The Armageddon Will Start By 2027

The 6th seal was opened in 1799 this resulted in the Ottoman Empire drying up in 1867 there was emancipation of the Jews in Austria and Hungary. 

This fulfilled the 2400 years evening/morning period Dan 8:13-14 freeing the jews to practice their religion 2400 years ago in BC 604 Nebuchadnezz king of Babylon took control of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was to be trodden down of the gentiles until the times of the gentiles be fulfilled Luke 21:24

These times were declared to be 7 times Lev 26:18,24 Dan 4:16 a time is a jewish year of 360 days in prophecy a day represents a year Num 14:34

Therefore a time is 360 years

7 times are 360 x 7 which is 2520 years

604 BC +2520 brings us to 1917

in 1917 the balfour declaration declared support for establishing arab and jewish states dividing a jewish year of 360 days by 12 we get a jewish month of 30 days each day represents a year

one hour with the beast is 30 years

adding 30 years to 1917 brings us to 1947 UN resolution 181 the establishing of Jewish and Arab states

1867 to 1917 is a jubilee period

1867 – 1917 1967 2017 2067

each jubilee is significant in jewish history

1967 is the 6 day war when jewish control of Jerusalem this year starts the countdown for the generation that shall not pass away until all is fulfilled mat 24:34

1967 + 70 = 2037

by 2037 Armageddon would have already happened

the final jubilee year of the 21st century is 2067

The 4th beast of Daniel 7 had a 10 horns a little horn grow up and up rooted 3 of them

this happened when Charlemagne defeated , the Vandals, the Lombards, and the Huns, and gave them to the Pope

Charlemagne is crowned the Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope , in 800 AD

the litle horn or papacy was to continue for a time times and the divding of time dan 7:25

360+720+180 is 1260 years from 800 ad brings us to 2060 AD

The last war with the papacy is to last one hour or 30 years see Rev 14:7, rev 17:12 rev 18:10,17,19 the war ends in 2060.