The Watch Tower Companies Finances in United Kingdom

The UK WTS companies’ accounts documents for 2015 are currently available to download and here’s information plus linksThe UK WTS companies’ documents for 2015 are currently free to download from the UK government’s Companies House website. The person who sent me this information said that it appears they are testing a new form of the website, so access to documents may in the future revert to a pay per file system. Therefore, he advises getting copies of documents as soon as possible, as he doesn’t know when the testing phase will finish. Links are provided below.

You might be interested in both the latest annual reports of Watch Tower Society of Britain (WTSB) and The Kingdom Hall Trust (TKHT), because WTSB has been selling new kingdom halls to TKHT. TKHT now has funds of over a million pounds, whereas it appears to have had none or very little before. WTSB has also paid IBSA almost six million pounds to reimburse it for costs related to the Chelmsford relocation project. Here is an extract from the latest WTSB report compiled by a contributor to my website at

“[1] During the year, IBSA purchased literature from Watch Tower amounting to £9,050,433 (2014: £8,820,956). 

[2] As an integral part of the charitable activities of IBSA, it provided Watch Tower with serviced facilities to enable Watch Tower to carry out its charitable activities. During the year, the Association charged Watch Tower £6,606,420 (2014: £5,783,062) for these services.

[3] The Chelmsford relocation project that was initially started by IBSA, was taken over by Watch Tower. Watch Tower reimbursed IBSA the value or all costs to date on the project, which amounted to £5,769,588. 

[4] Watch Tower charged IBSA £21,437 for the use of a warehouse. 

[5] Watch Tower charged lBSA £27,045 for utility costs.

[6] Other amounts due to Watch Tower for sundry transactions amounted to £276,679. Other amounts due from Watch Tower amounted to £108,617.

[7] Watch Tower and IBSA agreed a restructuring of their responsibilities, which is effective from September 1, 2015. This restructuring has led to further related party transactions, listed below: 

[8] Watch Tower formerly looked after the care of certain volunteers. IBSA has now assumed their care. Watch Tower therefore paid IBSA all amounts owing to these volunteers, a total of £519,276. 

[9] Fixed assets were transferred between Watch Tower and IBSA. Assets with a net book value of £53,323 were sold by IBSA to Watch Tower, and assets with a net book value of £255,959 were sold by Watch Tower to IBSA. 

[10] At the year and, Watch Tower owed IBSA £l60,504 (2014: IBSA owed Watch Tower £332,054) in respect of all transactions.

[11] The charity also has close connections with Kingdom Hall Trust (‘KHT’), which owns Kingdom Halls that are used as places of worship by Jehovah’s witnesses, and which is a registered charity with similar objects. This charity also has the same registered office as that of Watch Tower. 

[12] During the year, KHT purchased newly constructed Kingdom Halls from Watch Tower amounting to £1,864,997 (2014: £Nil) The amount owing from KHT at year end was nil (2014: nil).” (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain financial report for 2015, page 25)

Use the filing history links to view and/or download all available PDF files for each company.

WTSB (Watch Tower Society of Britain):…/03858051/filing-history

TKHT (The Kingdom Hall Trust):…/00355443/filing-history

IBSA (International Bible Students Association):…/00136726/filing-history

WTSOB (Watch Tower Society as an Overseas Branch):…/FC004273/filing-history