Czech Car Manufacturer Considering Entering North American Market

Skoda Superb Combi SportLine during a presentation to journalists in Frankfurt, which began on September 15th International Motor Show. ČTK / Josef Horázný 

Berlin – Czech carmaker Skoda Auto is considering entering the US market, where its parent German company Volkswagen recently failing. The company has offices in the US claimed as trademarks the names of its models Octavia, Superb and Yeti, he said today, Reuters spokeswoman damage. The plans Damages in USA Today wrote the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Skoda spokesman said that under the new group strategy firm evaluates potential areas where they do not sell their cars, including North America. In the foreseeable future, a decision in this case does not expect spokesman said.

Volkswagen has next week to introduce a new “Strategy 2025”, which is intended to show where the group will develop after overcoming the current emission scandal. Characteristic features of the plan is the decentralization of product planning and sales. Volkswagen goes mainly to overcome losses in the United States, where the last eight months since the scandal fell selling cars VW by more than ten percent.

Analysts are what prospects in the US market Skoda skeptical because the company recently neglected segment sized SUV-type vehicles that Americans have favored, while sales of passenger cars in the US tends to decrease. “I wish she would do better if they went to emerging markets such as India or South America,” he told Reuters the bank NordLB analyst Frank Schwoppe.

Too bad, however lately operates SUV offensive. In September, presented at the Paris Motor Show a big off-road vehicle called Kodiaq, according bear living on the island off the coast of Alaska. Skoda’s new SUV based on the concept of Visions presented at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Kodiaq completed so far only SUV from Skoda, the Yeti smaller, the new generation of the company is going to launch next year.

Too bad he once attempted to enter the United States has undertaken. At the end of the 50s there began exporting their personal Felicia, a few years later, but its sales in the US market due to weak sales ended.
Škoda Auto employs over 26,000 people and is active in more than 100 markets worldwide. We produce six model lines and delivered to customers worldwide last year, more than one million cars.