President Trump Pulls Out USA of The Paris Agreement

President Trump just announced that the U.S. will “withdraw” out of the Paris Climate Accord. But “begin negotiations to re-enter”.

Trump said:

“We will cease honoring all non-binding agreements”, and “will stop contributing to the green climate fund”.
“I can not in good conscience support a deal that harms the United States”.

“The bottom line is that the Paris Accord is very unfair to the United States”.
“This agreement is less about climate and more about other countries getting a financial advantage over the United States”.
“The agreement is a massive redistribution of United States wealth to other countries.”

“Fourteen days of carbon emissions alone would totally wipe out the U.S. contribution to reduction by 2030”

“Compliance with the terms of the Paris accord… could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025.”

“India makes its participation contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid.”

“We need all forms of available American energy or our country will be at grave risk of brown-outs and black-outs.”

“Withdrawing is in economic interest and won’t matter much to the climate.”

“We will be environmentally friendly, but we’re not going to put our businesses out of work… We’re going to grow rapidly.”
“No responsible leader can put the workers and the people of their country at this debilitating and tremendous disadvantage.”

“The same nations asking us to stay in the agreement are the countries that have collectively cost America trillions.”

“My job as President is to do everything within my power to give America a level playing field.”
“The same nations asking us to stay in the agreement are the countries that have collectively cost America trillions.”

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

“Foreign leaders in Europe, Asia, & across the world should not have more to say w/ respect to the US economy than our own citizens.”

“Our withdrawal from the agreement represents a reassertion of America’s sovereignty.”

“It is time to exit the Paris Accord and time to pursue a new deal which protects the environment, our companies, our citizens.”

Scott Pruitt: “America finally has a leader who answers only to the people.” “This is an historic restoration of American economic independence.”

The Paris Accord is a BAD deal for Americans, and the President’s action today is keeping his campaign promise to put American workers first. The Accord was negotiated poorly by the Obama Administration and signed out of desperation. It frontloads costs on the American people to the detriment of our economy and job growth while extracting meaningless commitments from the world’s top global emitters, like China. The U.S. is already leading the world in energy production and doesn’t need a bad deal that will harm American workers.

UNDERMINES U.S. Competitiveness and Jobs

According to a study by NERA Consulting, meeting the Obama Administration’s requirements in the Paris Accord would cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion over the next several

By 2040, our economy would lose 6.5 million industrial sector jobs – including 3.1 million manufacturing sector jobs

It would effectively decapitate our coal industry, which now supplies about one-third of our electric power

The deal was negotiated BADLY, and extracts meaningless commitments from the world’s top polluters

The Obama-negotiated Accord imposes unrealistic targets on the U.S. for reducing our carbon emissions, while giving countries like China a free pass for years to

Under the Accord, China will actually increase emissions until 2030

The U.S. is ALREADY a Clean Energy and Oil & Gas Energy Leader; we can reduce our emissions and continue to produce American energy without the Paris Accord

America has already reduced its carbon-dioxide emissions

Since 2006, CO2 emissions have declined by 12 percent, and are expected to continue to

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the U.S. is the leader in oil & gas

The agreement funds a UN Climate Slush Fund underwritten by American taxpayers

President Obama committed $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund – which is about 30 percent of the initial funding – without authorization from Congress

With $20 trillion in debt, the U.S. taxpayers should not be paying to subsidize other countries’ energy

The deal also accomplishes LITTLE for the climate

According to researchers at MIT, if all member nations met their obligations, the impact on the climate would be The impacts have been estimated to be likely to reduce global temperature rise by less than .2 degrees Celsius in 2100.

European Union Climate Laws Underminded by Czech and Polish Revolt

As the world looks to the EU for leadership on climate, eastern states are diluting laws supposed to guide Europe toward its carbon reduction targets.

East European EU states are mounting a behind-the-scenes revolt against the Paris Agreement, blocking key measures needed to deliver the pledge that they signed up to 18 months ago.

Under the climate accord, Europe promised to shave 40% off its emissions by 2030, mostly by revising existing climate laws on renewables, energy efficiency and its flagship Emissions Trading System (ETS).
But documents seen by Climate Home show that Visegrad countries are trying to gut, block or water down all of these efforts, in a rearguard manoeuvre that mirrors president Donald Trump’s rollback of climate policy in Washington.

Energy efficiency is supposed to make up around half of Europe’s emissions reductions by 2030, but a Czech proposal could cut energy saving obligations from a headline 1.5% a year figure to just 0.35% in practice.

Below the radar, Poland has also launched a manoeuvre that may block the EU’s winter package in its entirety – particularly a planned limit on power plant emissions – if it is signed up to by a third of EU parliaments, or 10-13 states.

The EU’s various wings will eventually thrash out a compromise between the commission’s original proposal – which was calibrated to meet the Paris pledge – and the counter-proposals designed to weaken this.

The effect this could have on the EU’s overall emissions has raised concerns among those in Brussels who wish to see the EU maintain its leadership on climate.

“We cannot allow backward-looking east EU states to destroy the EU’s credibility on the Paris agreement,” said Claude Turmes, the European parliament’s lead negotiator on climate governance.

“A successful and ambitious energy transition is one of the few remaining positive stories for Europe. If we allow that to be drained by vested old interests from east Europe, our international credibility – and the last remaining trust of our citizens – will be smashed,” said Turmes.

On Thursday and Friday this week, the EU leadership will meet with Chinese prime minister Li Keqiang. Climate change is a top agenda item at the meeting. A Sino-European coalition on climate action has been mooted as a possible bulwark against the reversal in the US.

The measures proposed by the east EU rebels are highly technical but their potential to diminish carbon savings is clear.

Existing loopholes in the EU’s energy efficiency law already cut the real 1.5% annual energy saving law to around 0.75%. But the Czech proposal, seen by Climate Home and largely accepted by the Maltese EU presidency, would slice off an estimated 0.4% in real savings by trimming the target itself and introducing loopholes.

These include a cut to firms’ energy saving obligations, a stretching of the deadlines by which they must be met, and a double-counting of solar and wind investments towards both renewables and efficiency targets.

Buildings milestones planned for 2030 and 2040 have been edited out of a separate draft energy performance in buildings law after lobbying by Visegrad states.

An article ensuring at least one electric vehicle charging point for every 10 public parking spaces has also disappeared from the commission’s proposed text.

“It is clear that the east European countries are only thinking of cheap energy and nothing else,” one informed source said. “That applies to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, all of them. The problem is that Germany is not taking a leadership role.”

Documents released by Greenpeace Energydesk on Sunday show the UK government has also been lobbying to weaken the energy efficiency target, despite its intention to leave the EU.

Poland’s far right government has been mired in sniping with the European commission since taking power in 2016. This year, it has already threatened to take the EU to court over its climate laws – and won concessions on its plans for subsidies to keep coal plants running when there is no demand.

Coal is seen as the “foundation” of Poland’s development by the ruling Law and Justice party, despite the thousands of Poles it sends to an early grave each year, and the unparalleled dangers it poses to the climate.

The EU’s preferred method of squeezing big emitters is carbon trading but here too, a Polish proposal taken up by the European parliament’s majority right wing blocks would drain the EU’s proposal of meaning.

A Polish memorandum, which Climate Home has obtained, proposes carrying over a glut of 907m worthless “hot air” carbon credits into the next market phase, depressing prices and reducing incentives to scale back CO2 emissions.

Femke de Jong, a spokeswoman for Carbon Market Watch said that the Polish proposal “would rig the EU’s key climate law with loopholes [and] put the EU’s delivery of the Paris climate goals at risk, at a time when Europe’s climate leadership is most urgently needed.”

But Poland views its gambit as a “reward” for early compliance with past climate obligations, which were largely met by closing down Soviet-era industries.

While Poland’s idea might allow the EU to meet its Paris obligations on paper, it would also open the door to surplus credits covering 550 million tonnes of carbon equivalent (Mtoe), according to a commission analysis obtained by Climate Home.

The same working paper says that a separate “early counting” proposal by Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania would increase the carbon allowance surplus by 690 Mtoe – triple the four countries’ combined 2014 emissions.

Poland also wants a huge increase in forestry offsets that would allow it to continue its coal-first energy model so long as it plants more trees.

De Jong said the ensuing carbon credits shower would allow the EU’s agriculture sector to continue business as usual until 2030, “which means that emissions cuts would need to be nine times steeper afterwards to achieve our climate objectives.”

After Forty Years Of Age People Should Work More Then 25 Hours Per Week

Part-time work increased in elderly people their productivity.

Work bred, but if it is too much, according to scientists on organisms harmful effects, especially after forty. If at this age are working more than 25 hours per week, significantly drops in your cognitive performance – will begin to fade memory, ability to think and begin to suffer mentally. At least so says a study in which a team of Australian and Japanese scientists, with the results published by the Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research in Melbourne.

Researchers examined the cognitive abilities of more than 6,500 Australians aged over forty years, and compared the results of these tests with the number of hours that these people worked for a week. Their analysis showed that there is a complex relationship between work and intelligence: if research participants worked fewer than 25 hours a week, then obviously their work has led to an increase in mental capacity, but once you work more than 25 hours a week, occurred quickly reversed the situation.

“The work seemed initially stimulates brain cells. At a certain stage but comes into play stress associated with physical and mental work and the favorable impact of work to combat begins. Too much work in terms of cognitive function is worse than not working at all, “he quoted by Italian daily Corriere della Sera Colin McKenzie from Japan’s Keio University.

Scientists do not yet analyzed the only relationship that exists between the number of hours worked per week and cognitive performance, and did not determine what the cause of the observed results. The study authors have put forward two hypotheses: is stress and lack of sleep. These factors can profoundly influence the structure and capacity of our brain.

The effects work for persons under forty years of age may be less obvious. “I conclude that the recovery capability of the brain in younger people is different,” says McKenzie. “Young people tend to be more resistant to the effects of long shifts,” he adds. People over forty years are at such a stage of life, which often have to care for young children or elderly parents. This gives them the social role of fundamental importance and effects of intensive work on their brains are more complex.

The ideal part-time job

In connection with the increasing age of retirement worldwide study results suggest that we work more and longer, it does not increase our productivity. Quite the contrary: three days of work a week (25 hours) or part-time work seems to be a productive option for those who are in their forties.

While in Italy it sounds like heresy, for Sweden it is rather a confirmation of a new trend: the various enterprises and institutions of the Scandinavian countries are experimenting with the introduction of a six-hour work shifts as standard. Higher productivity of employees could justify maintaining the same wage for the situation where the working ten hours per week less. The results so far seem to confirm this hypothesis.

Bloodtype Rh negative and our Alien DNA: An otherworldly lineage of a species with amnesia

Much has been said about Rh negative blood and theories which suggest, there is an enigmatic truth sealed away from public knowledge linking humans with Rh negative blood to otherworldly origins.

“Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?” – Carl Jung

Humans have four general blood types: A, B, AB and O; a classification derived from proteins found on the surface of cells which are basically designed to wage war against bacteria and viruses in the human body.

Whether Rh negative blood is just a mutation or not is something that has caused debate among researchers. If it were a mutation, then why is it that people who possess Rh negative blood are known for having extra vertebrae? This, just as the blood type, is explained scientifically as being a ‘mutation’.

However, according to modern DNA sequencing, it is demonstrated that humanity as we know it, isn’t just ONE single ‘race’ that descended from the same ancestor in Africa, but a hybridized species, with a far more enigmatic truth behind it all.

Many questions have been raised in the discussion about Rh negative blood. If mankind did, in fact, evolve from a mutual ancient African ancestor, theories state that everyone’s blood would be compatible, but regrettably, this is not the case. This raises numerous questions that science alone has not been able to fully answer. Where did Rh negative blood come from? And why is it that a Rh negative mother carrying Rh positive children tries rejecting her own offspring? Is it possible that this can be explained by a rather controversial theory? A theory which suggests that humanity isn’t in fact one race, but a hybridized species.

The book was written by Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History tells us more about the enigmatic blood type Rh-negative. Not only does Species with Amnesia suggest mankind is, in fact, a hybridized species, the author suggests that highly advanced civilizations have been on Earth before us, just to be destroyed by some great global catastrophe, as mysteriously, history tells us.

Sepehr argues that for each race that has died out, another has taken its place, with a selected few holding on to the memories and sacred knowledge of the past race. In our vanity, we think we have discovered some of the great truths of science and technology, but we are in fact only just beginning to rediscover the profound wisdom of past civilizations. In many ways, we are like an awakening Species with Amnesia, yearning to reclaim our forgotten past. –

The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene.

“There are 612 primate species and subspecies recognized by the international Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN), and not one has Rh negative blood”. – Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History

Rh factors or ‘Rhesus factor’ was first discovered in the blood of Rhesus monkey. According to Sepehr, if mankind evolved from the same African ancestor their blood would be compatible, but it is not. Nearly 85% of all human beings have RH positive blood, yet ALL royal families have Rh negative blood.

It seems that science cannot answer the question: Where did the Rh negatives come from? Are we in fact a species with amnesia? And is it possible that the truth behind our origins is far more enigmatic than what we think?

Many believe that Rh negative blood would be the legacy that the Anunnaki left on Earth among other things.

Interestingly, the negative RH strain is characteristic, for example, of the British royal family, which has generated controversial theories about a possible extraterrestrial lineage. although this hypothesis has not been confirmed, the disturbing questions it generates floats in the air: how civilized world would react to the fact that a small portion of the Earth’s population has a genetic code that has been altered in the distant past by highly advanced extraterrestrial beings.

We are blessed with my wife because we both have RH NEGATIVE BLOOD!Shalom.

4 Big Reasons To Stop Buying GMOs


Did you know that the standard use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is a relatively old practice? GMO farming started to become a normalized practice in the United States in the 90s, and since then it has spread out to other areas of the world. Now, the genetic modification of our food has become one of the most controversial health-related topics to debate.

While it’s still technically too early to be able to tell how a lifetime of eating GMO foods will affect one’s health, there is already enough compelling reasons to stop growing GMO crops and get back to an organic, heirloom diet.

1) GMOs may cause cancer

Research by Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini suggests that a diet high in GMO foods can cause tumorous cancers in rats. For anyone trying to wrap their minds around why cancer rates are skyrocketing, perhaps the answer lies within what is lining the grocery shelves. Remember, it’s not just boxed or canned food that uses GMOs in their ingredients. Fruits and vegetables are also genetically modified so that they will be more resistant to pesticides. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that this probably won’t be healthy for us long-term.

2) GMOs require more pesticides, and increase the amount of pesticides we consume

This stems from the first point. There are two major types of GMOs. The first are genetically engineered to have a built-in insecticide to kill off bugs. The second type are bred to be immune to pesticides so that they can be doused in heavier amounts of chemicals to ward off weeds and pests. This second type are often called “Roundup Ready” crops.

The end result? Any time you purchase GMO foods you are ingesting about 15 times more toxic chemicals than anyone did back in the 80s, or ever before. They are literally being genetically modified to kill bugs. Do we really want to eat high levels of bug and weed killer? As mentioned before, no long term studies have been done to test the effects of long-term GMO ingestion.

When pesticides are sprayed over and over on a certain area, the weeds and bugs become resistant after a while. The ones that can adapt and become resistant will survive and reproduce, meaning that you now need more herbicides and pesticides to produce the same amount of produce.

Not to mention, these pesticides pollute our soil, leak into our water supplies, and harm other forms of life in the ecosystem. Bee population has dropped significantly due to pesticides being sprayed on our food.

3) GMOs cross pollinate, and could take over the whole food population

The Earth’s ecosystem cannot be easily compartmentalized. Therefore, a change in one organism can fundamentally change all future organisms of the same species over time. There is already evidence that the fish in our streams and areas of non-GMO farmland have been contaminated with this manipulated DNA.

If GMO continues to spread like this, we could have a food population where non-GMO foods are nearly impossible to find.

4) Organic farming is just as doable and capable of feeding the world’s population

Despite the propaganda that genetically modifying crops is only way to create enough food for the population, organic farming is just as efficient and capable.

This is perhaps one of the most important messages that needs to get out about GMO foods, because many members of the population blindly accept the lie that genetic modification is necessary to support the world’s population. The truth? It is completely unnecessary. Here is an awesome video of 14 year old Rachel Parent debating with Kevin O’Leary about GMO labeling and the effects GMOs may have on our health:

Fortunately, many countries have woken up out of the propaganda that companies like Monsanto have been forcing on the population. But at the end of the day, we vote with our dollar. Choosing to buy non-GMO and organic foods is one of the best ways to combat this attack on the global food supply.

The Evolutionary Reasons of ‘EGO’

by  Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D
is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer.

With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness. 

This article excerpted from the book

Ego, Alertness, Consciousness: The Path to Your Spiritual Home

by Frank M. Wanderer.

We live here on this Earth, in the world of individual “Selves”.

We dwell in the empire of seven billion separate and isolated Egos, and in the domain of the Ego we tend to forget about the Miracle of Consciousness. 

The Ego only pursues its own dreams and ambitions, and so it very often embitters our life.

We must face reality:

there is a tyrannical “small ego” in everybody’s head, and this small ego keeps grumbling and complaining all the time.

It is a dissatisfied, possessive ego that often makes our life a misery. 

It is for certain that this small ego – or, more precisely, what we believe is our Self, our Ego – coiled up tightly in the back of our mind, is responsible for a tremendous amount of senseless and unnecessary suffering and destruction in the history of mankind. 

The Birth of the Ego

Ego, as the organizing and controlling centre of our personality, is responsible for creating a balance between the individuals and their environment.

In these efforts, Ego is assisted by two other components of our personality:

Persona (that is, the “role personality”)

the Shadow

These two components fulfill a protective function, as Persona screens potentially harmful effects from the external world, whereas the Shadow does the same with threats arising from the unconscious.

These components together constitute the identity of the person.

A baby does not yet have a personality, an Ego, an identity separate from their mother. For a baby, the world is a mixture of tastes, voices, colors, forms and impressions, the elements of which are indiscernible. There is no Self and non-Self, a baby still lives in an unconscious unity. 

As a consequence of urging bodily needs to be satisfied and unavoidable clashes with the external world, with “reality”, the harmony between the baby and the outside world will be disrupted.

The baby learns to walk, and the world opens up for them. They learn to speak, which will open up social life. In this way, the baby will be gradually detached from the mother, and a separate “Self” emerges in them, and the Ego is thus born.

With the acquisition of the ability of speech, the child increasingly identifies with their name.

“Little Stevie is hungry!” – the child says, and gradually learns the concept of “me” and “mine”.

The child is increasingly convinced that the more they possess and the more often they assert their own will, the stronger their own personality will be.

That is how the Ego emerges, the attention turns away from the Miracle and the Consciousness submerges into that dream. The world is becoming larger and larger for the child, they possess more and more, and the Ego grows and becomes stronger.

Then follows the kindergarten age, when the child learns to play and assume roles, thus shaping and developing the Persona, that is, the role personality, creating the beginnings of the masks they are going to wear later.

In the unconscious, the Shadow is being formed in parallel with the masks. The patterns of behavior rejected by the adults in the child’s environment will sink into subconscious, as these patterns are in opposition to the role and mask of the “good child”.

That is how the methods of unconscious operation of the Ego take shape.

The Rise of the Ego

When the child gets to school, they learn more and more – often unconsciously – from the adults, from parents, teachers, and unquestioningly accepts everything told them by the grown-up people that the child considers omniscient.

When the child grows and becomes older, they fully identify with their ideas, name and gender, with the masks they have acquired, their qualifications, titles, job and property, learns stories, and their personal life story will be a part of their Ego, increasing the content of that Ego.

And the Ego wants to possess more and more, wants to become more and more powerful. More knowledge, more faith, more material wealth. The Ego wants to devour more and wants to do it more anxiously.

That is how the Ego becomes a tyrant and dominates our life to an increasing extent.

The Ego identifies with the human being, a “special species” that has privileges on Earth where all creatures live, and humans are destined to rule over all other creatures. They want to conquer and subdue nature, then they are alienated and separated from nature, though they should be an organic and inseparable part of it – in fact, identical with it.

 Ego (which is but a mental production, a system of beliefs) confronts the deep-rooted, natural program of life, instincts, emotional warning signs, and chases them away, replacing them with neurosis, stress and a burnt-out state.

What is more, in certain cases it is even able to destroy the individual in a variety of ways.

It also confronts the external world (“Let us conquer Earth!”), the extermination of species, violence, wars and ecological disasters show the path of man on Earth. Terrorists, religious fundamentalists, nations fighting wars of conquests, power maniac politicians and uninhibited business people – they are all representatives of the overgrown Ego.

Our entire culture and civilization rest upon the selfish and possessive Ego and, as the Ego created the institutions of society, these institutions are also the expressions of the Ego.

The Downfall of the Ego 

The social and ecological crises that threaten mankind and our Earth force us to make a choice. 

We must reach beyond our Ego-dominated mind programs, because if we fail to do that, we will eventually destroy ourselves and a large part of the world! The Ego must therefore fall, as it is against the evolutionary development of the Consciousness.

The downfall of the Ego may take place in two ways:

a beautiful, dignified way

or a painful one, full of suffering

But both ways will take us to the same goal:

the Miracle, the awakening Consciousness.

We are very well acquainted with the journey full of pain.

A basic aspiration of every Ego is growth, to become larger, stronger and more solid in the world of forms and shapes. It wants to posses more, to get higher and higher in the hierarchic structure of the world, and it wants to conquer a larger and larger territory.

Under the spell of the forms and shapes, the Ego devotes all its energy to make the forms constant, disregarding the only constant law of the forms and shapes:

every form is transient, and everything is subject to birth and death.

The Ego intends to elevate the forms (including its own form) to eternity, which is impossible.

This intention of the Ego will be the source of all sufferings, because its world of forms and shapes shall collapse like a sandcastle after a while, until death snatches away the last of the forms: its body from it. It came empty-handed from Nothing, and that is how it is going to return there. 

The only treasure it could take along with it is its wakefulness, but the Ego considers that worthless in the world of forms and shapes, as it was not a means of increasing the tyrannical power the Ego.

The Spiritual Birth

The better, more attractive way leading to the re-discovery of the Miracle, begins around the middle of the human life, when the individual, under the effects of their experience, tends to recognize the operating mechanisms of the Ego and realizes how tyrannical the Ego is.

 The person then turns away from forms and shapes towards transcendental world, free of forms. That is what one of the most famous psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, called the spiritual birth of man.

That spiritual birth starts with the recognition that most people only make in articulo mortis:

that turning away from the Miracle and identification with the forms and shapes is the reason for all our sufferings.

A person making that recognition gradually gives up their identification with the forms and shapes, and steps back from the whirling of the world into a more quiet area. In this way they will be more alert to themselves and their environment.

The clear sky of Consciousness will be contaminated by fewer and fewer clouds, giving way to the return to the Miracle of Consciousness.

In the space of Consciousness – the state of pure consciousness – the person recognizes and clearly experiences that Ego is a fraud.

The Ego calls itself real and the only existing “Self”, though it is nothing more than a conceptual product, the continually changing content of the space of Consciousness that diverts our attention from experiencing the only reality:

the Miracle.

The spiritual “newborn” in the pure state of consciousness, in meditation, in the wakeful state of focusing on itself, seeks and searches that complaining and arrogant, constantly chatting Ego in its mind, but finds it nowhere.

The individual penetrates all the way to the source of that voice, but when they attempt to grab it, it slips away and vanishes. The internal monologue, the voice of Ego stops and disappears, it is lost into No-thingness, and the person experiences that there is not other “Self” but the Consciousness.

The individual will then realize that the only natural remedy against the paranoid overgrowing of the Ego is wakefulness and attention.

This is the beginning of a life of different quality:

experiencing the Miracle, which is salvation for the entire mankind.

First as prehistoric people we recognized our bodily needs:

in the Middle Ages we experienced extreme emotions

in the modern age we worship the power of the mind

now we are on the threshold of a new period in evolution

We recognize that beyond the realm of sensations, emotions and thoughts there is a wakeful, attentive, loving, conscious, factual “something’ – and that “something”, that Miracle is me. 

That is how the human race, waking to Consciousness from the dream of the Ego, is born again…

Big Pharma Has Bribed Doctors

At the 2010 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in New Orleans, a psychiatrist from the East coast shared her anger with me about the recent clamp down on Big Pharma financial perks to doctors.”They used to wine us and dine us. An SSRI maker flew my entire office to a Caribbean island… but now nothing,” she lamented.

She was right.

Before news organizations and the 2010 Physician Financial Transparency Reports (also called the Sunshine Act, part of the Affordable Care Act) reported the outrageous amount of money Big Pharma was giving doctors to prescribe its new, brand-name drugs, there was almost no limit to what was spent to encourage prescribing.

At another medical conference I attended, soon after, when it was suggested that doctors not accept free meals from Big Pharma reps because of indebtedness, a doctor asked in all earnestness,

“but what do we do for lunch?”

He was right.

Doctors seldom have to go hungry at lunchtime when Big Pharma reps are around. Not only do reps reliably bring lunch and free drug samples, until fairly recently they wielded thousand-dollar budgets to send doctors on trips to resorts, golf vacations and to sought after sports events.

No wonder the docs saw them. But by 2010, much of the over-the-top Big Pharma largesse had ended.

Not just because the press and Sunshine Act exposed the huge payments, naming names – but because practically every major drug company from,

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Eli Lilly




Johnson & Johnson



Bristol-Myers Squibb




…had settled a wrongdoing suit.

Both doctors and the public largely viewed Pharma’s safety and effectiveness claims as “bought” by such extravagance.

In fact, by 2010, the number of doctors even willing to see Big Pharma reps had fallen by almost 20 percent and the number of doctors refusing to see all reps increased by half.  

Eight million sales calls were “nearly impossible to complete,” reported ZS Associates. 

Still, here are some of the ways Big Pharma managed to get drugs into your medicine cabinet when the financial excess bestowed on doctors was tolerated:

Blue Cross Shield said that Pfizer jetted 5,000 doctors to Caribbean resorts where they enjoyed massages, golf and $2,000 honoraria to try to increase prescriptions for its painkiller Bextra – a drug that proved so unsafe it was withdrawn from the market in 2005 for heart risks.

The Justice Department charged that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK),

“paid millions to doctors to promote Wellbutrin, approved at the time for depression, for off-label uses by funding meetings, sometimes at lavish resorts,” according to CBS News.

Off-label uses ignore FDA approved indications in favor of whatever Big Pharma wants to say to sell a drug.

In China, GSK was charged with being even more brazen – employing a network of 700 middlemen and travel agencies and sex workers to convince doctors to prescribe its drugs.

Johnson & Johnson wined and dined Texas Medicaid officials, charged state authorities, treating them to trips, perks and honoraria to get its expensive antipsychotic drug Risperdal preferred status on the state formulary where it would be paid for by taxpayers.

(Taxpayers were also bilked by the Department of Veterans Affairs expenditure of $717 million on Risperdal only to discover the drug worked no better than a placebo.)

Bristol-Myers Squibb enticed doctors to prescribe its drugs with access to the Los Angeles Lakers and luxury box suites for their games, according to California regulators.

And, in keeping with the marketing free-for-all that has hooked so many Americans on opioid drugs, opioid maker Victory Big Pharma was charged with treating doctors to mortgage assistance and… lap dances.

Golf Trips Are Not the Only Way Big Pharma Pays Doctors

Doctors may not get to go to the Caribbean as they once did, but they make a huge amount of money from Big Pharma by giving speeches promoting its drugs.

The speech-givers, who sit on Pharma’s speakers’ bureaus, are considered “key opinion leaders,” capable of convincing other doctors of a drug’s benefits so they will then prescribe the drug. 

According to ProPublica, Sujata Narayan, a family medicine doctor practicing in Stanford, CA earned an astounding $43.9 million promoting drugs for Big Pharma.

Karen Underwood, a pediatric critical care doctor in Scottsdale, AZ received a walloping $28 million. Moreover, hospitals are also awash in Big Pharma money with the City Of Hope National Medical Center receiving $361 million and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation $22 million.

Big Pharma also pays doctors to conduct studies of its drugs often paying them for each subject they recruit and winning their loyalty because they are then familiar with the drug after monitoring subjects on it.

A huge Pfizer trial of the drug Neurontin was conducted just this way charged Carl Elliot in the New York Times:

772 study investigators were recruited so they would personally prescribe the drug once they were familiar with it.

The study was not conducted to establish effectiveness and safety and the joke was on them – and the public.

Traditionally, Big Pharma also paid for Continuing Medical Education courses, or CME, that are required for doctors to keep their state licenses and sometimes their insurance.

Since the Big Pharma subsidized CMEs were “free,” doctors saved money they would have spent to enroll in a real course but of course had to listen to a Big Pharma sales pitch as a captive audience, instead.

Until transparency laws, CME course materials did not even hide Big Pharma funding. 

For example, a 2008 course called “Bipolar disorder: individualizing treatment to improve patient outcomes, part 2” was unabashedly taught by teachers funded by,


Eli Lilly







Bristol-Myers Squibb


…and four more drug companies.

Big Pharma has also used CMEs for damage control when safety signals about a drug could tank sales.

When dentists, oral surgeons and patients began seeing “jawbone death” from the popular bone drugs called bisphosphonates, Big Pharma told doctors in its free CMEs it was not the drugs but patients’ poor “hygiene” that was causing the serious and disfiguring side effect. Right.

Seven years after hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was linked to increased risks of cancer, heart disease and stroke Big Pharma CMEs marketing HRT as if nothing had happened at Duke University, Penn State University and University of Oklahoma medical schools, the Cleveland Clinic and on Medscape.

Big Pharma funded CMEs also helped “disease awareness,” an insidious selling tactic.

When Lilly’s antidepressant Cymbalta got FDA approval for use in fibromyalgia, Lilly gave nonprofits $3.9 million in CME grants to raise “awareness” of fibromyalgia. 

Have drug; need patients.

 Defending Big Pharma Payments

Medical professionals have accused journalists of putting undue focus on Big Pharma payments, maintaining that it does not affect their prescribing and also that the world has bigger problems.

New York University professor Lila E. Nachtigall, who received $124,000 from Big Pharma for speaking and other promotional fees, said,

“It kind of makes me laugh” that Big Pharma links are a concern, “with what goes on in the Senate.”

But journalists hew to a strict “no gifts” code themselves. 

According to the Reuters Handbook of Journalism, professional journalists do not accept,

“any payment, gift, service or benefit (whether in cash or in kind) offered by a news source or contact,” or “hospitality when there is no news value,” or travel “junkets.”

Journalists must pay their own way on trips to maintain,

“accuracy, balance and the truth,” says Reuters. 

Other reputable news organization adhere to the same standards.

At medical conferences, doctors often show slides disclosing all the Big Pharma companies who pay them before segueing into their “objective” medical study.

Imagine what would happen if a journalist disclosed financial payments from an entity or industry and then proceeded to “report” on it. 

Free Lunches Still Common – and Sway Prescribing

In 2002, Big Pharma’s lobbying group PhRMA adopted a voluntary code discouraging free trips and tickets to the theater or sporting event for doctors. But the code still allows free meals.

A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine found that even a lowly $20 meal, resulted in more prescriptions for Big Pharma.

The study found doctors who received even one free meal were,

70 percent more likely to prescribe the brand-name beta blocker Bystolic

52 percent more likely to prescribe the brand-name ACE inhibitor Benicar

118 percent more likely to prescribe the brand-name antidepressant Pristiq

18 percent more likely to prescribe the brand-name statin Crestor

Preference for the drug linked to a free meal existed even though generic equivalents exist for all four drugs which significantly save patients and the health care system money.

The study found that more than one free meal increased the likelihood of doctors prescribing the drugs with the exception of Pristiq, a “me-too” antidepressant with significant risks that was included in a legal settlement charging misrepresentation.

Of course doctors can take umbrage at the suggestion that they “can be bought for a hero or a slice of pizza,” said the study’s lead author R. Adams Dudley, a professor of medicine and health policy at the University of California, San Francisco.


“it is human nature for a doctor to reciprocate by listening to the pitch of a sales representative bearing free food or beverages.”

An editorial accompanying the JAMA Internal Medicine study said,  

“There are inherent tensions between the profits of health care companies, the independence of physicians and the integrity of our work, and the affordability of medical care.

If drug and device manufacturers were to stop sending money to physicians for promotional speaking, meals and other activities without clear medical justifications and invest more in independent bona fide research on safety, effectiveness and affordability, our patients and the health care system would be better off.”

It is an understatement.

Not only do we now know that even a free meal can affect prescribing decisions, three years after the Sunshine Act, more than half of US doctors were still enjoying free meals, gifts and outright payments from Big Pharma.