers control the masses because they own and control virtually all the elected representatives who function on their explicit behalf rather than their constituent voters’ behalf. 

And sadly, it’s been operating this way in America for a very long time…

On January 20th Donald Trump opened his presidency with a fiery 16-minute inaugural address that in a nutshell encapsulated his 18-month campaign, spouting his populist rabblerousing message.

 Having said that he himself would be writing his inauguration speech, in his first presidential oratorical display, in essence the brand new Commander-in-Chief just declared war against the ruling elite:

For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have bore the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth.

Donald Trump goes on to describe,

“mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities, rusted out factories” across our nation, an education system depriving students “of all knowledge,” and “the crime and gangs and drugs” robbing “our country of so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

Trump follows with:

We are one nation, and their pain is our pain. Their dreams are our dreams, and their success will be our success. We share one heart, one home and one glorious destiny.

The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.

Unlike his critics claiming that Trump failed to offer words that unify the divided nation, the president’s accurate observations of a nation in decline were followed immediately by statements reaching out to and inclusive of the millions of forgotten and downtrodden Americans who’ve been left behind by an ever-widening inequality gap that only benefits the wealthy class.

Yet the consensus review by mainstream media that vehemently opposes Trump responded predictably, calling it “combative,” “divisive,” “polarizing” and “gloomy.”

Answering millions of his liberal haters insisting from day one of his candidacy that Trump is nothing but a racist wannabe dictator who’ll rival Hitler’s coldblooded tyranny, the newly sworn-in president predicts:

A new national pride will stir ourselves, lift our sights and heal our divisions. 

It’s time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget – that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.

Rather than echoing the usual sentiments that past inaugural addresses customarily deliver, espousing the Politically Correct clichéd pretenses calling for mending the differences while repeatedly resorting to flowery references to America’s glorious past, Trump once again defied tradition, angrily fighting against status quo elitism.

But his contentious tone was clearly not directed at the American people, but limited to the Washington insiders, many of whom sat in the audience appearing uncomfortable hearing Trump directly attack them for nearly destroying America to make themselves and the rich richer and the rest of us poorer. 

In contrast, Trump stated:

That a nation exists to serve its citizens… We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.

True to their heavily biased repulsion towards Trump, the mainstream presstitutes didn’t hesitate to trash Trump’s first presidential speech.

A day later on Saturday the new White House press secretary Sean Spicer held an impromptu first press conference to push back against the faulty inauguration day coverage, citing a false tweet claiming Trump removed a Martin Luther King bust from the Oval Office and the New York Times disputing the inauguration crowd size based on a White House tweeted photo.

Spicer said Trump is trying to unify the country but it requires fair reporting by the press that on his very first day was grossly lacking.

With the press and Trump sworn enemies prior to inauguration, the war will only become more volatile. And with Trump haters the dominant majority in the media and a thin-skinned reactionary for president, the fireworks have only just begun.

The mega media outlets all made certain to repeatedly emphasize that Trump suffers the lowest approval rating at 40% for any incoming president in history.

Ironically the three previous presidents who will go down in that same US history for nearly destroying America – Bill Clinton, Bush junior and Obama – all had approval ratings at their outset 20% or higher than Trump.

Obama, perhaps the worst president in history, entered the White House with a 79% approval. 

And if this survey is anything like all those pre-election polls, it too is rigged as Trump is quick to point out. MSM also focused on how near 70 Democratic Party politicians in symbolic protest refused to even attend the inaugural ceremony and how the attendance was roughly half of Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

The fake-stream press of course works in tandem with the fake Hollywood entertainment industry.

So the media went out of its way to feature each and every celebrity who publicly refused to perform at Trump’s big day commencement events. On inauguration eve all the A-list celebs joined thousands of New Yorkers, Michael Moore and their mayor protesting outside Manhattan’s Trump Tower.

Receiving the most airtime were Trump’s opposition forces gathering in the Big Apple and the Washington Mall. 

The star-studded kickoff on Thursday night in New York had the likes of,



Robert De Niro

their ringleader Michael Moore,

…leading the counteroffensive charge with his “first 100 days of resistance,” designed to rain their propaganda woes on Trump’s parade.

Moore lathered up the crowd warning that America has entered “a very dangerous” time after electing a “sociopath.”

Interesting to note that it’s the certifiable sociopath Obama whose agenda has been to plunge America into WWIII with Russia that all these anti-Trumpsters worship while the new president’s aim is to avert war against Putin as a potential life-extinction event.

But then these people conveniently overlook those small details.

Rather than ponder that reality, MSM “fake news” prefers to concentrate all eyes on the so called resistance movement, endowed with $10 million of globalist regime money. Never mind that the hired anti-Trump leftist brigade turns violent, that’s what they’re paid to do.

In Washington they again clashed and injured a half dozen police officers in riot gear that countered with pepper spray and concussion grenades.

When the Elite mercenaries weren’t blocking Air Force veterans from the inaugural ceremony, they were busy rioting as brick-throwing vandals shattering a number of storefront windows, setting fire to a limousine and causing extensive property damage that resulted in 217 arrests. 

Those swept up in the turmoil and detained in Washington are apparently being held on felony riot charges punishable up to ten years in prison. Local police were joined by a deployment of National Guard units and Homeland Security.

It appears that police state under Obama remains police state under Trump. Additionally, 15 arrests were made in New Orleans after a couple of patrol car windows were smashed and two police officers were injured.

Armed with bottles, rocks and bats the anti-Trump protesters showed their real colors.

This same violence was observed elsewhere, resulting in five arrests in Portland, Oregon and three in Oakland in addition to a man shot at a Seattle demonstration.

And while on Saturday the women’s multiple-city marches were being hyped up in the national press, Madonna was at it again, firing up the DC crowd with little Molotov cocktail gems like,

“I thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” but luckily for the Donald she knows that “this won’t change anything.” 

Being a celebrity, she must have figured she could get away with threatening to kill the president of the United States. 

The Secret Service has taken her violent threat seriously and Madonna now finds herself under investigation. Officials claim a half million strong marched where Trump was sworn into office the day before.

The so called anti-Trump movement was touted as a worldwide event with “sister marches” taking place in 600 locations across America as well as in,






Meanwhile, receiving little MSM attention was the fact that women from a pro-life group that were originally a co-sponsor of Saturday’s “unity” march were banned from participation.

Thus, those not sharing the same political dogma as the march organizers were expressly forbidden, leaving on full display the hypocritical inconsistency of practicing the very same exclusionary behavior attributed to Trump that supposedly was the very purpose of conducting the protest.

Obviously the inclusionary message within Trump’s speech was totally ignored by these same anti-Trump protesters and the mass media.

Its amazing how the “progressive-minded, so inclusive” left, always preaching unity while professing to be such staunch,



peace-loving anti-interventionists,

…yet they can turn dangerously violent, starting riots, and making threats to blow up the White House.

Then they worship politicians like Obama and the Clintons who have pushed the globalist agenda more than any other American leaders in history.

And now that we finally have a president committed to anti-globalism and non-interventionism, other than eliminating the terrorists that Obama and Hillary created, the progressive left is determined to take him down.

The last US president who exercised any real conscience and resolve to shake up the power establishment by acting in the best interests of the American people never made it past his first term in office. 

And the same criminal operation that took down JFK – key players within the CIA, the CFR and Kennedy administration including his own VP LBJ, those same shadow government rogue elements still remain alive and fully in power today.

Case in point, that same CIA has bogusly charged Trump with colluding with Putin to overturn the election outcome, which has proven to be false. Yet sore-losing Democrats are still falsely claiming the lie in desperation to delegitimize and undermine the Trump presidency.

And finally, the same CIA guilty of plotting and murdering JFK is still scheming and plotting the demise of President Donald J. Trump.

The very real prospect of Trump getting assassinated during his presidency has been repeatedly kept on the table, mostly couched in hypothetical terms behind barely contained wishful thinking by hordes of fake stream pundits and commentators representing the same crime cabal still in power.

Not so veiled threats to Trump’s life have been brashly hyped repeatedly by all six oligarch owned and controlled mega media giants as well as Washington’s elite. Clearly many both in and out of the seats of power do want Trump dead.

Last February a New York Times columnist “joked” about ultimately halting Trump’s presidential campaign by assassination. 

Several weeks later conservative talk show host Glenn Beck threatened on the air to repeatedly “stab Trump.”

Then in June just three months later a 20-year old British citizen actually did attempt to assassinate Trump, trying to pull a gun out a police officer’s holster at a Las Vegas rally.

Ever since late 2015 when the inflammatory Trump emerged as the Republican frontrunner for good, aside from ongoing death threats from the left on social media, a rapper and a couple of GOP establishment strategists also joined the fray openly calling for Trump’s assassination apparently with complete impunity.

But now that Trump’s president, all that has changed. Ask Madonna. Recently more assassination concerns have been voiced by conspiracy theorists surrounding Trump’s upcoming inauguration.

As perhaps the most blatant anti-Trump mainstream fake news network, CNN has notoriously carried the assassination torch right up to inauguration day. It’s as if CNN and others like Madonna are subliminally planting the seed to incite other lame brains into MK Ultra violent reaction to take down the 45th US president.

And with so many mentally unstable individuals out there, and mind control techniques utilizing black ops electromagnetic weaponry, undoubtedly more attempts on Trump’s life are bound to be in store.

Another aging remnant linked to the Kennedy assassination is the still alive George H.W. Bush who, as a young Skull & Bones CIA operative, was photographed in front of the book depository building in Dallas the same day Kennedy was assassinated.

And H.W.’s still alive war criminal son was observed still smirking, laughing and joking with his fellow cabalist war criminal cronies the Clintons and Obama at the inauguration, just prior to the one man who successfully thwarted the Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty after near four decades, began outing them as traitors.

Suddenly the smirk disappeared…

After opening his inaugural address lavishing compliments on Barack Obama for being so graciously helpful during the presidential transition, the just sworn in President Trump then proceeded to expose both Congress and all the attending former presidents for turning their backs on the American people, stopping just short of calling them America’s traitors from within, which of course they clearly are.

Trump’s speech was his first shot across the bow as the brand new sheriff in town, directly blaming those in Washington for,

selling America out to foreign interests

selling off American workers to offshore foreign factories and globalist “free” trade deals

selling off America’s crumbling infrastructure to costly hegemonic wars overseas

selling off America’s national security AND citizens’ legal rights for Obama’s illegal permanent war that’s made us far less safe with an open border policy inviting terrorist cells to flourish on US soil

selling off and abandoning America’s poor and middle classes for military industrial security complex profit and greed

selling America out to a globalized fake mass media

In his inauguration speech Trump laid out a plan to stop the bleeding and reverse the damage, reiterating all his campaign priorities as a nationalist, clearly opposing globalism as his enemy.

To millions of long forgotten Americans viciously victimized by elitist rulers, his words came as music to their ears, reinforcing their belief that finally a president has arrived who’s once again looking out for them.

Caution bears not getting your hopes up too high but simply holding Trump to his word.

Of course eight years ago after surviving eight painful years under Bush and Cheney’s reign of terror, Obama promised to end unwinnable foreign wars and deliver the most open and transparent presidency in US history that so captured and resonated with America’s hopes, was also welcomed as music to our ears.

Soon enough though, we learned Obama’s domestic and foreign policies were pretty much the same as his predecessors and that voting a Democrat or a Republican into the White House really didn’t matter at all when the puppet in charge is never actually in charge.

Like clockwork every eight years, America’s short term memory forces us to relive the disillusioning nightmare of déjà vu all over again… that the new boss turns out to be same as the old boss simply because he’s never been the boss to begin with.

The figurehead occupying the White House has always taken his marching orders directly from the ruling elite.

Perhaps the globalist design to dumb down Americans has been so successful that we may never learn this critical history lesson, however harsh the consequences. 

If Trump really does mean business and attempts to make good on his campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” finishing the job that JFK started by abolishing the CIA, Trump most definitely has his work cut out for him.

Once he completes that task, he must move on to destroying destructive, enslaving monsters like the Federal Reserve, Homeland Security and the DEA, drastically reducing the self-serving cancerous bureaucracy and cronyism of ever-sprawling big government.

In addition to gutting the feds’ fat, President Trump’s priorities must also include eliminating the parasitic glut of thousands of private contractors, bilking billions more from taxpayers. Trump must also normalize relations with Russia (as well with China and Iran), and in partnership as mentioned in his inaugural, eradicate the cabal’s proxy ally the terrorists “off the face of the earth.”

Trump needs to revoke all the unconstitutional Obama executive orders as well as dismantle and repeal a number of Obama passed laws, including reinstating the Smith-Mundt Act to once again hold all the fake MSM accountable for propagating unlawful lies and false propaganda.

Perhaps more important than anything else, President Trump needs to restore the US Constitution as America’s rule of law and our government back to a democratic republic.

Trump’s website promises he will honor and uphold our Constitution as taking his oath of office demands.

That means he needs to immediately begin rolling back the totalitarian police state tyranny and invasive violation of our constitutional freedoms already demolished under the Bush-Obama regime.

Finally, Trump built his entire campaign on the promise to jump start the lifeless national economy by creating massive employment opportunity for millions of under- and unemployed Americans, vowing to create 25 million jobs within the decade.

He also says that he’ll entice many companies back to the US as well as resurrect our lost manufacturing base and shrinking middle class. A tall if not impossible order that again we need to hold him to the task.

Shortly after President Kennedy warned of the shadow government and made it known he was committed to a course of peace instead of war (calling for withdrawal of all US military advisors from Vietnam), eliminating the CIA (prior to it eliminating him) and signing Executive Order 11110 that threatened to cut the authority of the Federal Reserve banksters by returning responsibility of America’s money supply over to the US Treasury, President Kennedy was suddenly shot dead.

On a parallel course, Trump insists that he will not go to war with Russia or interfere in other nations’ internal affairs, and last week he called NATO “obsolete,” a radical departure from the hyper-aggressive unipolar US foreign policy.

He’s also made overtures to end the Federal Reserve and the CIA, all reminiscent of our last assassinated president.

For Trump to avoid this same tragic fate and be victorious in thoroughly “draining the swamp,” he will need to move gradually, steadily and stealthily, exercising extreme prudence and caution while navigating the formidable economic and geopolitical minefield that his powerful enemies have laid before him.

The Federal Reserve will soon be raising interest rates that will tighten the wallets of already strapped Americans, 76% of whom are living one paycheck away from homelessness.

Interest rates across the boards on housing mortgages as well as credit cards and bank loans will be going up significantly in 2017.

The elite’s policy in recent years has been to kick the can down the road temporarily averting the impending financial crash, that is until after Trump becomes president.

Last week’s Davos meeting agenda no doubt placed the final touches on the globalist timetable to implode the house of cards economy this year.

Be prepared for the 3 plus cents worth on our dollar since the Federal Reserve took over in 1913 to shrink even further into oblivion as the financial crisis deepens, and the US dollar/petrodollar as international reserve currency slips into its death throes. 

Hyperinflation will kick in and soon enough the United States will likely be following the same gloomy path as countries like current Venezuela and Zimbabwe 15 years ago. By globalist design the currency demonetization occurring in Venezuela and India will be arriving soon in the US.

After all, absolute NWO surveillance and control can best be attained only when living in a cashless society.

With the national debt soaring to near $20 trillion, when the SHTF, like in Cyprus and Austria, expect the likelihood of bail-ins where you wake up one day to find your personal life savings stolen out of your private bank account.  

Gas, energy and food prices will be rising and in a crisis, grocery shelves will quickly empty.

Americans are pretty jumpy and jittery these days.

When earlier this month a minor winter storm moved across the south and southeastern US, it caused public panic. If an actual major crisis suddenly hits, you can imagine the outcome. 

On hungry stomachs, civil unrest quickly turns to uncivilized violence that could sweep across the nation, especially in large urban areas.

And of course now that we have a brand new president already on tenuous ground as the elite’s designated fall guy, President Trump will be blamed. 

Buckle up folks, 2017’s shaping up to be one hell of a bumpy ride. 

Stay alert and informed, be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best.

Who Are The Rulers and Controllers 

MEES BAAIJEN was born below sea level in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Six months later he survived the great flood of February 1953 together with his parents. Between cows and pastures and birds and canals he developed strong ties with nature.

As a veterinary student in the 70s he travelled to Eastern Europe, Turkey, Peru and picked tobacco in Canada.

As a veterinarian he worked in Sao Tome y Principe, Holland, Portugal, Mozambique and Costa Rica.

In the latter country since 1988, he led the design and development of an integrated information system for dairy farmers, advisors and researchers, which is still leading in the region.

As an entrepreneur from 1999 on, he proved that world class cheeses can be made in the tropics.

Since his 60th birthday he started to dig deep into the strange case of 9/11. He now works on our true history with several international researchers like Jim MacGregor and Wolfgang Effenberger.

In the West, we’ve all been spoon fed the idea that we are free citizens of sovereign countries, where our democratically elected governments rule according to the peoples’ wishes.

If that’s not achieved, it’s usually explained as being due to misfortunes such as crises, security threats or wars, or the stupidity of our governments.

The few people that doubt these explanations, or even suspect hidden hands behind the occurrences of our time or the official narrative of our history, are easily dismissed as conspiracy nuts.

Our Rulers in Ancient Times

For sure, there were no hidden hands when humanity was in its “pre-history,” predating our “real history” as seen by most.

For about 200,000 years our ancestors lived in small nomadic communities, sharing the food obtained by hunting and gathering. Problems, plans and rules were settled in probably long discussions, where the opinions were usually harmonized until a consensus was reached. 

Our pre-historic world was ruled by highly sovereign people.

Things started to change about 10,000 years ago with the revolutionary innovations of crop and livestock farming. Many communities became sedentary and small villages grew bigger. The makers of tools, clothes, pottery or art had to barter with the people producing food.

At some point, money such as shells or clay tablets came in as a handy substitute for bartering.

Then silver and gold coins appeared, and inevitably, some people became poorer and others richer. Next, people with a surplus started to lend their money to people in need of it.

At times as a favor, but usually against interest.

It was then discovered that even a small percentage of interest applied over a few years would quickly double a debt, e.g. 10% over seven years. Thus, the treacherous power of usury revealed itself, capable of destroying the fabric of any egalitarian society.

The ancient knowledge of the wreckage caused by usury led to its prohibition in the three Abrahamic religions:




Today, it’s still forbidden in Islam.

Through usury, the first bankers of Babylon became so wealthy and powerful that they controlled kings and priests.

Commercial laws were drawn up that protected the elite and even gave them the right to treat conquered people as a commodity:

Big Slavery, in multi-color, became a key business.

After the fall of Babylon, other empires like the Persian, the Phoenician and the Roman came and went. 

In all, the question “who rules the world” was easy to answer.

Fast Forward to the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, Europe was overtly ruled by a landed aristocracy that kept rural people in feudal serfdom, obliging them to deliver part of their harvest in exchange for protection. 

The dominating religion was Catholicism, which forbade usury. 

Yet, there was a high demand for money lending, and only Jews were permitted to do so (however, they were religiously forbidden to lend money to other Jews).

They were among the few people skilled in writing and accounting, and through their networks large amounts of money could be lent to high-placed debtors. Lending was a very lucrative business, but also risky as guarantees were often feeble. Taxing of subordinates was commonly used to solve the problem.

This unpopular task was often left to the lenders, and such tax-farming activities caused them to be hated by the people.

 After earlier expulsions elsewhere, the Inquisition threw the Jews out of Spain in 1492 and out of Portugal in 1496. Because of their capital and international networks, they were welcomed in Holland and Venice.

In the early 1600s, Holland was a rising star, while Venice – the richest, oldest and probably most perfidious European empire – was struggling to recover from an extermination attempt by the Cambrai league of European forces.

Using a new shipping route around Africa, the Portuguese were taking over part of their lucrative Asia trade. Besides, Venice was not well located for business with the newly discovered and already booming (via stolen gold and silver) Americas. 

Hence, an endeavor was started to develop a new and larger empire, with safer and better located bases on the Atlantic coast in Holland and England.

These Protestant lands were usury-friendly, and thus promising grounds for the development of a novel, less risky lending system.

The participants were the ambitious Giovanni faction of Venetian oligarchs (as empire specialists), rich Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal (as financial specialists), and opportunistic Anglo-Dutch Protestant nobility and aristocracy (as puppets and profiteers).

The ground for this tripartite project had been prepared from the early 1500s when the Venetian oligarchy’s divide-and-rule policy supported the Protestant revolution in Northern Europe. 1

Venice also aided the new Protestant Dutch Republic in its long struggle with Catholic Spain (1568-1648), and later had a heavy hand in the instigation of the disastrous 30-year war between European Protestants and Catholics (1618-48). 2

Venetian and Sephardic capital and knowledge was an important driver behind the British and Dutch East India companies (established around 1600), with Venetian banking experience transferred to the Dutch Venice as the Bank of Amsterdam (1609).

Stock of these and other companies was traded at the Amsterdam and London stock exchanges. 

Amsterdam even offered call and put options, which led to the tremendous collapse of the Tulip bubble in 1637. With a little Sephardic-Venetian help, the tiny Dutch Republic was catapulted into global empire and its Golden Century. 

In the meantime, Britain was being prepared for its future role as a much greater and safer base.

Both countries took over the Venetian trade in,



gold bullion


…and were also active in piracy and the colonization of faraway lands – yes, to spread Christianity, no moral dilemmas here!

Later, in the 17th century, Venetian-Sephardic sponsoring enabled the take-over of Britain by Oliver Cromwell.

They also financially backed an expensive invasion army led by Dutch puppet William III of Orange that led to the overthrow of King James II of England, known to history as the 1688 Glorious Revolution. 

Six years later, the Bank of England was established as a private bank with a monopoly on the emission of money as interest-bearing debt. Very quickly, the war-eager William got the State highly indebted to the new bank.

At the same time, tax laws were installed to guarantee repayment by the State and eliminate risk for the bankers.

Of course, the State could have produced its own money without having to pay any interest or taxing its people, but that was clearly not part of the deal made by corrupt governors.

The outcome was the heavy but hidden golden crown on the tripartite endeavor that had started almost two centuries before.

The bankers were the new rulers of the world, but for the first time in history they were invisible to the people:

hereafter, usury was extended covertly and gradually to all citizens, including to those without bank loans.

Aided by Dutch finance capital, Britain soon became the dominant world power, and the channel for widespread international usury systems, both overt and covert.

The only exception were some Muslim countries (one reason why they are being destroyed since 9/11…)

The great deceptive and controlling power of the money masters behind the scenes is best illustrated by the incredible fact that until very recently, almost nobody ever questioned this system:

neither economists, governments or investigative journalists, nor political parties, not even die-hard socialists or Marxists!

Project for a New World Order (NWO)

During the 19th century, one family became the controller of finance capitalism, both overtly in the British Empire and Europe, and covertly in the USA via their fronts, the Morgan and Kuhn-Loeb banks.

From their headquarters in The City of London, the Rothschilds accumulated probably half of the world’s wealth, not only via hidden usury, but also from open usury on loans to kings, countries and corporations.

It was only a matter of time before the Rothschild banking family teamed up with the American Rockefellers and their Big Oil companies. 5

In the early 20th century, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their global corporations and networks were more powerful than any country on earth. 

According to then US President Woodrow Wilson:

“Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of something.

They know there is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

That power bribed politicians (including Wilson and subsequent US presidents), infiltrated opposition and media, corrupted governments, and hijacked science.

To join their games, you had to sell your soul to the devil, and suddenly doors or markets opened, careers or stocks soared, and you made loads of money!

Moreover, banker shrewdness got most of the dirty work done through subordinates and the raw power of money:

empires, their armies and secret services

the mafia

the military and industry

even idealistic or revolutionary movements

And it even worked on the small people, as our decisions often favor money and not life.

These elites financed wars and political assassination, often manufacturing events (i.e. false flags attacks) to provoke conflict in their favor. This power was utilized extensively last XX century – over 140 million deaths – as part of a strategy to guarantee their position at the top.

The step-by-step multi-generation NWO project has been masterly outlined by Richard K. Moore in his article A Brief History of the New World Order.

“WWI was the epochal event that began an identifiable program toward a new world order, a single global hierarchy… under the control of elite financiers…

Britain was no longer the obvious choice, as the base for a global power grab. So the decision was made to shift hegemony from London to Washington…

WWI was the making of America, as a world power…

While Europeans and Brits were being slaughtered in their millions, Americans were experiencing boom times, leading into its golden age of the roaring 1920s… allies were encumbered by astronomical debt to the American Treasury and to the banking elite…

“We could say that America won WWI, and all of Europe lost – and lost big. The Europeans were bound to pay America huge sums for the privilege of having devastated one another…

Britain had won the battle for Europe, for a while; America had won the battle for strongest nation, for a longer while – but it was the banking elite who won the war – for discretionary power over the future course of world affairs.” 6

The once secret story of the staging of WWI is told in Hidden History – The Secret Origins of the First World War by Jim Macgregor and Gerry Doherty. 7

A secret elite of the British empire prepared the operation.

Should the Sarajevo trigger have failed, a backup scenario was in place – the sudden discovery of German weapons they’d smuggled to Ireland. The Rothschild and Rockefeller-controlled oil companies could have shut off Germany and its war machine at once, but that never happened.

When, in 1915, a food shortage threatened to stop Germany fighting, the banksters quickly guaranteed them a massive supply through the fake Belgium Relief Commission, led by their agent and ‘philanthropist’ Herbert Hoover – later to become US president.

Thus, the genocide could go on, resulting in 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, often severely mutilated. 8

Naturally, the Machiavellian banksters “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

With the same chutzpah, they helped instigate other important NWO projects under the cover of WWI such as the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the League of Nations (precursor for the United Nations) and the Balfour Declaration, the opening move for the Zionist Israel project.

After the war, thousands of agents were used in a massive cover-up operation, again directed by Herbert Hoover who filled his new Institution at Stanford University with shiploads of documents from all corners of Europe.

In the early 1920s he was involved in another ‘humanitarian effort’ to save the Soviet Union from starvation – while at the same time preserving a future ‘arch enemy’.

After four pointless – for the people – years of war, the Germans were forced to take all blame.

At the Versailles ‘Peace’ Conference, the bankers guaranteed debt repayment and the conditions for their next NWO project, WWII.

In excerpts from the same article by Richard Moore:

“WWI had been such a successful project that planning began immediately for a grander sequel, another giant step toward a new world order. 

In the early 1920s, still in the days of the Weimar Republic, a team of Krupp engineers were secretly tasked with a project: come up with designs for a line of military equipment suitable for a war twenty years from now.

Thus were conceived the advanced weapons that served the Reich so well when the time came.

Even though Germany was destitute, and treaty-bound not to rearm, someone knew, and told Krupp, that all this would change – and within the designated timeframe…. Hitler was a project of the Anglo-American bankers.

His charismatic brilliance was noticed early… and immense profits were made by investing in the German rearmament process… [see Conjuring Hitler by Guido Preparata]

The WWII project achieved all of its objectives admirably.

While having fought only marginally, and suffered negligible casualties – in comparison with the other major combatants – the US emerged with an intact infrastructure, 40% of the world’s wealth and industrial capacity, control of the seven seas, a monopoly on atomic weapons, strategic footholds in the Middle East oil sheikdoms, and general popular acclaim as the heroic champion of democracy.

Quite naturally, the world’s eyes turned to Washington for leadership in shaping the postwar world.

“And America was ready with a blueprint. The bankers had selected a committee, from their Council on Foreign Relations, and sent it over to the White House to design the postwar architecture.

America was now secured as a hegemonic base of operations, more viable for that role than Britain had been, and it was time to move forward with the next phase of the new-world-order project.

Thus were launched, promptly after the war ended, the Bretton Woods globalist institutions – the UN, IMF, and World Bank – the early foundation stones for an eventual one-world government.”

The Power to Turn Truth on Its Head

The banksters’ unimaginable power of deceit turned the truth upside down, making into heroes the very instigators of these destructive wars. 

How on earth did they manage that?

Through control of,

the mainstream media

science and academia (in particular history and economics)

the education system

the entertainment industry

That’s how they shape our perception of the present and the past, and that’s how the majority of people are kept in ignorance of these machinations.

When the truth is finally heard, it’s difficult to grasp because the lies are so big, the scope so vast, and the real events of history so different to what we’ve been told.

To wake up and accept the truth about the situation, and acknowledge we’ve been duped, most people go through the painful process of cognitive dissonance, 9 which is like losing part of your identity.

Today, much disinformation comes via the Internet, false and dead-end paths to keep you distracted and away from the truth:

the conspiracy for world domination has variously been linked to,

the Jesuits

the Jew and the Zionists

the Illuminati

the British

the Nazis

the Freemasons, etc.

These groups have indeed been involved but always as pawns and dupes of the banksters.

History reveals the banksters hold no loyalty to any race, nation, group or religion. They are their own gods, all others their slaves, either classified as useful fools or useless eaters to be reduced in numbers.

The next enemy project had been long on the waiting list: Islamic extremism! ‘Court’ scientist Samuel Huntington prepared the public with his Clash of Civilizations, its message spread by more than a hundred think tanks.

Then came 9/11, the war on terror, and the erosion of civil rights in all so-called Western democracies.

Ever since, under the guise of bringing ‘democracy’ to former dictatorships, the playing field for their New World Order is being leveled by the removal of the last few independent countries. 10

What Can We Do?

The future, as designed by the masters of this ‘global plantation’, would look like Huxley’s Brave New World or Orwell’s 1984. 11

If we know who rules the world, the big question then becomes: what we can do to protect our already weakened freedoms?

 My answer is anything that empowers the people and their nations, favors life and not money, and makes us less dependent on the Big Banks and Big Corporations:

Strive for prohibition of war, because wars in modern times are bankster-designed wars. 

Return sovereignty to our nations, with proper international relations and leagues for peace and collaboration, as US president John F. Kennedy and Gandhi wanted. 

Spread the true story of our world and its wars, which should be included in our education systems, media and the science of history.

Less corporate and bank control: no cashless societies or predatory corporate trade agreements like TPP or TTIP (these are about “power” not trade). 12 Stop projects to give all poor people in developing countries a bank account or a microcredit. Get out of debt to banks as soon as possible, also an important safety measure in a troubled future.

Set up interest-free money systems as proposed by Margrit Kennedy and her successors, e.g. Positive Money,

Oppose more loss of privacy by SMART-meters, the Internet-of-Things, human microchip implants (RFIDs), laws to increase the surveillance powers of authorities, etc.

 Turn off the controlled mainstream media and inform yourself through independent journalists, writers, and magazines.

Go organic and/or grow your own: not only healthy for you and the environment but also independent of Big Agriculture, dangerous GMOs, and oil-derived pesticides and fertilizers. 13

Support local initiatives like renewable energy generation, food markets, health services, and insurance schemes.

Keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid Big Pharma solutions whenever you can. 14

A massive wake-up by “we, the people” is urgently required if we are to end this wicked game. Spread the word and engage in peaceful action!

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Through the handling of Luther by Venetian-trained Spalatin, and by Francesco Zorzi of Venice who advised Henry VIII in England to abolish Catholicism and also bringing novel ship building techniques to England.

 See also Webster Tarpley’s Against Oligarchism,

According to the Positive Money website, “Positive Money is a movement to democratize money and banking so that it works for society and not against it. Our current financial system has left us with the highest personal debt in history, unaffordable housing, worsening inequality, high unemployment and banks that are subsidized and underwritten with taxpayers’ money. We believe that these problems have a common root: money.”

See and Dr. Margrit Kennedy’s article ‘If money rules the world, who rules money?’ at

See James Corbett’s video

‘A Brief History of the New World Order’ by Richard K. Moore,

See also their blog and ‘The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor in New Dawn Special Issue Vol 9 No 1.

See The Iboga Visions by Jim Macgregor.

The dictionary definition of cognitive dissonance: “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

See Richard Moore’s Full Spectrum Dominance, 

See also Richard Moore’s The Elite Plan,

‘The Predators Behind the TPP (14 Oct. 2015)’,

The hijacking of world agriculture is covered in Seeds of Destruction by F. William Engdahl.

See Peter Gotzsche’s book Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime and read Eustace Mullins’ Murder by Injection