Czech President Zeman Wants a Referendum On The Performance Of The Czech Republic from the European Union and NATO

Miloš Zeman supports a referendum on the performance of the Czech Republic from the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) stated that during his journey through the Highlands on the Assembly with the inhabitants of the great. In that case, how could the Lord of the Castle voted? 

President Milos Zeman supports a referendum on the CZECH REPUBLIC in the EU remain! | Archive

The President said he strongly supports the right of people on the ballot, but he was against withdrawal from the EU and NATO.

“I disagree with those who are for the performances of the European Union. But I’ll do everything to make it a referendum and to be able to express it. And the same to the withdrawal from NATO, “said Zeman in the Czech Highlands.

Withdrawal from the European Union, according to the President, it was disadvantageous for the reason that the Czech Republic it receives more money than Brussels. NATO head of State as a guarantor of security in the fight against international terrorism.

President Milos Zeman surprised everyone when he said it is for the announcement of a referendum on the CZECH REPUBLIC to remain in the EU and NATO. He himself would but voted against it!

While Zeman wants to get people to stay in the EU have chosen yourself, Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka said, it is not necessary to hold a similar referendum along the lines of the United Kingdom.

“The future of the United States is due to many reasons only in the European Union. And he pointed out that the basic 2-year deadline may not be enough to negotiate the conditions for the departure of the British from the Union. Negotiations with the British begin according to the Prime Minister before the fall, when the outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron had an official notice of withdrawal on his successor.