The Timeline of Six Seals(33AD-1948AD)

The Revelation 6 the First Six Seals On being opened, the seven-sealed scroll reveals future events

1st seal from 33AD to 313AD:

Next John sees a white horse and the rider has a bow and a crown and it goes forth conquering and to conquer. This is the first period of the church in the world when it went forth conquering and triumphant and the gospel message was carried over all the Roman empire until Christianity conquered the empire.

The white horse is a symbol of Rome under the pace of Constantine he is the rider on the horse a rider of a horse is use for rulers of nations Zechariah 10:5 and here denotes those who guide the destiny of Rome.

The rider on the horse is The Bishop of Rome, the embryo Pope, 6. The Man of Sin

The bow was arrowless now the bow is used for the word of god Zechariah 9:13,14 and Psalms 64:3 and symbolis the influence of Christianity conquering by the power of the word. The Constantine in the year 313 issused a decree giving toleration to Christianity and shortly afterwards he declared himself a Christian. Thus after two and a half centuries of bitter persecution the church had triumphed and the cross replaced the eagle on the standards of Rome.

2nd seal:the period is from around 313 to 800AD

John sees a red horse and power was given to the rider to take peace away from the earth. Soon after the Roman Empire officially accepted Christianity it began to fall into decay. corruption within, civil war and the barbarian tribes without gradually weakened the empire

The rider of the red horse which moved in from the west carried a great dagger, and was commanded to take peace from the earth, to cause men to slay one another. This is a clear an indication as one could want that civil war was to be God’s next judgement

The legions were withdrawn from the outlying provinces as Rome weakened Europe fell into chaos. The Church moved into the power vacuum trying to manipulate the various rulers. The peace was indeed taken away from the earth. The period continues to about the 8th century when Europe began to be dominated by the franks through whom the church began to wield power. In 800AD Charlemagne was crowned emperor of the holy Roman empire

3rd seal:the period is from around 800 to 1200AD

Famines in the period 927–928 Caused by four months of frost Byzantine Empire

1005 England

1016 Famine throughout Europe

4th seal:the period is from around 1200AD to 1500AD

The opening of this seal represents a truly terrible period. As in the letters to the churches of about this period the direction of the vision is changed from the professing christian church to the faithful few. One of the results of the assumption of power by the Roman Church was the denial of freedom of individual thought and the instrument designed to enforce this was the inquisition. 

During this same period there were endless wars in Europe as rival claims to thrones tried to establish themselves plague and pestilence followed in the wake of the wars it is estimated that the black death took about a quarter of the population of Europe.

5th seal:this period is from around 1500 to 1799

This period is parallel to the letter to philadelphia John sees the souls of those who had already been martyred in the preceding periods and they wanted to know how long it would be before God would come and judge the persecutors. they were told to wait a little longer until the number would be complete.

This is period of time of following the reformation when man’s consciousness arose against the wickedness of the Roman Church.

6th seal:the period is from around 1799 to 1948

“Earthquake” the French revolution

And the sun became black as sackcloth of hair dissolved on 6 August 1806, when the last Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (from 1804, Emperor Francis I of Austria) abdicated, following a military defeat by the French under Napoleon

And the stars of heaven [the Roman Church] fell unto the earth is Symbolically, the stars of the papal heavens (the pope) fell to the earth when Napoleon fined the Pope ten million dollars, organized the Papal territory into a republic and took the Pope prisoner

The fallen starts was the church in the French Revolution (1789). Sword. Two world wars and the threat of global annihilation by nuclear and biological weapons.

Even as a fig tree

The fig tree in this prophecy may be understood to signify the Jewish nation. (Matt. 24:32.) If so, it is being fulfilled; the Zionist movement, started in 1897, since that time Jewish nation was born in 1948 these buds have thrive.

CASTING her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. — threw off its immature show of character], it shall also throw off its immature show of character when surrounded in the very end by “Gog”when she is shaken of a mighty wind [surrounded by the armies of Gog.