A Calling to My Bride to Fast From Father God YHVH (Commandment Two)

My Dear Children,

I want to talk to you more concerning this Fast I have called you to. Many of you who received the last words have diligently sought Me. Thank you! I want to make something more clearly to you. I am calling My Bride on a 40 day fasting time with Me that will be a Daniel Fast. This includes giving up or taking out ALL SWEETS, MEATS, ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE AND DAIRY… OR ANIMAL PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND. Unless, My Love, I tell you otherwise to fast another way, please do it this way. Those of you who are coming off 40 and 60 day fasts, I will speak directly to you what is expected of you.

Many have come to Me who have asked about medications, and illnesses they have. I say to you My sweet ones; I will tell you what to do. I will lead you by My Spirit.

My Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakodesh, shall lead you.

I also want to clarify something else I have shared through many of My TRUE SERVANTS of today: The doctrines and teachings of “ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED—by Grace” is FALSE AND NOT TRUE. While you live in this world, I expect true repentance for your SINS, ALWAYS!

Repentance, dear ones, means turning away from your SINS. Remember, My bride: I test, test, test, test those who are truly Mine…your heart conditions, your love-walk with others, Me, My Son Yahushua~Jesus, and Our Spirit~the Ruach. Please, My love, PLEASE obey Me and come to Me!

This is My Last Call. I look forward to meeting you in the secret place. The time is VERY SHORT NOW. Come to Me. Be purged, be healed and made whole. I will send My refining fire and Angels of healing and deliverance to you to help and anoint you in this time.

PLEASE also understand dearest ones: Deliverance and healing involves purging physically, soulishly, and spiritually…sometimes throwing up and running to the restroom—A LOT! Yes, and blood can come with purging demons, too.

I love you,

(Signed) Your Father- Abba, God
who looks forward to meeting you in the secret place and sharing much with you!

P.S. My dear ones, should you need deliverance from a minister ordained and trained, contact “I AM COMING”, and My daughters will send you those who are prepared to help you. I also will have prayers for you to pray after 21 days of fasting with Me that will break off generation curses, legal rights, and also judgments that are on you and your generational bloodlines.

Please read Mathew 7:13, Ephesians 6 and Isaiah 58. Thank you, beloveds- I will confirm My Words to you!

I love you,

Your Abba Father God
PS. You have been warned, My loves—

Please read: Rev 3:7-Rev 6, Isaiah 26:19-21, Isaiah 54-60, Psalms 27:5, Matthew 24, Zephaniah 2:3. Thank you, I shall confirm these words to you! Seek Me for the deeper revelation and understanding of the Church of PHILADELPHIA