The bishops, who are not addressing sexual assaults may be dismissed and Fired 

Pope Francis has approved the removal of Bishops, who will deal with cases of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic leaders. According to AP and AFP on Saturday issued a decree, according to which at the bishops in this case was a “serious negligence in the performance of their duties”.

The head of the Catholic Church in the past has repeatedly called for strict punishment for those who commit sexual abuse of minors. Always he talked about zero tolerance of this “tragedy”. Identifies and revelations of past years that many priests in several countries of sexually abusing children.

The new decree by Pope AP meet the longstanding requests by victims of abuse and their lawyers that bishops accountable for what they have failed to protect their young believers against pedophile violence. Victims of long-term accuse the bishops that tutlali similar abuse and abusers rather moved from one parish to another before it is handed over to the police.

“Bishops must be particularly involved in the protection of those who are weakest among their faithful,” said Francis. In a document entitled Like a loving mother reminded that the Church loves all his children, but especially cares for the weakest and most vulnerable and protect them, he said in a statement the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

The Pope has also created according to the AP college of lawyers that would help him recall the bishops who are guilty. The new practice allows the Vatican to begin investigating the bishop, who is reasonably suspected that it was the issue of abuse sloppy. Bishop about it will always be informed and will have the right to defend themselves. At the end of the investigation if it Vatican recognition of his guilt prompts to 15 days resigned.