A Calling to My Bride From Father God YHVH (Commandment One)

I have something very important to share with you. My mighty prophet Hosea put it like this as I oracled through Him, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge” or My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”. I am going to talk seriously around this subject and I want you to seek Me diligently in the secret place regarding this scripture and what I share with you today. My Bride I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me. And YOU should study yourself, to show yourself approved. Those who have sought Me with all they are and with all their hearts and have surrendered ALL to Me—I have shared much! Part of surrendering is allowing Me, My Son Yahushua ~Jesus and My Holy Spirit ~the Ruach HaKodesh to help you, guide you through Life, through My Word, give you deep revelations and grasp the importance of the times we are in.

I am your Father and a Father chastens those and rebukes those whom He truly loves. So…Bride, Beloved, My sons and daughters, My true ones – you are falling short of the prize right now! What do I mean My sweet ones? MANY—I mean A LOT of you are not ready for your Bridegroom to come for you. This is a WORD ‘I AM’ is sharing with you that will go out to the WORLD. WORLD-WIDE quite simply because I AM NOT A RESPECTER OF PERSONS and I WISH NOT ONE TO PERISH BUT TO HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE WITH ME MY LOVE.

But in My Word, Yahushua spoke about the parable of the Virgins and only half were ready. He spoke of those in the field and only one of the two was taken. Why? Sweet sons and daughters, because He was foretelling you a VERY important truth of Heaven from ME, from your Abba-Father.

So many are not ready for My Glory as I spoke through My prophet Joel – that I will pour out My spirit on all Flesh! Read Joel 2 –ALL of it is there…so much in these days is occurring right NOW! I want to reveal it ALL to you! I want you to get the revelation so deep in your spirit that even in your daily lives; you will not forsake or forget these Words that are coming to pass on the Earth Right Now.

I want to take you further and deeper with Me, My precious ones, but listen to ME: I CAN NOT. WHY? Because My dears, I would hurt you. I am Holy and a consuming fire and my Word says YOU MUST BE HOLY! What does this mean? It means what Yahushua said His Bride must be without spot and wrinkle. She must be cleaned, purified and ready for His coming. Many of you are trapped in the teaching and doctrines of today, that Yahushua’s blood covering and salvation is enough.

I tell you it is a LIE! A lie that was formed by My enemies in the boardrooms of Hell …many, many, many, years ago. For is it not said by Paul in My Word: “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. “I am going to be VERY HONEST with you and tell you just as it is: YOU ALL, EVERY SON AND DAUGHTER ON THIS EARTH, NEED SOME FORM OF HEALING AND DELIVERANCE! In your souls, in your hearts, in your minds, in your body and in your spirit as well… My beautiful earth is so corrupt and so poisoned and is falling with Me, it has even affected your generations past and My children, and even your DNA is affected as well. So— Many of My special ones called out of the world many years ago, hidden with Me, have gone through a long, dramatic hard stripping, healing and deliverance process and much fastings with Me, My Son Yahushua and My Spirit ~ Ruach too. You do not even know who they are yet—but you will soon. They are My End Time Army I speak of in My Word. They will arise soon with My GLORY. This will astound you and ALL of My enemies too. But, My dear Bride, it is not just meant for them, it is also meant for you!

I have had so many of you crying out to Me and My Son to help them, to get you ready and prepared. My sons and daughters who have awakened, I address you across the World right now… I will help you, I will heal and deliver you, I will get you ready, but I ask you: Will you pay the price? Will you give up all? Will you spend lots of time with Me in the secret place? Will you cry out to Me and truly repent and truly turn away from your sins, the deep hidden SINS YOU ARE IN AND COMMIT EVERY DAY? Will you truly, My love, enter in? The choice My dearest ones is all completely up to you. I invite you to come to Me in the month of April, be with ME! ~YOUR ABBA, Father God, your YHWH. Come to your High Priest, your Savior and King Yahushua~Jesus, come be with Our Spirit the Ruach Hakodesh~Our Holy Spirit. Come enter in, My beloved.

I am calling you on a glorious journey and ride, on the narrow path and on a 40 day
Fast. April 1st 2012 it shall commence. This is not for the faint of heart, but for My “More than Conquerors,” My dearest ones. I shall tell you how, what, and any other questions you need, just come to Me and ask.

Fast, you may say? This cannot be My Father…but I say to you My Love, it is ME! I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of Me, your Abba, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to Me, which is your reasonable service. I am calling ALL of you – those who truly want to be the “elect group”, the ones who will march for Me and My Son – I ask you dearest ones, do you really want to come? Do you really want to enter in? The Bride is NOT the Whole Church… it is the few of you who have chosen to love and obey ME and My Son! Little ones… heed My WORD. See the example of what even My Son Yahushua did prior to His Ministry. I took Him to the Wilderness for 40 days; He fasted and cried out to Me! I then filled Him upon the completion of the Fast with My Ruach HaKodesh in full measure, and then He was sent out.

How much more, My dear ones, MUST YOU do this for ME! He was without SIN!

How much more must you fast and repent—turn from your wicked ways and get your healing and deliverance from the centuries and centuries of defilement that is generationally plaguing you…and most of you do not even know it! In My Word I say, through Paul: That which I committed I did not understand, neither was it anything that I chose, but I was doing what I hated. Or, My dear ones, another way of saying it is: For that which I do – That is, the evil which I do, the sin of which I am conscious of, and which troubles me.

This is only the Sin I your Father and Yahushua ~Jesus, through My Spirit, can Purge you of. It is very deep and has strongholds on your life. I will remove it during longs fasting seasons… ONLY!

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord –of ME, and I shall lift you up.

Do I not also say what happens in these fasting times in many examples in My Word – Corporately I mean…especially when fasts are called: In the Book of Esther how a whole race of people is saved from only a 3 day fast, or in the book of Jonah when Nineveh fasts and repents and is saved from just 3 days. And remember in the book of Daniel when he confessed the sins of Israel to Me…and many other references and examples in the Old and New Testament. Yahushua even said, “When you fast and pray”… NOT, if you fast and pray.

Why do you think My true Prophets of old and My Son trumpeted fasting and repentance? Because My dearest ones, it changes MY HEART. It can save nations and even prevent horrible destruction that is coming. Please get the deep revelation of what giving up things and food and getting on your knees and humbling –does with ME!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I am pleading and crying out to you –with you My sweet ones… My TRUE PROPHETS and SERVANTS of Mine today are ONLY speaking of holiness and repentance, fasting and praying and consecration, reading and meditating on My Word, and obeying the Almighty—ME—and My Son and heeding Our Spirit. They also are talking of the times we are in and warning of the impending judgments and destruction that is soon to come… They are pleading with My Bride to get ready for their Bridegroom NOW! And Finally, They are desperately seeking every soul for the Kingdom of God!

Everyone else is FALSE! IT IS NOT about blessing you or prosperity or the Apostasy being spewed across the pulpits right Now…by the anti-christ spirit who has gotten in to them now! This is the End, My sweet ones… this is “MY LAST CALL”. Seek Me and I shall confirm every word I have spoken to you. Even out of the mouth of two or three witnesses this Word IS established! I will talk with you soon, more on specifics of fasting. Shalom.

I love you,
Your Abba-Father God YHVH

P.S. I want you to read the book of Daniel and I also want you to understand and study how he ate. My sweet ones, Joel Chapter 2 and Revelations 1-3 are for you. Thank you, I shall give you much deep revelation and understanding on this.