Vaclav Klaus: The Time Has Come To Start Preparing The Departure Of Our Country (Czechia) From The European Union

Declaration of Vaclav Klaus and IVK unacceptable treatment of the European Union with the Czech Republic 
Vaclav Klaus: the time has come to start preparing the departure of our country from the EU

  1. strongly and totally against the decision of the EU we protest strongly to initiate with the Czech Republic because of the so-called “control. disregard for the admission of migrants on the basis of Brussels regulations. We protest against an attempt to punish us and force us to obedience.

  2. And those who did not know it yet, has shown this step the European Commission, what is the position of the Czech Republic in the European Union and what its leaders with us have intentions.

  3. We reject the continuing downplay of what is right now, on Tuesday, 13. June 2017, happened. This is a new, unprecedented thing. We reject the intention of compulsory dosídlovat our territory by foreigners. We refuse to allow the conversion of our country in the multicultural society of maladjusted communities what we see currently in France or the UK. Even to mention the migration associated with mass almost daily now.

  4. We reject the argument that we need to “be there” that we must “be present” decision-making that we need to be in the so called “hard core” of the Union. In the decision-making process in the EU today we are, but we don’t decide. Our presence has in fact no meaning. Our voice is ignored. Not selected by us. Decisions about us.

  5. Let us not blackmail threats their European subsidies. We don’t need subsidies, and we don’t want them. We reject as our payments to Brussels, so subsidies from Brussels. We reject a pernicious force, championed EU policy as a whole.

  6. It follows from all of this the only possible and at the same time the only necessary conclusion: now is the time to start preparing the departure of our country from the European Union. It’s the only way our state that we inherited from our ancestors and we have an obligation as a unique entity to pass down to future generations, to maintain and save.