A Message Close To My Heart For My Bride

Dearest Beloveds,

Today I want to speak with you concerning a very important and serious subject pertaining to each one of you, and your callings I have on your lives. For many of you, I have spoken directly to you, and My Son & I, and Our Spirit, have told you of the plans and purposes We have for your lives; these are those who are heeding their end-time calls, and are growing & maturing beautifully in ALL THREE OF US! THANK YOU!

But, I do still have a considerable amount of My sons and daughters who are lost in this world. They are working a job and do not feel quite complete or right with what they are doing. I have many who still need to discover all that I have purposed for them in their mother’s womb. I ask you, sweet ones: come to Me and ask Me in this season of consecration, prayer & fasting what your calling is, and I shall disclose your calling directly to you.

This day of Nisan 11, dear ones, I want to share more with you concerning a topic that many do not understand, but need to get a very quick revelation and understanding immediately. This week dearest ones, I, your Abba Father YHWH, are episcoping MY Bride. You may say: Father, what do you mean? Dearest ones, I want you to look it up (episcope). For this week before My Pesach (Passover), I am examining MY Bride.

Please read in the Book of Exodus when the lamb was separated prior to the sacrifice for the Israelite family to eat. This Lamb was without blemish or spot. Perfect, dearest ones! This lamb was slaughtered, then the blood was placed over the doorposts of the houses and eaten fully so the destroyer/spirit of death would pass over them.

My dears, I am doing this right now with My Son Yahushua’s lambs! YOU! I am inspecting the character, the hearts and the humbleness of My sons and daughters before ME, Your Father… your Savior and King Yahushua… and how you Heed our Holy Spirit, Our Ruach Hakodesh. I am watching to see choices you make, and even what you choose to do with the messages and Words I release to you through the True Servants of Mine today. It is an inspection of how you heed the Words and warnings of following My commandments, repenting of your SINS, following My festivals and feast days… Then the lot is cast accordingly.

Read My Word precious ones; read what festivals I have ordained for YOU! Don’t you understand, sweet ones, these are done and celebrated on Earth because we also celebrate these days in My HEAVENLIES. These are the festivals I have given and asked My sons and daughters~ those who are truly are of Me~ to celebrate, on earth as it is in Heaven!

Read Leviticus 23 specifically concerning Pesach (Passover). I will not make concessions, and I judge everyone and everything fairly.

My Holiday and Festival to celebrate now is Pesach: Passover as many of you call it. Study! Read and research, in depth! Celebrate it unto Me and My Son Yahushua for what I did with My Israelites, saving them as when I sacrificed My only begotten SON for humanity.

PLEASE, precious ones, heed My words! I love each of you, dearest ones, and this is why I have shared My heart with you. I have warned you.

“This IS MY LAST CALL.” Shalom,

I love you,

Your Abba Father YHWH God

P.S. Please seek Me in the secret place and I will confirm all of this to you Myself. Please read Ezekiel 8, 33, 1Samuel 7:3-4, Leviticus 23, Exodus 12-13, Job 31, Mark 6, Jeremiah 51, II Chronicles 7-14, Isaiah 53, Revelation 16, 17, 18 and Matthew 15:7-9 I shall give you much revelations, understanding and knowledge of these.