The Teachings Of Jesus Of Nazareth Found At Cumaran Scrolls

These words were said to have been told by his disciples at the time of his journey to Egypt. Fragments of these lessons are captured in the Canonical Gospels. All of them are recorded in the so-called Cumaran scrolls, which were found in Palestine at the Dead Sea in the middle of the twentieth century …


When he came down from the mountain where he welcomed the sunrise, they told you who had gathered at the foot of the mountain: You are the source of inspiration for us. Your words change your heart and your wisdom brightens your mind. We want you to listen. Tell us who we are?

He smiled and said, “You are the light of the world. You are the stars. You are the temple of truth. In each of you is the Universe. Understand the heart, ask your heart, listen through your Love. Blazing are those who know the language of being.

What is the meaning of life?

Life is the way, the sense and the reward. Life is a dance of love. Your mission is to bloom. To be a great gift. Your life is part of the history of the Universe. Life is more beautiful than all theories. Life is a reason to celebrate. Life is valuable in itself. Life takes place in the presence and sense of presence is present in it.

Why is it hurrying for us?

What you sowed, you also harvest. Unhappiness is your choice. Poverty is the creation of man. Bitterness is the fruit of ignorance. When you blame, you lose your strength. When you want something, you are lucky. Awake. The beggar is the one who does not realize himself. Those who do not find the inner kingdom are homeless. Whoever wastes waste with time, he becomes a poor man. Do not make fun of your life. Do not let the crowd destroy your soul. Whether wealth is not your curse.

How to overcome misfortune?

Do not condemn yourself. Do not say yourself, for you are divine. Do not compare or divide. Thank you for everything. Rejoice, for joy does miracles. Love, for he who loves himself loves others. Blame the danger, for the brave find bliss. Pray, if you feel joyful, and misery will not touch you. Pray, but do not trade with God. And know that praising is the best prayer for the soul, and happiness is the best food.

How do we get lucky?

Happy are those who are grateful. Happy are those who are calm. Happy are those who find paradise in themselves. Happy are those who receive gifts with joy. Happy are those who are looking for. Happy are those who are awakening. Those who listen to the voice of God are happy. Happy are those who fulfill their mission. Happy are those who know unity. Happy are those who approach meditation with God. Happy are those who live in harmony. Happy are those who see the beauty of the world. Happy are those who have opened up to the Sun. Happy are those who flow like rivers. Happy are those who are ready to receive happiness. Happy are those who are wise. Happy are those who realize themselves. Happy are those who love. Happy are those who praise life. Happy are those who make up. Happy are those who are free. Happy are those who forgive.

What is the secret of abundance?

Your life is the most precious jewel in the jewel of God. God is the jewel of the human heart. The richness within you is immense and the abundance around you inexhaustible. The more you give, the more you get. The world is rich enough to make everyone rich. Do not relish wealth. Happiness is at the door of your house. Open up abundance and transform everything in your life into gold. There are those who have found treasure in themselves.

How to live in the light?

Live every moment of your life. A life that does not happen to the fullest gives rise to bitterness. Know what is inside, it is also outside. The darkness of the world comes from the Darkness in the Heart. Man is the seed of the Sun. Meditating about God is dissolving in the Light. The clear mind is like a glow of thousands of suns. Blazing are those who desire the Light.

How to achieve harmony?

Just live. Do not damage anyone. Do not turn up. Let the doubts be cleansed, but they do not weaken. Dress up the life of beauty. Make up for creation, but not for appreciation. Do your neighbors openly. Change the past. Bring something new to the world. Fill your body with Love. Become the energy of Love. Love sucks everything. Where is love, there is God.

How to achieve perfect life?

Happy man can change many people. Unhappy remain slaves. Happiness loves freedom. Joy is where freedom is. Understand the essence of happiness. Open the world and the world opens. If you stop being in opposition, you will become the ruler. What is the essence of reality? “I am” is the name of Eternity, self-realization is the door to a higher reality, self-realization is the key to transformation, and when you find the answer to the question “Who am I?”, Answer all the questions. You will become the cause of your happiness.

And he looked at all with love and added:

“Silence reveals many.

Be yourself. “