The James(The Just) Confirmed By Jesus As A Leader

The disciples said to Jesus, "We are aware that you will depart from us. Who will be our leader?" Jesus said to him, "No matter where you come it is to James the Just that you shall go, for whose sake heaven and earth have come to exist."

James is the English equivalent of Jacob . The name represents judgment in individual consciousness, or justice and discrimination.

Heaven and earth come into being for the sake of righteousness that is to say the world was waiting for the revelation of the upright man of righteousness.

First James the righteous stands as the perfected Teacher of Righteousness the true prophet James is a spiritual role model one to identify with That is to say well haven and earth will pass away the One who knows himself will stand forever James was the designated the head of the Jerusalem church.

James being the head of the Jerusalem church as well as his being so righteous as to merit the name James the Righteous,

the Teacher of Righteousness is James the Just zealous for the law, he is described that way according to many ancient writers. In the Dead Sea scroll the Teacher of Righteousness is killed by his enemy, so is James the Just killed by the Jews, with the High Priest taking the lead.

James is the central figure among the faithful after Christ’s departure. It is also to him who the resurrected Lord appeared to first. James is called the righteous one by Jesus, and the expression "for whose sake heaven and earth came into being" is a Jewish form of expression, a title of high honour normally applied to the Torah, David, the Messiah, Israel,

He was called – "protection of the people". He was also known as the Righteous. Josephus attributes the destruction of the Temple, 70 A.D. to the Jews stoning James to death at the Temple for saying Jesus was in heaven on the Right hand of God and was coming again in the clouds of heaven.