A Warning from your Father God YHVH (Commandment Three)

Dearest Beloveds,

Open visions and a Word for the West Coast of America

Huge Earthquakes and Tsunamis are coming to the West Coast of America. This will hit California and all other states along the West Coast. This is the Judgment of Me on the wickedness and forwardness of America towards Me. I have warned and warned through many servants of Mine for many years now to stop their Sins and abominations, and repent and turn from their wicked ways. But it has only gotten worse and worse—therefore, now Judgment is coming to the West Coast.

This is a WARNING. Seek Me where you are to go if you live along the coastlines or in those states. NOW, BELOVEDS! THE TIME IS VERY SHORT! I AM PLEADING WITH YOU, MY LITTLE ONES, SEEK ME NOW! This destruction will cause many to get on their knees and come to Me. This is My Mercy. This destruction will be a ripple- effect across the world. Many things will change after this. The Age of Grace has ended dear ones…get yourselves prepared for My GLORY to come, and THE SON OF MAN who shall come like a thief in the night. Beloveds please get yourselves prepared… TIME IS VERY SHORT NOW… This is My Last Call.

The Sumerian List Of Kings Reveals Of Eight Immortal Lords Ruled Earth For 240 000 Years

The Sumerian King List
describes how a group of enlightened beings
descended from heaven to rule Earth.

The total length of their domination:
242,100 years…

How is that possible?

The Sumerian King List is an archaic stone tablet written in the Sumerian language.

It gives us the names and reign lengths of the kings of Sumer, a region that encompassed the space now occupied by southern Iraq.

Compiled from several different clay tablets, the final part of the King List contains the names of historically attested rulers and cities but these are not the focus of this article.

To the forbidden history community, the first, unattested kings on the list present greater interest.

Also known as antediluvian rulers, the first eight kings in the list totaled a reign of 242,100 years, in a mythical period before the great flood swept the area.

Mainstream scholars dismiss the existence of these lords and their impossibly-long reigns, citing the fact that no archaeological discoveries support the unusual claims made by the stone tablets.

Yet the cuneiform words are there:
“After the kingship descended from heaven,
the kingship was in Eridug.
In Eridug, Alulim became king;
he ruled for 28,800 years.”

After the first heavenly king’s tenure ended, the scepter fell into the hands of Alalngar, who ruled for 36,000 years.

After him, it was En-men-lu-ana’s turn to sit on the throne for a whopping 43,200 years. The next 5 kings all held office for very long periods of time, the shortest of which lasted ‘only’ 18,600 years.

The coming of the Great Flood – considered by some a global catastrophe – put an end to the reign of the mythical kings.


Kish was an ancient city in Sumer, home of the first historically-documented Sumerian dynasty.

The kings in this dynasty had shorter reigns than the ones before them, but they still extended way beyond the expected life span of a human being in those days.

The shortest reign belonged to Zamug, ‘the son of Barsal-nuna,’ who remained in power for 140 years.

For a long time, historians agreed these impossible timelines were the result of fiction, their reigns and deeds being hyperbolized to increase the significance of the ancient Sumerians in the eyes of neighboring peoples.

By documenting their extremely old history, they could stake a legitimate claim to rule the land.

But most historians dismiss the existence of the Anunnaki, the Children of Anu.

They too ‘came down from heaven’ to fulfill their own agenda on Earth.

These beings had mastered space travel and although it is said they came here from the twelfth planet, Nibiru, their place of origin might as well have been somewhere else in the galaxy.

We don’t know for sure how man came to be on this planet.

Perhaps he is the product of evolution and natural selection. But if humans were indeed created by someone, there is room for the Anunnaki genesis theory which claims man drew his first breath in the laboratories of Anunnaki geneticists Enki and Ninmah.

If these beings were able to manipulate and transform Homo erectus into rational, intelligent humans, it goes without saying they were able to prolong their own lives.

This could mean the longevity of the reigns on the Sumerian King List could be interpreted as a reality rather than a metaphor.

For all we know, these celestial beings could have been immortal or at least impervious to factors such as aging and disease. If they wielded enough power to be considered gods, it stands to reason they were immune to the troubles that end our lives short.

There is always the possibility that we’re looking for answers in the wrong places and the Sumerian King List is half-fable, half-fact.

But amid this controversial topic, one thing is certain:
our planet’s history sure is strange…