The Nubiru Fragment To Strike New York State

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On January 4, famed Russian astronomer Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich stunned the world by revealing the existence of a large asteroid that will strike Earth on February 16. First reported by this website, Dr. Zakharovich’s claims rippled through alternative news before gaining mainstream media coverage; the DailyMail, the Sun, the Daily Star, and several Australian newspapers reprinted the article in last ditch attempts to warn their readers of the impending threat.

Since going public with his findings, Dr. Zakharovich has met with seething hatred and biting criticism; NASA rejected his data, calling it an apocalyptic fantasy, adding that the asteroid-like object officially named 2016 WF9 is spinning harmlessly though space in cyclic orbit around our solar system. However, Dr. Zakharovich insists his theory is backed by scientific fact and empirical evidence, and that NASA refuses to acknowledge the threat because it would mean revealing the true origin of the cosmic interloper—the Nibiru system.

“As I said before, this object was ejected from the Nibiru star system, a solar system smaller than our own, approximately 140,000,000 km in diameter. Like balls on a pool table, sometime asteroids bump one another and get pushed out of orbit. In this case, the asteroid was pushed so fast and so hard it spun twice around the brown dwarf star and headed straight to Earth. It gained speed by the slingshot effect when it circled behind the dark side of the sun and is now on its way to hit Earth on February 16.”

Asked why NASA is concealing the truth instead of alerting the public, Dr. Zakharovich added, “NASA is protecting itself. It keeps the Nibiru reality very secret, or so it thinks. NASA knows that revealing such a threat would cause an immediate breakdown in social services worldwide, and that mass hysteria and panic would cripple society. And this is just over asteroid. Not even Nibiru itself. Now I speak because I have new information to share.”

First, Dr. Zakharovich explained why NASA’s data on 2016 WF9’s size and mass differs from his. The space agency claims 2016WF9 is approximately 0.5 – 1.0 kilometer in size, while Dr. Zakharovich’s research reveals a much more dangerous object, a deadly 2.2km Nibiru fragment that has markedly gained size and mass during its trip through the outer solar system.

“The Nibiru fragment may have been 0.5 km when it left the Nibiru system,” Dr. Zakharovich explained. “But as it moves through space, it slowly grows in size. To use an analogy: if you take a snowball and roll it down a hill, it will get larger the further it travels. Nibiru fragment much the same. Although its core is a nickel-iron composite, the outer sheath is a porous tritium membrane, allowing the fragment to accumulate space dust as it travels. The more it travels the more dust it collects, and thus grows bigger. I and my colleague used Russian supercomputer Kaypro to make these determinations.”

Moreover, Dr. Zakharovich says he can now pinpoint the projected impact area.

“I predict the Nibiru fragment will strike a small hamlet called Caroga Lake, in upstate New York, with 40,000 kilometer margin of error.”

Told that his margin of error encompasses the entire globe, Dr. Zakharovich said, “No one is perfect. We make best guesses we can with available technology. United States must prepare. Russia must prepare. Everyone everywhere must prepare.”