The Hungarian PM Orban Stands With Poland, Slovakia, And Czech Republic And Tells EU To Back Off

In a fiery speech recently, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban laid down the law, saying that Hungary and the rest of the “Visegrad 4” (V4)- Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic- will do what is in the best interests of their people regardless of what Eurocrats tell them!

First, while President Orban’s spirit has not failed, there is a definite physical toll this whole “crisis” is taking on him. You can see it in his physical constitution and hear it in his voice- while composing himself, the signs of exhaustion and stress are gradually showing through. We report on what we are able to see and deduce through careful reasoning. One can only imagine what is happening that nobody sees or know except for men like him who are in a position to know, and it must be incredibly stressful to maintain such a strong position when surrounded by so many who want to destroy him.

Second, he references a joint statement from the Visegrad Group around 0:20. You can read the whole document here, and the summary is basically an agreement from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic saying while they ‘respect’ the EU position, they will do what they want to protect themselves from Turkey and if the EU doesn’t like it tough luck.

Third, around 4:30 he thanks Austria for helping. Austria, while having albeit a nominally Catholic heritage, is also the most “eastern friendly” of the Western Europe nations. It will side with Eastern Europe on matters when all the rest of Western Europe is in opposition. This is even true during the National Socialist occupation in World War II- while much of Austria supported the Reich, there was a huge undercurrent of resistance in which the Catholic Church played a central role.

Austria has been besieged by Muslims twice. It is the reason why it is such a powerful voice against Turkey joining the EU. They understand the nature of the Turks. Keep an eye on them, for in spite of their secularism and apostasy, as Orban very gently suggests, they may surprise you.

Fourth, notice how severely he criticizes Turkey, then how around 6:00 he talks about Hungary “defending” Europe and then asserts that not only in Hungary capable, but they can do it all on their own. This was what Hungary did for centuries- fight against Turkish invaders. He is not just referring in blanket terms to history, but saying that Hungary is literally stepping back into a historical role of what it has done for centuries- fight Muslims.

Fifth, notice how leading up to and around 8:00 he goes into a serious criticism of ‘Brussels,’ saying that the relationship of power “does not look good.” Translation- get lost EU.

Sixth, around 10:00 he references a “migrant camp” in Libya. This is a direct reference to how these Muslims are being brought to Europe by the Western governments as we have documented.

Seventh, around 13:45 he directly criticizes the situation in Western Ukraine that was created by America and the EU. This is as much a criticism as it is also a major appeal to Russia, which the EU and particularly Germany regards an an enemy.

Orban’s speech was about Hungary and the V4, but this is a lot bigger. This is about the re-emergence of old alliances and history repeating itself as Europe draws itself into another horrible war with the Muslims through a Turco-Teutonic alliance sought by a nation living in centuries of apostasy seeking to re-assert its old empire while the other nation seeking after the Islamic conquest of Rome and in its mind the final destruction of Christianity.

We know who wins in the end- it is just the battle in between. Orban probably knows this too- he’s just getting ready to put Hungary back into its historical role.