The Watchtower ( Owns $22.7 Billion In J.P.Morgan Capital Fund Shares

Watchtower has at least $22.7 billion in one share alone? This isn’t the old data from early 2000 but from last November 2016. Digging around the SEC’s website this morning, if my calculations are correct, the Watchtower owns at least $22.7 billion in stock in one type of share alone. 

This is using Nov 2016 SEC data which WBTS owns “10.58%” shares in this capital shares fund which is also a retirement fund. FOR WHO??? Look below including the original SEC page from Nov ’16 that list what this “SmartRetirement 2050” consists of. This would be no shock considering they sold a building worth $1 billion let alone their past investment in military & other government entities. Long read but I put this together from the page:

J.P. Morgan Trust I & II:

J.P. Morgan “Capital Shares”, minimum $50 million to open account

JPMorgan Prime Money Market Fund (Capital CJPXX)

Total: $22,950,000,000

Liquid Assets Money Market Fund(CJLXX)

Total: $641,700,000

JPMorgan U.S. Government Money Market Fund Capital (OGVXX)

Total $165,650,000,000

U.S. Treasury Plus Money Market Fund (JTCXX)

Total: $??? / No data

Federal Money Market Fund (JFCXX)

Total: $??? / No data

100% U.S. Treasury Securities Money Market Fund (CJTXX)

Total: $26,140,000,000

Total Funds: $215,381,700,000 ($215.38 billion).

If all the calculations are correct WATCHTOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY owns 10.58% = $22,787,383,860 ($22.7 billion).