From the Broken Heart of The Father YHVH

My Dearest Children Please Hear Me:

Soon is coming many natural disasters that will make hearts of men and women fail: Tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and many other monsoons and rains. I tell you, your flesh will not be able to stand this if it is not totally yielded and fasted with Me.

I have cried out to the Bride and My special ones to fast, fast, fast, fast—pray, consecrate yourselves, and obey Me. Why? Because My love, I Am doing this to save My Bride from impending disasters and the fallen one that is coming. Unless you are walking, talking and existing in the Spirit with Me your Abba Father, Yahushua~Jesus your Savior, and have a full measure of My Ruach Hakodesh~Holy Spirit in you… THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY YOU WILL FALL AWAY!

I know the enemy’s plans, I know of his technologies, his NWO schemes: many are sold out even in the pulpits now! Come to Me, My children. Come to the secret place of the Most High! Psalm 91 is for you in these End Times.

I need you prepared—mind, body, soul, spirit, hearts, EVERYTHING, My dearest ones…ALL OF YOU! No more the world or its things—just wrapped up under My wings!

The lawless one is operating now with those sold out completely. You’re Presidents, your Senators, Congress men and women, Parliamentarians, Corporate executives and Monarchy, and most political figures across the world now. Very few are still of Me. He is devising a collapse of your economies very soon…famine that will ravage the world, and many evil inoculations and vaccinations that will be forced on you.

There are also changes happening with your atmosphere and in the heavenlies that will bring terror to most men and women. One other item, My dearest ones: Martial Law is coming to the United States of America… and many, many, many other terrible things I will discuss with you.


Do you understand My sweet ones? The Antichrist is already operating 100% behind the scenes. Come to Me, for you will even see Nations rise against Nation and World War III brewing and happen in the mid-east in the near future now. For DO NOT FEAR, just heed My spirit beckoning to My Bride to come to My side. For I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of Power, of Love and of a Sound Mind.

My sweet Beloved, I have so much to share with you. Your Abba, your Father, is crying out to you! But, MANY are not heeding the call. Come to Me, My Love, My Bride!!! Be cleaned, healed and delivered, made whole and ready for My GLORY, My Last Great Harvestings of Souls—My Last Call, Last Chance for the Kingdom of God—and most importantly, READY FOR MY SON YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH~JESUS CHRIST’S COMING!

My heart is breaking for this earth.

(Signed) ~I AM—your heartbroken Father God. I love you.

P.S. Please My Children, My Beloved, My Bride: Read and meditate on My Word…Psalms 91 and Proverbs 12 and Ezekiel 7 are now Words for you!