Huge Green Fireball Seen Crashing To Earth was Seen Over Japan

A MYSTERIOUS green fireball filmed hurtling to Earth has produced claims it was an alien UFO with a sophisticated disguise.

Authorities have not confirmed whether the object was a meteor – but according to experts at the American Meteor Society if it was a fireball the glowing green colour would indicate high levels of nickel in a space rock.

However aliens conspiracy theorists have pounced on the small amount of uncertainty to make some outlandish claims.

One said the “rare” colour of the ‘fireball’, captured by two cameras over Niigata airport in Japan, was proof it was a UFO trying to mask itself.

Scott C Waring, who runs the UFO Sightings Daily blog, said: “This UFO tried hard to disguise itself as a free slowing meteor over Japan – however it made some amateurish mistakes.

“Firstly its glowing a colour most meteors don’t glow…green.

“Secondly meteorites do not fly horizontal while that low to the planet.

 “Thirdly – and this was the stupidest mistake the aliens made – the main ship turned off its glow for only one-tenth of a second.

“At that moment a silver disk came out and moved back slowly from the main ship.”

A still from the video of the UFO or meteor in Japan.

He added: “See, even aliens make mistakes – this pilot – he made a lot.”

Others have also claimed the alleged fireball, 250 miles north of Japanese city Aomori, could be a falling satellite or other piece of space junk. 

Just yesterday, Mr Waring also claimed UFOs disguise themselves as clouds by spraying an artificial substance around them.

Referring to the new meteor disguise theory, one commentator said: “If you were going to disguise a UFO, why would you choose something (a meteor) that would attract just as much attention?”