The Nibiru Fragment Destroyed By Interceptor Missiles by Iniciative of US President Donald J.Trump

The United States government has concealed the true nature of a missile defense test that occurred last Friday off the coast of Hawaii. Officially, the launch heralded the first test of the Navy’s new SM-3 Block IIA missile, part of collaborative American-Japanese program to counter Putin-launched ICBMs. Our Washington source, however, said the alleged test was a smokescreen crafted to hide a unilateral effort to save the human race from possible extinction; to destroy or deflect a 2.2km Nibiru fragment hurtling toward Earth.

On January 4, Russian astronomer Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich warned the world about an asteroid-like object—ejected from the Nibiru system—that would strike Earth on February 16. Almost immediately, western governments launched a massive campaign not only to discredit Dr. Zakharovich but also to deny his very existence.

Meanwhile, newly elected United States President Donald J. Trump spearheaded a risky initiative, codenamed operation “Turkey Vulture”; he rallied the aid of foreign leaders—Angela Merkel, Prime minister May, Kim Jong-un, and Benjamin Netanyahu—hoping the combined muscle would produce enough firepower to destroy the cosmic interloper before it neared Earth’s atmosphere.

Our source, a former CIA operative, said the following: “They had to act quickly and secretly with Operation Turkey Vulture, so called because Trump figured no one would associate turkey vultures with Nibiru. Make no mistake, this was a coalition. The US and other countries simultaneously launched advanced interceptor missiles at the target. Since it recently emerged from behind the dark side of the sun, they had to act swiftly.”

The interceptor missiles, our source added, were retrofitted with revolutionary DARPA-created engines and used an advanced fuel made from compressed liquid helium and agitated methane, a volatile mixture allowing the missiles to reach unprecedented distances at unprecedented speeds. The launches occurred at remote locations or at sea, where bystanders were unlikely to notice exhaust plumes.

Asked why interceptors were chosen over ICBMs, our source said, “Several reasons. ICBMs would’ve taken too long to retrofit. Much faster to fix up a smaller missile. And how would they have hidden ICBM launches? Even sub-launched nukes would have been spotted. With current technology, it was just as easy to refit the interceptor missiles with nuclear warheads. What’s really interesting, though, is that Russia was neither included in the coalition nor notified about the launch…until a few minutes prior to lift off. Why that is, I don’t know. But back chatter intelligence suggests Putin is furious over it all. What’s done is done. The mission, I hear, went well.”

Operation Turkey Vulture, he explained was a great success. Early Tuesday morning (GMT,) the combined force of three hundred nuclear-tipped interceptor missiles reached perihelion and struck the Nibiru fragment, shattering it into millions of harmless pieces of rock.

Even if all information is accurate, we should not be lulled into a false sense of security; the Nibiru fragment was the tip of the iceberg, a prelude to a far greater threat—the arrival of the Nibiru system itself.