Is Donald Trump The Modern Day King Cyrus the Great?

Is it Donald Trump’s role to Herald the Messianic Redemption of all 12-Tribed Israel

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday congratulated Donald Trump on his election vict

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday congratulated Donald Trump on his election victory, saying the Republican is “a true friend of the State of Israel.” November 9, 2016                                                

On November 8, 2016, one of the greatest upsets in the political history of the United States occurred when Donald Trump, the New York building mogul swept the landscape of the United States away from the Hilary Clinton, the wife of the former President of the United States, William Blaine Clinton. 

Don’t even consider that this would have been done except by the nod and the direct intervention of the Creator G-d of the Universes. Now we must ask, where does Trump fit into the prophetic landscape of the prophets of old? 

The first question we again ask, “is the new President Elect, Donald Trump the reincarnation of King Cyrus the Great, as written in the TaNaKh (Old Testament) in the prophetic Book of Isaiah?: 

Isaiah 45:1 – “Thus says the Lord to His anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held – to subdue nations before him and loose the armor of kings, to open before him the double doors, so that the gates will not be shut.” 

Here we read it that King Cyrus was HaShem’s anointed (messiah). So we ask, was King Cyrus a “righteous gentile? Did King Cyrus receive the blessing from the G-d of Israel to prepare the pathway for the emancipation of the Jews from the powerful grip of the Babylonians? Was his role in life to open the gates for the messianic return of the Jews from captivity in Babylon; the archetypical 70 Nations of the world residing outside the Land of Israel?  

 King Cyrus the Great, the Persian Shah and his Jewess wife, Queen Esther

The G-d of Israel truly was preparing for a massive pathway of redemption for the Jews who were still in the seventy years of exile in Babylon according to the Prophet Jeremiah. Suddenly, upon the horizon from the east there came the armies of the Medes and the Persians. In a stroke of military adeptness, they diverted the waters of the Euphrates Rivers and with military sappers, infiltrated under the gates into the city and toppled the most impregnable city of the then known world.

The Babylonian King Belshazzar and the Hand-Writing on the Wall of his Banquet Hall

At that same hour, Belshazzar, the King of Babylon was hosting a banquet to the elite of the Babylonian Empire. Their sacrilege was that they were using the golden goblets from Solomon’s Temple to celebrate the 70 years of Jewish captivity and how the G-d of the Jews was not capable to redeem or free His own chosen people. 

Sometime during the early Babylonian era, the Prophet Ezekiel was met by an angelic representative of the G-d of Israel by the River Chebar descending in a divine vehicle. It was surrounded with stormy winds as the brilliance of the fearsome, Chayos each with four heads and four wings that swept along with the appearance of fiery torches of coal swept across in front of him.

 Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel along River Chebar with G-d’s Merkabah

The Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel along River Chebar with G-d’s Merkabah

Each of the Chayos took with them an Ofanim, who carried the burning chariot, that had the appearance of a wheel within a wheel. Ezekiel wrote what the angel said to him:

Ezekiel 2:8, 3:4-7 – “Son of Man, heed that which I speak to you: Be not rebellious like the rebellious house…He said to me, “Son of Man go and approach the House of Israel and speak to them with My words. For not to a people of incoherent language and difficult speech are you being sent, but to the House of Israel…But the House of Israel will not wish to heed you for they do not wish heed Me, for the entire House of Israel is hard-browed and brazen-hearted.”   

Would you believe that King Cyrus along with his entire armies have now been identified as the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel? As we consider these following facts of history, what we are seeing is that the armies of the Medes and the Persians were literally the “brazen faced Lost Tribes of the House of Israel”? 

King Cyrus the Great was a Ruler of the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel

 King Cyrus the Great

King Cyrus the Great of the Pasargadae Israelite Tribe of Gad

King Cyrus was a descendant of the Tribe of Gad of the House of Israel. He was a ruling descendant of the Pasargadae tribe and his brilliant military commander, Gobryas, was his uncle, one of the ruling “kings” of the Tribe of Gad. During the years of the United Kingdom of Kings David and Solomon, the Tribe of Gad lived alongside the Tribes of Manasseh and Reuben with their immense flock of cattle and sheep on the eastern or “other-side of the Jordan River”. 

It was also they who rejected the Royal House of Kings David and Solomon, refused to worship in the famous golden Temple of Solomon, while rejecting the lineage of high priests of the House of Zadok, and rejecting the ruling Jewish rabbinic judiciary of Torah Law called the Mechoquek. 

Today we have the capacity to explore now the profound differences and discrepancies between the classical Persian calendar rewritten by the Roman Catholic monks, who were also of Lost Tribes descent. 

The Jewish Rabbinic Calendar and the Roman Catholic Christian Church Conventional Calendar 

It was in the 2nd century during the famous Tanna of the fourth generation, Rabbi Jose ben Halafta (alt. Halpetha) was recognized as one of the great students of Rabbi Akiva. This rabbi was so well known and recognized as one the foremost scholars of halakha and the aggadah of his day. 

He was a teacher and mentor to of the famed Judah ha-Nasi. As such, he was even so today well known that it was documented in the Mishnah as being the fifth most frequently mentioned sage in the Mishnah. He was a teacher and mentor to many of the post-destruction of King Herod’s Temple era of which included the well-known student and notable sage, Judah ha-Nasi that Rabbi Jose ben Halafta even today is simply known as Rabbi Jose. 

It was Rabbi Jose who wrote the Jewish Rabbinic Calendar, the history of the Jewish people as documented by the Jewish Rabbanim from the era of the Garden of Eden to the Roman era of that which was called the Seder Olam Rabbah or the “Great Order of the World.” 

There has been a long discrepancy in the realms of “conventional chronology” of the Persian Imperial Era which the rabbinic Jews during the era of the Exilarchs in Iraq were now being challenged by a new history of the world written by a Lost Israelite, now a monk of the Roman Catholic Christian Church. 

Dionysius Exiguus was a Roman Catholic Christian monk, Dionysius Exiguus, who was a 6th century Scythian who lived near modern Dobruja, a region shared by Romania and Bulgaria. It was he who coined the term AD as a designation of ancient historical time. AD meant “Anno Domini” Nostri Jesu Christi or in the “Year of our Lord” Jesus Christ. 

The term BC came later and it was designated in the English language as “Before Christ” but originally it was called “a.C.n.”, which was the abbreviation of “Ante Christum Natum” which in Latin meant “before the birth of Christ”. 

How this Latin definition became converted to English is not well known, but what is known is that it was not universally accepted. In Europe alone; in the ancient French language it was known as “avant J.C.” (before Jesus Christ) and in German as “vor Christi Geburt” (before Christ’s birth). 

As we can see, Dionysius Exiguus was a descendant of the Royal Scythians, the famed Lost Israelite “horsemen of the North” by birth, probably a descendant of the ancient Scythians. In the epic research of the books and studies of Brit Am we today can comprehend better that they were of the Royal Scythian of Israelite descent. They represented one to the leading sectors of the Ten Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. 

These facts alone speak loudly about the major fragmentation and division in the ancient brotherhood between the Hebrews that included both the Jews and the Benjamites represented by the Southern Kingdom of Judah and the Ten Northern Tribes in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Daniel the Prophet, Magi and the Prime Minister of the Babylonian Chaldeans

While in Babylon, Daniel of royal blood through the house of King Hezekiah, Daniel was sent into exile early into the ranks of civil service in Nebuchadnezzar’s government very early after his exile to Babylon. 

Within months, when it became noticed that Daniel had the ‘ear of the Lord of hosts’ and was able to master the mysteries of the universe, the king made him leader of the Magi or the Chaldeans. It was this auspicious group who ran the scientific institutions and were the court advisors to the king. 

Daniel soon became the prime minister or ruler of the main province of Babylon, chief of the governors of the provinces (2:48). Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were placed in strategic positions as Ministers of Governmental Affairs of the Imperial Government in Babylon. Within the top echelon of the Babylonian government, God had planted his trusted servants even within the highest ranking positions next to King Nebuchadnezzar, a type of the future Antichrist. 

Rabbi Yose b. Halafta in his Jewish History, Seder Olam Rabbah (The Great Order of the World) 

Here we can review this rich arena when Daniel and the three worthies were put in the fiery furnace for not bowing down to the statue of King Nebuchadnezzar. In the BibleSearchers Reflections article titled, “The Jewish Rabbinic Calendar and the History of the Exile of the Jews”, we can lift up the canopy that has hidden this enigmatic era of the Persian Empire when we ask, “Who was Cyrus the Great, Darius the Mede, Artaxerses and Ahasuerus, the Ahasuerus of Queen Esther’s fame as we reflect upon the following? As Bible Searchers Reflections wrote: 

BibleSearchers Reflections – “According to the rabbinic chronology initially written by Rabbi Yose b. Halafta in his work, Seder Olam Rabbah (The Great Order of the World), we learn that Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple of Solomon in the year of 421 BCE according to the Rabbinic calendar year equivalent to the 586 BCE date as rewritten 900 years later called the Roman Catholic Christian Gregorian calendar known today as the “Conventional Calendar”. 

King Cyrus the Great whose name in Hebrew is called “Koresh” conquered the invincible Babylon in 539 BCE, according to the conventional calendar, yet according to the “Seder Olam Rabbah”, Babylon was not conquered according to the Jewish Rabbinic calendar until the Jewish Year of 368 BCE. 

Two years later, according to the rabbis, Xerses, whose name was also Ahashverosh (Ahasuerus) ruled over Persia between the years of 366 – 352 BCE. Then at the whim of the royal monarch, Ahasuerus decided to host a banquet for several weeks with his top military and government dignitaries. 

It was during this time, when in a drunken state, Ahasuerus summoned his wife, Vashti, to parade herself in front of all his military dignitaries, which she refused and he dismissed her as his wife and queen. Later Ahasuerus married the Jewess Esther to rule with him as his queen. This era according to the conventional Gregorian chronology gives the reign of Xerses as 486-465 BCE. 

According to Vendyl Jones, the legendary explorer for the “Golden Ark of the Wilderness Tabernacle” whose life and mission is reputed to be the foundation of the popular movie series, “Indiana Jones” to whom credit must be given, later revealed in the famous Hebrew documents called the Emeq HaMelekh “The Valley of the Kings” to the public. This epic document then revealed that King Cyrus (Koresh), Darius (Daryavesh) the Mede and Xerses (Ahashverosh /Biblical Ahasuerus) are all the same ruler. 

As such, according to Rabbi Yose b. Halafta in his work, Seder Olam Rabbah, there was one Cyrus, one Xerses and one Darius until Alexander the Great swept aside the Persian Empire after he crossed the Cilician Gates and defeated the Persian Shah Darius II Nothus in the Battle of Issus in the conventional calendar year of 333 BCE. 

The Oriental Empire of Babylon had 53 years of rule and the Persian Empire had 51 years of rule until the Occidental Empire of Greece toppled the Oriental potentates, a total of 104 years. 

To the Jewish understanding in history, Cyrus the Great was the same ruler as Xerses and Darius the Mede, for the name Darius actually meant ‘Lord’ and Xerses meant ‘monarch’. 

The Multitude of Names for King Cyrus the Great and the Chronology of the Persian Imperial Rule 

As we now know the name “Cyrus” comes from “Kyros” meaning “far sighted” or “young” and it can also mean “Kyrios” which means “lord”. Later we learn that King Cyrus at the Persian banquet within the first two years of his rule in Babylon was called Ahasuerus (“Khshayârshâ”) which meant “prince, head, or chief”). King Cyrus was also known as Artaxerses, which meant “righteous ruler” who in the biblical text of Esther was called Ahasuerus (aka King Cyrus, “Lord” Darius I). 

Compare this with the Roman Catholic Christian Church fabricated “conventional chronology” called the Gregorian Calendar. The Babylonian Empire ruled for 48 years and then under one Cyrus, one Xerses, two Darius and two Artaxerses plus several intermittent upstarts and rivals, the Persians ruled for 207 years, a difference of 156 years between the rabbinic and the Christian Catholic conventional Gregorian calendar. 

Here is a brief summary: 

Rabbinic Chronology – Event – Conventional Chronology 

421 BCE Nebuchadnezzar destroys Solomon’s 586 BCE


368 BC Cyrus (Darius I) begins the Persian rule 539 BCE 

366-352 BCE Reign of Xerses – Ahasuerus 486-465 BCE
 and Queen Esther 

351 BCE Temple rebuilding, second year of 520 BCE
Darius II (Artaxerses) or Darius II Nothus 

317 BCE End of Darius Nothus II’s reign 332 BCE

Beginning of Greek rule under Alexander the Great 

68 CE Second Temple destroyed 70 CE 

Another way of comparing the Rabbinic and the conventional chronologies, was to align the date when the rebuilding of the Second Temple called Zerubbabel’s Temple in the year of 351 BCE (rabbinic calendar) and lasted as King Herod’s Temple to 70 CE (conventional calendar) when the temple was destroyed by the Romans. This was a time span of a total of 422 years. 

As such, the seventy (70) weeks ‘to be determined among thy people’(Jews) prophecy to Daniel, known as the 490-year prophecy would have put the time from the destruction of the first temple in 421 BCE to the destruction of Herod’s temple in Jerusalem at 68 CE, a date favored by many rabbis. 

If we use the 68 CE date for the destruction of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, then in the conventional chronology the time period from the destruction of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem in 586 BCE to the destruction of King Herod’s Temple in 68 CE would be 654 years. 

King Darius I the Mede called Xerses in the conventional chronology has now been accepted to be the Biblical Ahasuerus and the king who married Queen Esther. As such, the successor of King Darius I the Mede was Darius II who was the son of King Cyrus who was half Mede and Persian of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and half Jewish by his mother, the Jewess Queen Esther. 

Considering this, the second and third return of the Jewish people with Ezra and Nehemiah would have occurred during the reign of a ruler of Persia that was of Jewish descent, because King Darius II’s mother was a Jew. The decree to rebuild the temple of Zerubbabel in 351 BCE (rabbinic calendar) would have been exactly seventy years after its destruction in 421 BCE.” 

The United States and the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel 

So fact upon fact, most of you who read the blogs of Destination Yisrael are descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel. This fact as now we shall learn includes the President elect of the United States; Donald Trump. 

Yet we still persist in our quest to find the link between Donald Trump, destined to be the new President of the United States of America. Are we clueless and yet refuse to see the links that our forefathers are the descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel?

 George Washington and the Making of the Constitution

According to American history and the Jewish archives we know that the “13 Original Colonies of America” first settled long the Atlantic Seaboard were of the House of Manasseh, the eldest son of the Viser of Egypt in the era of the “Great Exodus”, Joseph the son of Jacob. It was the Lost Tribers of the House of Israel that were the founding forefathers of the American Revolution of which George Washington, like Donald Trump was a Scottish Free Mason. 

Many Americans today associate George Washington as the general who led the fledgling American troops to a victorious climax during the American Revolutionary War. Few will remember that Washington was a firm advocate for the establishment of a strong national government, even before the Revolution was over, and the president of the Constitutional Convention in 1787. As such, he was also the first president of the United States, yet most American fail to connect Washington’s role with the American Constitution.

George Washington and the Making of the Constitution

The mural featured above was painted by Allyn Cox. It portrays U.S. President George Washington with his Masonic laying the cornerstone of the national capitol in a Masonic ceremony under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Maryland, September 18, 1793.

So today, a new presidential candidate has swept the American elections with the electoral vote even as he failed by a small margin to get the popular vote. Trump was under the assault by most of the national news media who spent thousands of hours criticizing, demeaning, demoralizing one of America’s prime corporate builders for expressing the hearts of souls of over 50% of the American population who believed that the corruption and Roman decadence that destroyed the ancient Roman Empire now was about to destroy the “American Dream”. 

In the following Destination Yisrael’s article titled, “The Jewish Torah Roots of the American Constitution, we read the words of Prof. Paul Eidelberg”. 

Professor Paul Eidelberg – “No nation has been more profoundly influenced by the “Old Testament” than America. Many of America’s early statesmen and educators were schooled in Hebraic civilization. The second president of the United States, John Adams, a Harvard graduate, had this to say of the Jewish people: 

John Adams – “The Jews have done more to civilize men than any other nation…. They are the most glorious Nation that ever inhabited the earth. The Romans and their Empire were but a bauble in comparison to the Jews. They have given religion to three-quarters of the Globe and have influenced the affairs of Mankind more, and more happily than any other Nation, ancient or modern…..continue  

While we take a breath at what we have learned so far, we can begin to look at the role of the Creator G-d of the Universes as He guides and directs the affairs of the nations of the world. 

The Puzzle of King Cyrus and Queen Vashti 

According to the Jewish Midrash, as we have seen, the Biblical King Cyrus the Great was called Xerses which Herodotus claimed meant “warrior” but whose meaning may be closer to “hero among rulers” or “ruler over heroes”. 

The new wife of King Cyrus the Great, Vashti, after the invasion of the capital of Babylon now became the resident of King Nebuchadnezzar’s former palace. The Prophet Daniel was still around and his fame and loyalty to the King Nebuchadnezzar was legendary as the pre-imminent prime minister of Babylon, King Cyrus effectively transferred Daniel to become his new Persian prime minister now under the rule of King Cyrus the Great. 

It was during Vashti’s father, Belshazzar’s rule that the mobs of Medes and Persians attacked and overcame the Great City of Babylon. They murdered Belshazzar that night. Vashti, unknowing of her father’s death, ran to her father’s quarters. There she was kidnapped by King Darius I of Persia who was also known as Xerses (“The Monarch”), and became King Cyrus’ wife; which we doubt was by mutual consent. 

While we take a breath at what we have learned so far, we can begin to look at the role of the Creator G-d of the Universes. He guides and directs the affairs of the nations of the world, most of the time not using righteous people, but those that HaShem (“The Name”) knew would fulfill the destiny He was choosing for His chosen people and would carry the mantle that the Almighty One of Israel would place upon his shoulders. 

The question we begin to ponder again: was King Cyrus the Great the archetype of the future Donald Trump, soon to be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States in in January 20, 2017 in the Jubilee Year of 5777. Before we answer this question, we must also recognize that the Jewish year of 5000 is the number of man and the number 777 is the number of the G-d of Israel. Here was the famous internationalist Lost Israelite ruler who married the hidden Jewess called Esther, who became the Biblical Queen Esther. 

According to the rabbinic tradition, the only peoples on Planet Earth who lived through this era were the Jewish peoples. It was a large colony of the Jewish people who stayed in their “exile” during the Babylonian and after the Persian Imperial Eras. They were ruled by their Jewish Exilarchs as royal pontiffs over the Jewish peoples throughout the era of the Sassanid Empire, and later in the Islamic era of Muhammed the Prophet and the Islamic Caliphates that followed even to our modern age with the rise of the Nation of Israel. All the identities of the other peoples in Babylon and the satraps of Persia have disappeared. Even the Persian peoples are an amalgamation of many nations. 

There were three migrations back to the devastated city of Jerusalem, one by Zerubbabel the Davidian Exilarch, one by Ezra the Scribe and one by Nehemiah also a Davidian Exilarch who was sent by King Darius II, the son of King Cyrus (Darius I the Mede) and Queen Esther, to fortify Jerusalem and complete the Second Temple (Zerubbabel’s Temple). 

The Prophet Daniel’s legendary era as the prime minister of Babylon continued to follow him to the southern palace at Shushan where he was the personal confidant as the prime minister of King Cyrus the Great (aka King Darius I the Mede). 

During this “end of the era of Babylon” the great-granddaughter of King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon, Vashti, the granddaughter of King Amel-Marduk who was a close friend with the Jewish Exilarch Zerubbabel and was the daughter of King Belshazzar was now to become the wife of King Cyrus the Great or Darius I the Mede who was called “Lord”. 

The Great Feast of King Ahasuerus 

It was in the first two years of King Cyrus rule’, that he held a huge feast at his palace complex for all the rulers of the satraps of Persia. According to the Midrashic account, Vashti was a savvy politician, and the ladies’ banquet that she held in parallel to Ahasuerus’ banquet represented an astute political maneuver. Since the noble women of the kingdom would be present at her banquet, she would have control of a valuable group of hostages in case a coup occurred during the king’s feast. 

While one midrash depicts Vashti as wicked, another sees her as noble, honorable and possessing wisdom. The opinion of Rabbis of Eretz Israel is positive. She is depicted as giving her husband advice, sending him three messages and pointing out how his demand was both immoral and a political mistake. 

According to “The Zionist Dream Revisited: from Herzl to Gush Emunim and Back” written by Amnon Rubinstein, we read: 

Amnon Rubinstein – “Queen Vashti, wife of King Ahasueros, refuses to obey her husband’s order to present herself at an all-male party he is hosting, at which a profusion of alcohol was being served, in order to show off her beauty. 

The king’s advisors convince him that the queen’s disobedience will set a bad example for the women of the empire, and that he must therefore get rid of her. Ahasueros reluctantly agrees, but he soon regrets his decision. 

To console him, his chief courtiers persuade him to gather together the most attractive maidens of his empire and to choose Vashti’s replacement from among them. In popular renditions of the story of Esther, the process is almost invariably depicted as a beauty pageant in which attractive women competed to become part of the king’s harem, although the text of the novella is ambiguous about the process by which the massive roundup of thousands of beautiful women from the vast borders of the Persian empire took place. Among them is Esther, a young woman whose deceased parents were descended from Judean exiles.”

Once again the parallels of Donald Trump and King Cyrus the Great and their attitude concerning women can be compared in a more refined identity.

Age and the Imperial Rules of Cyrus and Trump 

Donald Trump was 70 years old when he won the electoral college vote that will give him access to the “keys to the kingdom” of the United States of America upon his inauguration on January 20, 2016. He will be the oldest president to have this distinction. 

King Darius I the Mede was 62 years old when he toppled the mighty city of Babylon and received the kingship over the regions of Babylon and Persia. Donald Trump like King Cyrus the Great (Darius I the Mede) quickly within just days after winning the electoral college vote began the formation of his governmental advisors to assist him in the formation of his cabinet to advise him on his rule over the vast continent of North America called the United States of America. 

And so it “pleased Donald Trump” when his political campaigning was now over so he could begin the appointments of his inner circle of advisors and make preparation to redefine the destiny of America with the slogan, “America will be Great again!” and “America will be Free again!”: 

Daniel 6:1 – “So it pleased Darius to appoint over the kingdom one hundred and twenty satraps to be throughout the kingdom, and over them three viziers, of whom Daniel was one – to whom these satraps would give advice, so that the king would suffer no harm. Then this Daniel oversaw the viziers and satraps, because of the extraordinary spirt in him; and the king thought to appoint him over the kingdom. 

The Comparison of the Tests of Governance of Cyrus and Donald 

Yet immediately after the kingdom was set up, certain of the viziers and satraps “sought to find libel” against Daniel but “they could find neither fault nor corruption, because he was faithful and nor could error or corruption be found in him.

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

So Darius I and Donald can now be compared as rulers over vast imperial realms. Will we find that it will be Donald Trump who will have to prove to the G-d of Israel that even with his “extraordinary spirit within him” he too will be tested for his faithfulness to the One G-d of Israel? 

For almost a year in campaigning and in national debates, the vigorous speeches and debates between the candidates quickly thrust this politically inexperienced building mogul into the “lion’s den experience” of American politics. 

Understand, Donald Trump is not Daniel, but the endemic and fury of the political advisors he surrounds himself may force him to make political and also sacred cognitive decisions which he will in turn soon regret. 

So like King Darius I, it was the satraps of Persia who sought to eliminate the coveted position to always have the ear of the Persian monarch, when they turned against Daniel the Prime Minister who would daily turn his face to Jerusalem and pray to the G-d of Israel in supplication to the “Almighty One of Israel” instead of King Cyrus when Persian satraps stated to King Cyrus: 

Daniel 6:13-14 – “Did you not inscribe, a prohibition that any person who would make a request of any god or person for thirty days, other than you, O king, would be thrown into the lion’s pit? The king replied and said, “The matter is true, according to the law of Media and Persia, which shall never lapse.” 

Then they exclaimed and said before the king, That Daniel, who is one of the people of the exile of Judah, has not paid any attention to you, O king, and to the prohibition that you have inscribed. Three times a day he prays his prayer! 

For the rest of the day, King Darius I was in anguish and torment. He tried every avenue to save the life of his honored prime minister, but by evening, he relented to the irrevocable law of the Medes and the Persians and Daniel was cast into the lion’s den. Yet before that fateful moment, King Cyrus (aka Darius I the Mede) began his first mental ascension of spiritual consciousness to the Absolute Ruler of the Universe when he stated to Daniel: 

Daniel 6:17 – “May your G-d, Whom you serve continually, save you!” A stone was brought and was placed over the opening to the pit, and the king sealed it with his signet ring and with the signet rings of his nobles, who that his will regarding Daniel could not be changed.” 

The king’s mind was in turmoil and in distress. He could not sleep, no table for food was brought to him, and “his sleep wandered from him.” Before the break of dawn, the king rushed to the lion’s pit, and when near he cried out in sadness and grief to Daniel: 

Daniel 6:21 – “Daniel, servant of the living G-d! Was your G-d, Whom you serve continually, able to save you from the lions?…Then Daniel stated, may the king live forever! My G-d sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouths, and they did not wound me, because merit was found for me before Him. Also before you, O king, I have done no harm.” 

Daniel was raised out of the lion’s den and quickly inspected for no wound was found. In turn, the satraps who had slandered the name and reputation of Daniel in “Lashan “HaRah or “Evil Tongue”, were thrown into the pit of lions and as the sacred text concludes: 

Daniel 6:25 – “The king gave the command and they brought those men who had slandered Daniel, and they threw them into the lion’s pit, them, their children, and their wives. They had not reached the floor of the pit when the lions overpowered them and crushed all their bones.” 

So now, with the acceptance of winning the nomination as the 45th president of the United States, the only nation that claims, “In G-d we Trust”, the new President Donald Trump has now set the standards of honesty, integrity and righteousness as he did during his campaign when railed against those rulers in America who oppressed and abused the masses of the people endemic in the corruption of Washington D.C Inc. and the monetary Rothschild oppressors of the Federal Reserve. 

Yes, Donald Trump has the potential of making suits and political chaos against those who fought against him or because of his own hubris of his role as always being the one in charge, that he could make decisions that will harm those that are close to him like King Darius I the Mede (aka King Cyrus the Great) did early in his Persian kingship to the Prime Minister, the Prophet Daniel. When the G-d of Israel forced King Cyrus to stand and be counted, Donald may like King Cyrus will have the opportunity to rise to the challenge as an advocate of the righteousness of G-d’s divine purpose. 

Isaiah 55:4 – “Behold, I have given him (Cyrus and Donald) for a witness to the peoples, a prince and commander to the peoples.” 

The Political Future of President Donald Trump 

The rabbis in Israel have weighed in on the personal and political future of President-elect Donald Trump as written in the Breaking Israel News on November9, 2016, the day after the presidential election. 

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech after winning the election on November 8, 2016

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech after winning the election on November 8, 2016.

The Gematria of Donald Trump’s Name 

Breaking Israel News – “Donald Trump’s upset victory in the presidential race over Hillary Clinton, who was heavily favored in virtually all the pre-election polls, seemed to defy the laws of nature, reason and sense. Several rabbis have an explanation, however: it was, quite simply, the will of God.

Rabbi Yosef Berger. (Courtesy David’s Tomb) 

“As the rabbi who oversees the final resting place of King David on Mount Zion, Rabbi Yosef Berger is intimately connected to the spirituality of kingship. For him it was clear what tipped the scales in favor of the Republican underdog. 

“I have known for months that Donald Trump would win the elections…The gematria (numerology) of his name is Moshiach (Messiah). He is connected to the Messianic process which is happening right now. 

When he promised to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, he attached himself to the power of Moshiach, which gave him the boost he needed. If you separate from Jerusalem, disaster will follow. 

“When taking the gematria into account, it was clear that Trump had a spiritual edge. As Rabbi Berger pointed out, the Hebrew gematria for Donald Trump in Hebrew (דונלד טראמפ) is 424, which is equal to the gematria of “Messiah for the House of David” (משיח בן דוד). 

The Ben Ish Chai, an authority on Jewish law and master kabbalist who lived in Baghdad 150 years ago, interpreted the number 212 as a difficult time for Israel before the Final Redemption. Trump’s gematria is twice that, signifying an ongoing Messiah process. 

Rabbi Berger was clear on how this election fit into the process of Messiah. “As the spiritual descendant of the Biblical nation of Edom, America has a very important role to play in the Messiah. But in order to be suited for that role, America had to be humbled,” Rabbi Berger stated. 
Rabbi Berger – “In order to establish his kingdom, God had to create confusion, a situation in which the best plans laid by the most powerful people, comes to nothing.” 
The rabbi quoted the well-known proverb: 

Proverb’s 16:9 – “A man’s heart deviseth his way; but Hashem directeth his steps. 

Rabbi Berger, rabbi of the Tomb of King David stated the following,

Rabbi Berger – “This outsider, whose own party rejected him, despised by the media, won despite what the experts predicted.”

 Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the nascent Sanhedrin

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the nascent Sanhedrin 

“As spokesman for the nascent Sanhedrin, Rabbi Hillel Weiss, also saw God’s interest in Israel as part of the election. He said that Trump’s victory was, in part, a reaction to President Barack Obama’s Israel policies.

“Obama made himself a very visible part of the campaign. It is clear that Hashem (God) was part of the political process, using it to punish President Obama and those who were working to harm Israel;” Rabbi Weiss told Breaking Israel News. 

“By allowing Iran to establish a nuclear program which is clearly not for peaceful purposes, by standing aside and allowing the UN to make resolutions to harm Israel, Obama established himself as an enemy of Israel. 

“All of the academics and the media, who create their own world with evil words, they worked against Trump,” continued Rabbi Weiss. “They tried to create a man-made reality in which Trump could not win. In the end, it did not work. Hashem is moving us towards a greater Jerusalem, and anyone who goes against that, is destined to fail. 

“Trump’s slim margin of triumph and the fact that throughout the hotly contested campaign, Clinton consistently led in most pre-election polls made his victory even more stunning. 

“At one point, Clinton led with a double digit advantage of up to 17 points. A CNN poll in June predicted a Clinton landslide victory by 24 percent. Indeed, up until the day before the elections, major polls were giving the Democratic candidate a five percent edge. Though Trump won the electoral college by a wide margin (279 as compared to Clinton’s 218), the popular vote told a very different story, with Clinton actually winning by one percent. 

“In an election of such import, the margin was tiny. With the future of a world superpower in the balance, it was clear that such an upset victory, flying in the face of conventional politics, media predictions, and the expectations of international leaders, not to mention many Americans, was entirely due to an outside influence. 

“Here we have a New York billionaire who is portrayed as a ruthless mogul who has shaken the Republican and the Democratic parties to the core. He has over the years has surrounded his business corporate life with Jewish employees and now is preparing to topple the impregnable Washington D.C. corporate and political life. 

The Potential Role of Donald Trump as the President of the United States in the Final Redemption and Restoration of the House of Israel and Judah 

During the past centuries, each of these Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel have been introduced to the Jewish Prince of David, and messiah of his era, Yehoshua HaNotzri (Jesus the Nazarene). They were given first the pristine truths of rabbinic Judaism as interpreted by Hillel the Great. 

This was then put into a divine mission with the sole purpose of finding and laying the pathway for the redemption of the Lost Tribes of Israel through the teachings of the Jewish Rabbi Yehoshua ben Yosef (Rabbi Jesus the son of Joseph). It was he, who was manifested as the divine emanation of HaShem’s messiah. It was he who would instill the pathway of Torah enlightenment for all generations. 

The Lost Tribes were later introduced to the corrupted view of “The Jewish Nazarene” who was truly a Prince of David and also an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who lived his life above and beyond the letter of Torah Law. By the 4th century CE, the teachings of this halakhic observing rabbi was amalgamated first by the Apostate Gnostic Roman Catholic Christian Church. 

They became the participants of the great apostasy of the Christian faith as the Torah commands given to the Children of Israel on the mount called Sinai were stripped of their Hebrew philosophical roots and placed upon the Hellenistic Greco-Roman roots. It was they who would become one of the greatest adversaries of the Jewish people for the next two millenniums. 

Finally, it was the Lost Tribes of Israel who were introduced to the 17th century corruption of Jewish Messianism and Mysticism by the Kabbalist Rabbi, turned Anti-Torah Sabbatian, Shabbatai Tzevi. They later became the followers, as British and Scottish Freemasons of the century later coalition between Islamic Dolmeh Qabala trained Jewish Rabbi Jacob Frank, the Jewish Jesuit founder of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, and the Jewish founder of the European Banking Economic Order, 

Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

 Ancestral Home of Tamar Tephi, the daughter of King Zedekiah

The Ancestral Home of Tamar Tephi, the daughter of King Zedekiah and her husband the Scythian Judahite Heremon ben Milesius 

In spite of the theological corruptions, the European based former Scythians, Cimmerian-Gauls, Anglo-Saxon Israelites with many other “hidden identities”, will someday reemerge with their new identity as the prophetic House of Ephraim or more specifically, the House of Joseph. They will be prophetically drawn back into imperial Messianic One World Order with their tribal cousins, the Jewish people, under the rule of the future King Messiah of the House of King David ruling as the Commonwealth of Israel.

It has been a long journey for the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel and that journey is about over. In arrogance Israel apostatized against the G-d of Israel and wanted to be self-fulfilled and independent. In spite of tribal rivalries and jealousies, they rejected the literal word of the Almighty One of Israel that their covenant was to keep all the commands of the Torah, and worship together with their entire family of Israel at the temple in Jerusalem. 

They, the Lost Ten Tribes turned their backs against Judah because of the oppression of the last days of Solomon and the oppressive arrogance his son, King Rehoboam. They rejected the divine “word of the L-rd” and refused to worship in the Holy Temple and ally themselves with Judah as the Mechoqeck, the Lawgiver of the Almighty One on this planet earth. The unity of Israel was fragmented and soon both houses of Israel were in exile. 

When Donald Trump steps forward in January 20, 2017, at his inauguration as the President of the United States, here are some foundational facts that his life may in the future change the matrix of the “era of the messiah” as he chooses to accept the mandate of the heavenly court of HaShem to be a participant of the messianic process of King Messiah: 

President elect Donald Trump ancestors are blood-lined Irish and as such were part of Tribes of Simeon, Dan and Levi. He is, like the Lost Ten Tribes of the House will be what the G-d of Israel stated about His “chosen” Northern Kingdom of Israel, “You are My Battle Axe.” 

In their apostasy, these Irish leaders became the Gnostic Illuminati. 

Like America’ s founding forefathers, Donald Trump has a higher state of spiritual consciousness and may be the international political leader to be the prime mover for the future messianic consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. He has the capacity to learn from the Divine and learn “greatly”. 

Donald Trump has the capacity, like King Cyrus the Great to listen and believe wrongly the testimony of his advisors and then ruthlessly in the pathway of his convictions, like Cyrus did of old throw the Prime Minister and the Prophet Daniel into the lion’s den. 

President Donald Trump may have to rectify the edict that was used to potentially destroy the revered Daniel the Prophet, the revered prime minister of both Babylon and Persia and now with an elevated state of consciousness, accept that he is part of G-d final vortex of redeeming power.   

President Donald Trump like King Cyrus will be known to be compassionate with allowing the Jewish people to return to the land of their forefathers in aliyah. It was the Jewish people who failed in part for loving the land of Persia where they could share in the wealth of the ancient Persian Empire. 

The Jews in the American Diaspora of Reform and Conservative Judaism persuasion may be the representative of the Jews and the Exilarchs in Baghdad who refused to return to Jerusalem and the future Judea to rebuild the Temple of Zerubbabel. 

The fate of the Jewish people in the Diaspora will be rectified before the Divine Court by the Defense Attorney of the heavenly court; “Metatron, the Angel of the Divine Presence who will soon be Melekh HaMaschiach (King Messiah)”. 

Donald Trump could be the human ruler who will be called upon by the Creator of the Universe to emancipate the rest of the Jews living all over Planet Earth of which over 10 million are in the United States alone. 

The Jews in the Diaspora may eventually be compelled, during adverse political deterioration in America to return to the land of their forefathers or in adverse global catastrophic adverse conditions such as a near fly-by of Nibiru, the nemesis and the twin dark binary star that may bring great destruction upon Planet Earth. 

Donald Trump like King Cyrus has the capacity to be compassionate and like HaShem, the one G-d of Israel will give mercy to those that need it. 

It may be President Donald Trump’s mandate to provide the political and geo-political landscape to “Emancipate the Jews” from their American Diaspora so they can return in mass to the Land of Israel, their ancestral homeland in the former Kingdom of Judah. 

Donald Trump has allied his fate with the Modern State of Israel with the acceptance that Jerusalem is the Eternal capital of the Nation of Israel inaugurated at the mount called Sinai. 

Donald Trump has an affinity for the “Jewish brainpower” and his corporate world is strongly imbedded with Jewish people running his corporate business life. 

President Donald Trump appears to be preparing for the planetary redemption of both the “return of the Jews” to the future “Greater Israel” but also upwards to 2-3 billion of the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel. These also are destined to be “taken from the lands of their dwelling” and returned to the “land of their forefathers” and there as Klal Yisrael (“All 12-Tribed Israel”) will be G-d’s people and HaShem will be their G-d.

We are standing in the historical Messianic Era today which we may soon literally be transported to a higher 4th dimensional consciousness, as we await to become part of the ingathering of the exiles. 

The Final Redemption and Restoration of the House of Israel and Judah 

Is it not fascinating that some Lost Tribers in certain Protestant Churches call themselves “Spiritual Israelites” which in fact they are not. They are still spiritually babes in not realizing that as Spiritual Israelites, they are seeking to replace the covenanted Jews of the House of Judah. 

Instead they are actually “Literal Israelites” whose forefathers rejected the covenanted life as given on the Mount called Sinai, refused to worship in the House of G-d called Solomon’s Temple, refused to accept the priests designated as their spiritual advisors in Jerusalem, and the Mechoqeck, the Jewish rabbanim or the Pharisees of Beit Hillel to be their Torah guided judiciary and rebelled in defiance to the G-d of Israel. 

These Lost Israelites were exiled, and lost their spiritually elevated lifestyle. Over the centuries they wandered back to Rome (Edom), and there wallowed in paganism and idolatry as Roman Christians for almost two thousand years.” 

So history does attest that the Northern Ten Tribes that included the Royal Scythians did choose to separate themselves from their Jewish brothers from the Southern Kingdom of Judah. They went the way of apostasy into Baal worship. 

So today, most of the influence and the adherences of Roman and Protestant Christianity are located in the regions where the Lost Ten Tribes and their world colonization were located 2,300 years ago. This includes the Americas and the regions of Northern Europe, Southern Russia and the Balkans plus the countries around the world in which the Lost Ten Tribes have colonized around the globe.