The 7 Stars and 7 Golden Lampstands of DNA


The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are7 stars, lampstands and churches the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches. In the End Times, Saint John had prophesied the appearance of the “one like a son of man,” who reveals what the seven stars and seven lampstands represent. (Revelation 1:14-20)
In the Gnostic biblical text, the Revelation of Saint John, we are told the truth of the seven stars by John, who clearly states that these stars are actually angels of the seven churches. The meaning of angel is a spiritual human being who is believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. This angel would be an actual person in the flesh.
The seven churches do not represent actual buildings, but the Body of Christ who are represented by the DNA of people or groups (tribes) of people. The word “Church” comes from the Greek “ku-ri-a-kos” or “ku-ri-a-kon” that had later morphed into an Old English word “cirice (kirche or Kee-ree-ke)  and in Scotland, it was “kirk.” These words would eventually evolve into the modern English “church.” (1) The Greek Ku-ri-a-kos is derived from its root: “Ku- ri-os,” which means “lord.” Thus,  the Greek “kuriakos”, that today in English is pronounced church, is something that “pertains to, or belongs to, a lord.”
John then tells us that the seven lampstands are the seven churches and the big question is, “What does he mean by seven lampstands?”  The golden lampstands remind me of the alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals (lead, for example) into the living gold of the philosophers. A substance we know of today in myth as the Philosopher’s Stone; that in reality is the fire of life, but this stone in science is called Phosphorus or in the occult and bible, Lucifer or the Morning Star. It is simply the Alpha and Omega of all chemical energies, including that of our very own DNA!DNA Jacobs ladder 2Phosphorus is commonly found in inorganic phosphate rocks and phosphate is the body’s source of chemical energy. The phosphorus atom is of the nitrogen family, but having that characteristic of firing. Phosphorus is the philosopher’s stone that is the central symbol of alchemy, symbolizing the light within our DNA and in nature, and it is the least abundant element cosmically relative to its presence in biology,” says Matthew Pasek of the University of South Florida. Without phosphorus, there would be no thought or wisdom. This is the atom that fires our blood to produce chemical energy, consciousness, creativity and life.
The Lord in most ancient times was known by various names such as Marduk to the Sumerians, Aten or Aden to the Assyrians, Osiris to the Egyptians, Zeus to the Greeks, Saint Peter to the Catholics, Yahweh and now Adoni to the Hebrews. The Lord we know of today is actually the largest gas planet in our solar system, Jupiter.


In the bible, Jupiter becomes Japheth which means Jupiter, who is called one of the sons of Noah in the Abrahamic tradition and was the father of all the Indo-European people. Both the early Irish Celts and the early Britons traced the descent of their royal houses from Japheth, as did also the early Saxons who corrupted his name to Sceaf,–pr. ‘sheaf’ or ‘shaif’ (see chapter 7). (Refs: 1DB 2:802. NBD 599. JA P 1:26). In Acts 14:12, Barnabas a Levite who is from the Tribe of Levi in which they  called Zeus (Jupiter), and Paul they called Hermes because he was the chief speaker.
The number 7 is often called the holy number, the prophetic number, or the mystical number. One of the clues as to why this number is so special, is because we humans who have 7 body parts, Seven DNA Polymerase Families, and with our 7 senses, are the SO BELOW of the AS ABOVE. The AS ABOVE which correspond to the SO BELOW in us humans, are the 7 planets with their elements and gasses in our solar system. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm, in which everything is number and all is energy or should I say, chemical energy?
The earliest reference to the number 7 to DNA and the cloning of humans can be accredited to the Sumerian creation myth and flood myth found on a tablet excavated in Nippur. It is dated approximately 1600 BC during the first Babylonian dynasty. In the Sumerian text, the planet Jupiter represented by the Babylonian God Marduk (Merodach, Amar-uduk, and Marudulc) battles Venus the evil Goddess Tiamat who takes the form of a gigantic snake. Marduk (Jupiter) then goes to battle, ultimately defeating her. For his victory against the planet Venus, AKA Tiamat, the king of the planets, Jupiter, AKA Marduk is made the King of the Gods.
After Marduk (Jupiter) triumphed over Tiamat (Venus), he divided her corpse into two sections, the upper half becoming the sky and the lower half, the earth. Marduk then creates humanity from his blood and bone. This is key in understanding the number 7 because of the Seven DNA Polymerase Families that can be further subdivided into seven different families: A, B, C, D, X, Y, and RT. DNA polymerases are widely used in molecular biology laboratories, notably for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA sequencing, and molecular cloning. Yes, the seven in DNA that was used in the cloning of the human race!

DNA polymerases from all kingdoms of life have historically been organized into seven distinct families based on phylogenetic relationships. These 7 DNA Polymerase Families may very well be the seven lampstands that Saint John had written about that resides in our very DNA.
This makes perfect biblical sense because my angelic Revelations above details the science behind what Saint John had meant by the seven angels, the seven churches, and now the seven lampstands- which we can connect to DNA and in which the gold would be Phosphorus, which as a phosphate is a component of DNA, RNA, ATP, and also the phospholipids that form all cell membranes. Humans obtain their energy through phosphorus that is extracted from foods ingested into the body by converting it to the chemical energy that is then stored within the body. It makes up 1% of our total body weight and is present in every cell of the body; most of the phosphorus in the body is found (85%) in bones and teeth.
The ancient Sumerian allegorical stories in stone were not just talking about the planets and Gods they worshiped, but also the creation of the current human race that was created by the “blood and bone” of the Babylonian God named Marduk in mythology, but whose name in reality, truth and science is simply the planet Jupiter.
DNA Ancient Carving
As I stated above, phosphorus is present in every cell of the body; most of the phosphorus in the body is found (85%) in bones and teeth. Could it be that the Sumerians were informing us that we come from, or our chemical energy in our DNA is from the planet Jupiter? I believe that My alien, Jupiter, and the Seven DNA Polymerase Families theory will start to become more apparent to you as you read more of my blog or past articles that I have written on the planet Jupiter.
The Future of the Race of Jupiter and Other Races
Many people today are operating on only the 5 basic physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. The problem that we have if we only use these 5 basic senses, is that we are not being our true selves by not fully utilizing all the 7 senses, which we can tap in order to be fully conscious as a a true human being. These other two major sense are our minds for thinking, and our blood or DNA for Gnosis or intuition.
The human body has seven body parts and there are seven planets in our solar system. In astrology, parts of the body are ruled by the signs and planets. Hermes had written that there are seven holes in the head of an animal, distributed to the seven planets. There are seven days in creation, seven spirits before the throne of God, and seven days in the week. Monday for the Moon, Tuesday for Mars, Wednesday for Mercury, Thursday for Jupiter, Friday for Venus, Saturday for Saturn and Sunday for the sun who rules over the brain and heart.
In addition to the senses not being fully employed, many people are simply using only 6 of their 7 body parts in the 6th Age. The most important part is our 7th member, which is the head that contains the mind, and which many people simply are not using correctly or at all. Hence, a fully functioning human who has full control of their  7 body parts, including their head and mind, can then possibly activate all 7 forms or modes of perception to become a true Jedi or Gnostic Warrior.
As I have said in my previous articles on 666, this is the 6th Age in which man was created on the 6th day of Saturn and his number is 666. We fall short of the perfect number 7, which is Sunday that is represented by the sun who rules over our brains and hearts, because Christ which represents our true divinity was crucified at Golgotha (the place of the skull). Those who do not start using that 6th sense of their minds and developing their 7th sense of DNA activation via Gnosis will simply not evolve or ascend to the 7th Age.
1. Oxford Universal English Dictionary: Church [Old English cirice, circe; Middle English chereche, chiriche, chirche; whence churche, cherche, etc.: -Greek Kuriakon…]

European Union And Tech Giants Team Up To Banish ‘Illegal Hate Speech’ Online


The European Union reached an agreement Tuesday with some of the world’s biggest social media firms, including Facebook and Twitter, on ways to combat the spread of hate speech online.
EDITOR’S NOTE: While removing speech that directly calls for violence is a good thing, the definition of what ‘hate speech’ is remains a little murky. For example, will it be considered hate speech for the Bible believing Christian to say that homosexuality is wrong and that transgender men should not be in the ladies bathroom? Something tells me this is exactly where we are headed.

Under the terms of a code of conduct, the firms, which also include YouTube and Microsoft, have committed to “quickly and efficiently” tackle illegal hate speech directed against anyone over issues of race, color, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin. The sites have often been used by terrorist organizations to relay messages and entice hatred against certain individuals or groups.

Among the measures agreed with the EU’s executive arm, the firms have said they will establish internal procedures and staff training to guarantee that a majority of illegal content is assessed and, where necessary, removed within 24 hours. They have also agreed to strengthen their partnerships with civil society organizations who often flag content that promotes incitement to violence and hateful conduct. The European Commission and the firms have also agreed to support civil society organizations to deliver “anti-hate campaigns.”

“The internet is a place for free speech, not hate speech,” said Vera Jourova, the EU commissioner responsible for justice, consumers and gender equality. She added that the code of conduct, which will be regularly reviewed in terms of its scope and its impact, will ensure that public incitement to violence to hatred has “no place online.”

The firms themselves say there’s no conflict between their mission statements to promote the freedom of expression and clamping down on hate speech.
Twitter, which has been at the center of much of the hate speech that’s spread online over the past few years, says it will continue to tackle the issue “head-on” along with partners in industry and civil society.

“We remain committed to letting the Tweets flow,” said Twitter’s European head of public policy Karen White. “However, there is a clear distinction between freedom of expression and conduct that incites violence and hate.”

And Facebook’s head of global policy management Monika Bickert urged the company’s 1.6 billion users to use the site’s in-built reporting tools in the event they find content they consider unacceptable.

“Our teams around the world review these reports around the clock and take swift action,” she said.

Shocking Public Discourse To Shun Not Only Former Members but also Inactive in Their Sect

Another extreme and sectarian behavior by Jehovah’s Witnesses to shun even inactive and it is another deep low.
It shows how this wicked sect judging anybody who fully not submit into their twisted understanding of Bible.

In Shocking Public Discourse, Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Told to Shun Inactive Members, Even Parents!

This Week’s Torah Portion | May 22 – May 28, 2016 – 14 Lyar – 20 Lyar, 5776

This Week’s Torah Portion | May 22 – May 28, 2016 – 14 Lyar – 20 Lyar, 5776

Behar (בהר | On the mountain)
Torah: Leviticus 25:1-27:34
Haftarah: Jeremiah 32:6-27,16:19—17:14
Gospel: Luke 13:1-33/John 10:22-42
From ancient times there has been a weekly portion (Parashah) from the first five books of Moses (The Torah) and an ending (Haftarah) from the Prophets read on the Sabbath in synagogues around the world. This portion is given a Hebrew name drawn from the opening words of the Torah passage. An illustration of this practice appears to have been recorded in Luke 4:16 where Yeshua (Jesus) arrived in the synagogue in Nazareth and was asked to read the portion (Isaiah 61) from the Prophets.

We have found that in perusing these weekly readings, not only are we provided opportunity to identify in the context of God’s Word with millions of Jewish people around the world, but very often the Holy Spirit will illumine specific passages pertinent that week in our intercession for the Land and people of Israel. The Haftarah, unless otherwise noted, will be that read in Ashkenazy synagogues around the world. The references for all texts are those found in English translations of the Scriptures.

NOTE: Below are the texts for the Parasha read in Jerusalem. Because in the Diaspora (i.e. communities of Jews outside of Israel) an extra day is celebrated at Passover (and this year, that day came on a Sabbath), the readings read outside of Israel are now behind one week from those read here. On August 6th, through the use of a special “double reading” covering the final chapters of the Book of Numbers, the readings both inside and outside of Israel will once again coincide.

May 23 is Day #30 of “Counting the Omer” to Pentecost

The Parasha for this week May 22-28, 2016 is called B’Chukotai—“In My Statutes”:

With this reading we come to the end of the Book of Leviticus. Chapter 26 brings the book-proper to a close (Chapter 27 is an appendix “focusing on a variety of laws pertaining to voluntary offerings and taxed obligations to the sanctuary). Chapter 26 emphasizes the favour and blessing which will accompany walking in obedience to statutes and commandments of the Lord (vss 3-13)—obedience will affect the very weather and soil of the land, even as dis-obedience (in the Garden of Eden) had brought a curse on the ground.

Then follow five necessary warnings of the consequences for getting out from under the Protection afforded by obedience to God’s directives. Each of these warnings is preceded by “But if you do not obey Me”—or, “And after all this, if you do not obey Me”—or, “Then if you walk contrary to Me, and are not willing to obey Me”—or, “And if by these things you are not reformed by me, but walk contrary to me’. The clear implication is that it is the LORD’s desire that these severe disciplines will draw His people back into His way of life, not away from it.

Verses 34-35 deal with the recovery of the Land if Israel is finally ejected, the plight of Israel in exile without God (36-39); and the restoration of the people when they at last humble themselves (“It is the Lord’s mercies which lead us to repentance”) and turn back to seek His ways. These closing words would be a comfort, an encouragement to repentance, a hope of a future for Jews—both during the future exile in Babylon, and through an even greater exile down to today.

As we complete our way through each of the Books of Moses, it is customary to end the reading with the following declaration:

“Chazak, Chazak, v’Nit’Chazek!!

“Be Strong! Be Strong! And may we be Strengthened!”

*Jeremiah 17:5-8 (NIV): “This is what the LORD says: ‘Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD. He will be like a bush in the wastelands; he will not see prosperity when it comes. He will dwell in the parched places of the desert, in a salt land where no one lives. But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.’”

This is a wonderful passage to pray over the Body of Messiah in Israel. It is so essential that we be weaned from trusting in our own natural abilities—otherwise, we will not even see true prosperity when it arrives. We know that ‘heat’ will be coming, and in many forms (a week ago Israel experienced a near-record heat wave for this time of year; it has also been another relatively dry rainy season in the Galilee). But it is God’s desire that we be so rooted in the streams of His living Spirit that His grace will keep us green and fruitful, even during those times.

PLEASE PRAY: that we be nurtured and trained in placing our trust and confidence totally in Him. We pray the same for you!

*Jeremiah 17:14: “O LORD, the hope of Israel, all who forsake you shall be ashamed. ‘Those who depart from Me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken the source of living water, the LORD.’ Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You are my praise.”

HaTiqva—“The Hope”– is the name of Israel’s national anthem. The ‘hope’ in that song is “to be a nation free in our Land.” But Israel will never be truly ‘free’ in her land until the Son has set her free and she is “free indeed” (John 8:36)—until she realizes that the LORD alone is her ‘Hope.’ THIS IS BEGINNING TO HAPPEN!! Please continue to pray that more and more Israelis will find the ‘Source of living water”—our healing, our Salvation—and that He become “Our Praise!”

The Torah and Haftarah portions for next week ( May 29—June 4) are called B’Midbar—“In the Desert”:

TORAH: Numbers 1:1—4:20
HAFTARAH: Hosea 1:10—2:20

In A Nutshell

The portion, Bahar (On Mount Sinai), deals primarily with what appears to be laws of finance. It begins with Moses being on Mount Sinai, receiving from the Creator the Mitzva (commandment) of Shmita (omission of cultivation) of the land every seventh year, and the Mitzvot (plural of Mitzva) of Yovel (jubilee, 50th year anniversary). The Creator gives His blessing to it so that the sixth year will be so productive that enough produce will grow to last for the next three years, to observe the Mitzvot of Shmita and Yovel without worrying about sustenance.

Later, the portion details laws of selling a house or property, redemption of a house or a field from one person to another, laws of the lot of the Levites, forbidding selling of towns or houses that belong to them, laws of selling a person from Israel to slavery, how to treat such a person, and laws prohibiting idols, pillars, and figured stones.


The laws that this portion details are spiritual laws. Shmita [1] is a profound and sacred matter. It exists only in the land of Israel, in a desire aimed toward the Creator, in order to bestow, toward love of others. The Shmita can occur in a desire only in a process of correcting the soul.

The soul consists of six Sephirot HGT NHY (Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, and Yesod). The seventh Sephira is like Sabbath, Shmita. Also, seven times seven is 49, and the Yovel (jubilee, 50th year anniversary) in the Omer count. These are the degrees we climb.

We cannot correct the seventh quality, Malchut, only the six qualities included in it. Therefore, we leave it and avoid correction, and this is the observing of the Sabbath, similar to observing the Shmita. Following the corrections is a state defined as “He who labored on Sabbath Eve will eat on Sabbath,” opposite, “And he who did not labor on Sabbath Eve, from where will he eat on Sabbath?”[2]

On Sabbath, everything one has received from the corrections made during the six workdays comes true. The correction permeates the seventh day and appears in it. This is why on Sabbath everything is twofold: the meals and the customs, as is the case with a year of Shmita. On that year a person must work and live in such a way that at the end of the sixth year there will be enough crop to last for the seventh year, as well, during which one does not work, and also enough for the eighth year, until new crops are harvested. This is why the profits on the sixth year must be threefold the normal.

When we rise in degrees as we correct the soul, we skip the three Behinot (discernments), 1-2-3, and only Behina Dalet (no. 4) appears. It is impossible to correct Malchut; it is only possible to leap over it because it collects and gives us the results of what happened earlier.

This is why it does not mean we do not make profits on Sabbath, Shmita, or Yovel. On the contrary, there are rules specifically for those years making it possible to sell, buy, and make other corrections that cannot be made on other years. Specifically on the seventh year and its products (math.), special conditions appear where if one has worked and gained in the previous states, the profit is received now. These are not years of empty-handedness, but rather the time of reception of the reward for the labor we have given before.

These rules concern the Shmita. Concerning buying and selling of houses, we must understand that in spirituality, a house is the “wrapping” of a person. Our inner structure consists of Mocha (marrow), Atzamot (bones), Gidin (tendons), Bassar (flesh/muscle), and Or (skin). Another way to put it is, Shoresh (root), Neshama (soul), Guf (body), Levush (clothing), and Heichal (house/hall). Levush is the clothes, and Heichal is all that is outside of us.

Specifically during Shmita, it is possible to correct desires that are very big on these degrees, such as selling of houses, Levites, etc. It is not simple to reach these degrees, especially the laws concerning Israeli slaves: buying and selling them, freeing them from slavery and passing over, or making an idol and an image, which is a high degree.

The degrees of Shmita and Yovel belong to the degree of Bina. Our entire correction concerns joining Bina with Malchut. Bina is the quality of bestowal, known as “desiring mercy,” while Malchut is the egoistic will to receive, which is initially corrupt. The goal is to connect the two, as it is written, “And the two of them went” (Ruth, 1:19), written about Ruth and Naomi.

The portion is called BaHar (On Mount Sinai) because specifically when a person climbs toward the Creator, to the degree of Bina, one receives the laws of the Sabbath, Shmita, and Yovel, which symbolize our egoistic will to receive with the qualities of the Creator, the qualities of Bina.

The symbol of Sabbath, the Yovel, and the Shmita, is the connection between Malchut and Bina, when Malchut is included in the degree of Bina, the quality of bestowal. From that bonding—the connection between the degrees of Bina and Malchut, while prohibiting to touch the will to receive and correct—emerge all the laws of the Sabbath, the prohibition on performing the 39 works, the corrections of Malchut.

Questions and Answers

For all the efforts of governments and economists, we cannot resolve the global crisis. We are unsuccessfully looking for a solution. What does the economy reflect today?

The economy reflects our ego. We are not working properly with our egos. If we direct them even slightly toward others’ benefit, to bonding, love, mutual guarantee, and sharing, we will begin to feel its benefits in every realm of life.

We must understand that the laws mentioned in this portion were given long before modern economy was established. At that time there were no banks, investments, or multinational trade. People lived off the land. All of a sudden they were told to stop tilling their lands and stop harvesting its crops.

This poses an existential question, seemingly stemming from an irrational approach to the world. It stems from the fact that we do not follow the rules of the nations, but the rules of Israel. Israel means Yashar El (straight to God). This is why we must perform corrections on Malchut after its connection to the degree of Bina, to the superior quality of bestowal, to the upper light. We must let the upper light work.

On a year of Shmita a person leaves one’s desire and does not correct it. Unless he receives powers from above, he will not have the strength to correct it. Therefore, a person must correct the degree in which the light gives from a higher degree, from Bina, and fills one up. Only then can one correct the desires in the soul using the above-mentioned six qualities HGT NHY. And then again one must be filled by the degree of Bina, receive the power from her, and subsequently become corrected.

Therefore, as was mentioned above, Sabbath comes as a result of the six days of work: “he who did not labor on Sabbath Eve, from where will he eat on Sabbath?” Moreover, it “charges” us with strength for the coming week, for the next correction, the next degree. Each week is a new degree, and the same goes for Shmita. The omissions do not mean that a person eats what he or she has sown before. Rather, it is a summary of the former, a preparation for the next degree, the six years ahead. If we kept this in spirituality we would be in a wonderful situation.

What practical advice can we give economists to improve the situation?

We can improve the situation only through inner work, when we have a genuine desire to correct our desires and raise them to the degree of Bina, “desiring mercy,” or at least to the attitude, “That which you hate, do not do to your friend,”[3] so we could at least avoid harming or exploiting others. But ideally, it should be “love your neighbor as yourself.”[4]

What will the new economy look like in the near future?

There is nothing that can be done. The economic situation in Europe, for example, is very bad. Corrections are possible, but only by educating first.

First we need to reeducate people through Integral Education, which provides an explanation about the circularity of nature and our interconnectedness. By understanding it we establish the first condition—Arvut (mutual guarantee).

We need to raise humanity’s understanding in the following areas: what is happening to us, the kind of world we live in, the challenges we are facing, why they are sent to us, by whom, why we must correct ourselves specifically in this manner, what we gain by it, and if we have free choice in the matter.

How can we do this work?

We need to do it in our relations with all other people. We need to create the infrastructure from our corrected desires toward others, and so do others, mutually, so that Godliness will appear in those desires.

So in order to solve economic problems in the new era we must first build a social infrastructure throughout the world?

Yes, because otherwise nothing will happen. As we can see, throughout the world no one can reach any agreements. There are even no plans or fantasies of reaching one. The world does not know how to solve the situation and exists only by accumulating debt.

How do you “translate” the laws specified in this portion into a social infrastructure?

We are talking about desires in Shoresh, Neshama, Guf, Levush, Heichal, or Mocha, Atzamot, Gidin, Bassar, and Or. Our world is only a replication of our corrupted desires over the light, similar to black and white images we see in movies. The black is absence of white. It is we who cast shade on the light and darken it. We need to neutralize ourselves so everything is light, and then we will be able to maintain ourselves in a complete and eternal world.

From The Zohar: Then the Land Shall Have a Sabbath for the Lord

Hey is rest of the upper and lower. This is why there is the upper Hey de HaVaYaH, Bina, and the lower Hey de HaVaYaH, Malchut. The upper Hey is rest of the upper ones, and the lower Hey is rest of the lower ones. The upper Hey is seven years seven times, the forty-nine gates of Bina, and the lower Hey is only seven years. The lower one is called Shmita, and the upper one is called Yovel (Jubilee, fifty-year anniversary).

Zohar for All, BaHar (On Mount Sinai), item 7

Everything stems from Malchut and Bina, between whom there are 49 degrees, as we count in the Omer Count between Passover and the festival of Shavuot. All our corrections are in Malchut, which is a collection of desires we must elevate to the degree of Bina, desiring mercy.

It is not the end of the process, only its middle. By making this correction we make the correction of “desiring mercy,” as Old Hillel said, “That which you hate, do not do to your friend.”[3] However, it is only the middle of the way. The rest of it concerns elevating the degree of Bina to the degree of Keter, which is “love your neighbor as yourself.”[4] This is additional work, which forms a term from which onward a person will yield crop.

How can you explain to a contemporary person that every seven years you have to stop producing?

If a person is not reared toward it, he or she will not be able to understand it, nor will it be possible to explain about it. Education must come first.

Education divides into two sections: learning, and education. Learning (provision of information) entails explaining about the process humanity is going through, the system of providence and guidance, building this world in accord with the upper world, and the rules and forces that operate our world. We must learn how these forces evoke in each of us the Reshimo (recollection), the spiritual gene that develops us. We need to understand the direction, purpose, and goal we will reach as we develop from day to day and from moment to moment. We need to know how we can aim our fate—as though with two reigns—to arrive in peace at the final, perfect state.

Without receiving an explanation about the entire system, the world we are in, the physics of the world, and how it functions, how it moves, we will not be able to understand it. People cannot simply be told, “Stop working.”

It is done today; we know there are foods such as bread that are made not on a year of Shmita.

Indeed, but you cannot observe something to the fullest before it is kept in its spiritual root.

From The Zohar: The Slave and the Son

The meaning of those two degrees, son and slave, is found in the words, “And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified.’” “And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant” is the degree of slave, left line, Malchut. “Israel” is the degree of son, right line, ZA. When they are included as one, it is written, “In whom I will be glorified.”

Zohar for All, BaHar (On Mount Sinai), item 85

On the one hand, a slave of the Creator is a high degree. On the other hand, “You are the sons of the Lord your God” (Deuteronomy, 14:1) is also a high degree, and both connect in the middle line. Comparing the degrees is similar to the written Torah vs. the oral Torah, to law vs. rule, to Zeir Anpin vs. Malchut. Here, too, we must come to a state where the degree of slave and the degree of son do not contradict, but rather connect with one another, reaching the middle line, the Masach of Hirik. This is how we advance.

On the one hand a slave is a very high degree. It was said about Moses that he was the Lord’s servant. On the other hand, it is a degree of lowness. We also know that there are laws prohibiting selling of slaves. How does it all fit together?

Man is in the middle, neither a son nor a slave, but both. Man contains both the right and the left lines. The appellations refer to a working person, who advances toward the Creator, where each appellation points to a unique manner of connection to the revelation of the Creator.

[1] Omission of cultivation of land every seventh year.
[2] Babylonian Talmud, Masechet Avoda Zarah, 3a.
[3] Masechet Shabbat, 31a.
[4] Jerusalem Talmud, Seder Nashim, Masechet Nedarim, Chapter 9, p 30b.

This Week’s Torah Portion | May 29 – June 4, 2016 – 21 Lyar – 27 Lyar, 5776

BeHukotai (In My Statutes) Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion


Leviticus, 26:3-27:34

In A Nutshell

The portion, BeHukotai (In My Statutes), deals primarily with the topic of reward and punishment for the children of Israel according to their behavior—whether they follow the ways of the Creator. It is written, “If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, and do them” (Leviticus, 26:3). The portion begins with presenting the reward: “Then I shall give you rains in their season, so that the land will yield its produce and the trees of the field will bear their fruit” (Leviticus, 26:4). Opposite that is the presentation of the punishment: “But if you do not obey Me and do not carry out all these commandments” (Leviticus, 26:14), “I will appoint terror over you: the tuberculosis and the malaria,” (Leviticus, 26:16), and the worst punishment of all—exile.

If the people of Israel repent, the Creator promises to remember the covenant He has made with them and forgive them. It is written, “Yet in spite of this, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them, nor will I so abhor them as to destroy them, breaking My covenant with them; for I am the Lord their God” (Leviticus, 26:44). The portion ends with additional laws concerning vows, ostracism, tithing, and others.


The issue of reward and punishment was not presented at the beginning of the Torah because it is impossible to understand it unless you are able to make free choice. Without this ability it is pointless to instructions on this issue. First you must learn the laws and judgments. Then, if you keep them you will be rewarded, and if not, you will be punished. You cannot punish in advance. First one needs to reach the spiritual degree of shifting from unfounded hatred to brotherly love, to “love your neighbor as yourself,”[1] which is the whole Torah. This is the way we must walk: we must correct our evil inclination and turn it into a good inclination through the light that reforms[2], by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of light.

An ordinary person does not have free choice. Rather, such a person is “managed” by Reshimot (recollections), which are desires and thoughts that awaken within without knowing their origin. A person simply wants something without knowing the source of that desires, living one’s life aiming to satisfy the desire that awakens within without any ability to rise above those Reshimot, these bits of data, or govern them.

Such people cannot scrutinize and sort: I want this but I do not … as it is written, “And you will not follow after your own heart” (Numbers, 15:39). Rather they do it as a natural instinct, as part of the process of development. This sort of work does not require reward or punishment. This is why it is written, “They are as beasts” (Psalms, 49:13).

A person begins to develop through the Torah—by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and drawing the light that reforms, thus correcting the heart. The heart is all the desires we must correct from aiming to receive for ourselves to aiming to bestow, to love of others, in favor of the world and in equivalence of form with the Creator—similarity with Him, as good as He is.

We do not feel this goodness because it is hidden from us. Through our egos we feel everything as bad, as it is written, “I have created the evil inclination.”[3] We are required to gain extensive knowledge and experience in order to correct ourselves so we can control our inclinations and thoughts, to aim those lights, those upper forces, and connect with the right approach, in mutuality and partnership with the Creator. By that we adhere to the Creator, connect with Him, understand the purpose, the plan of creation, everything that is happening, and the process we must undergo.

In the physical world we teach children until they are twenty years old or so. According to the Torah, at twenty, a child is ready for everything, unlike at thirteen. At twenty years of age we can control everything and be in our own right. That degree gives one the ability to withstand any correction in spirituality, face the reward and the punishment.

We cannot tell a person who knows nothing, “Be careful or you will be punished.” That person is like a little child who has no idea what is being asked. Therefore, reward and punishment requires serious preparation.

This portion comes after a person has gone through a lot, the exit from Babylon, the development leading to the exile in Egypt, the reception of the Torah, and so forth. Following the learning in the desert, a person seemingly rises a little above the ego, gradually reaching the state of reward and punishment.

Today the whole world is in a process and a system that are in fact, reward and punishment. All 613 Mitzvot (commandments) are to correct the evil in us toward others. We are all good to ourselves and to an extent, mean to others. We must invert it, become considerate only of others because this is the only way is go from “The love of man to the love of God.”[4]

Many people doubt that it is even true that if they correct their attitude toward others, as in “love your neighbor as yourself,” which is the great rule of Torah, all the problems and illnesses, and all the bad in the world will be corrected.

Can we prevent diseases and plagues by correcting our relations? Will the climate suddenly change for the better and we will live in paradise? What is the connection between treating others well and a good life in every sense and on every level?

This is just how it works—keeping the law, “love your neighbor as yourself,” corrects everything; there are no other Mitzvot. All 613 Mitzvot are the 613 desires in our soul. They appear when we begin to correct and rise above our “beasts” in the correction of the human in us, in our desire to connect with others, to give them abundance, desiring to rise above ourselves in order to discover the Creator.

As we come to know the 613 desires of the soul, we discover that they are all bad. This is why we say during the days of the Selihot (asking forgiveness, special days before Yom Kippur [Day of Atonement]) and on Yom Kippur, “We are to blame,” “We are at fault,” without understanding where all this evil came from.

As we discover our soul, we first discover that it is broken. This is how we receive it because “I have created the evil inclination.”[3] If we correct these desires we will not need to correct anything else, and all the problems will vanish and disappear.

It is written in the portion that if they follow it they will have rain in time, health, and success in everything they do. They will be blessed in everything. It seems perplexing that there is a connection between rain and good behavior, especially if we are talking about treatment of others. And yet, this is the general solution for everyone.

According to the development of humanity, we are in a state where we are begin to take control over our fates, something we did not have before. It is surprising because we have always developed through desires that appeared from within.

Today, however, we are moving into a very special situation where the next degree is appearing to us, the degree of the “round,” integral world where everyone is interconnected, and where the obligation to be “as one man with one heart”[5] is appearing.

For the first time in history we must implement this law, and not only in Israel, but throughout the world. Therefore, we must tell about it and explain to everyone, learn, to teach, and be the “light of the nations” (Isaiah, 42:6). We must convey the light that corrects the evil inclination, and this is how the whole world will achieve the desirable correction.

Questions and Answers

If I can see and feel the reward or punishment, there is no need to explain. If I mistakenly put my hand in the fire, I will naturally pull it out. But if I cannot see or feel the transgression, what is the point of explaining it? I cannot keep what I do not know, so what are the reward and punishment for, and for whom is the explanation?

We are not talking about putting our hand in the fire. We are talking about correcting our egoistic desires. Each desire is luring us to what appears as good so we will profit at the expense of others, consider only ourselves, and never give a thought to what happens outside of us. This is how we feel naturally, namely that the world was created for our own pleasure. But the Torah requires the opposite—that we rise above the ego and transform into “love your neighbor as yourself.”

This is why we must obtain Arvut (mutual guarantee) between us, Arvut that was the initial precondition for the reception of the Torah. Arvut means that I think of everyone and vouch for them. It seems as though the Arvut is like signing for everyone and being responsible for what every person does. This is unreasonable. Yet, this is the degree we must achieve. It is the correction we must eventually obtain.

The world is advancing. Each day we are discovering that it is changing toward demanding this of us. The Torah explains that if we do this, things will be good, and if we do not, we will be punished. And if we are completely unworthy, we will be exiled.

Exile is complete detachment. It is a state where one is living a harsh life, detached and tormented. These torments are like the torments of Pharaoh, leading us back toward the goal, as was said about Pharaoh, who “brought the children of Israel closer to our Father in heaven.”[6] From this point onward we try once more to rise to the degree of choice.

It is best if we learn in advance what to do and how, and on what it depends. We need to learn the general law of reality using the wisdom of Kabbalah, which explains how the forces act on us, how they are set up, and how they rear us as embryos and as growing children.

As we are advancing toward that state, we must take upon ourselves the laws of this vast reality, and keep it consciously and willingly. In other words, we have to change our desires, as it is written, “Make your wish as His wish.”[7]

The world is in a very difficult state today. If we look at where we are and at what lies ahead, we will feel obliged to make that leap of faith and spread the wisdom of Kabbalah.

From The Zohar: If You Walk in My Statutes

“If you walk in My statutes.” “In My statutes” is Malchut, the place upon which the sentences of the Torah depend, as it is written, “My statutes shall you keep.” Malchut is called “law.” The sentences of the Torah are included in her. “My ordinances shall you keep.” An ordinance is another, high place, ZA, to which that statute, Malchut, grips. Thus, upper and lower conjoin. The statutes in Malchut are in the ordinances in ZA, and all the Mitzvot [commandments] in the Torah and all the sentences in the Torah and all the sanctities in the Torah are gripped to these ZA and Malchut, since the written Torah is ZA and the oral Torah is Malchut.

Zohar for All, BeHukotai (In My Statutes), item 16

Malchut is called the “Assembly of Israel” because she assembles all our souls. She is also called Shechina (Divinity) because the Creator is in her. She becomes revealed by the law of equivalence of form.

The Creator is called “The Holy One Blessed Be He,” Zeir Anpin. Toward Malchut, it is her upper one, and the upper one is always considered the “emanator.” Our work is only to correct Malchut (kingdom/kingship) as it is written, “To correct [also establish] the world in the kingdom of Shadai [the Lord].”[8]

The world is concealed, and we must make everything revealed. Shadai means She Dai (enough), meaning under limitations. When Malchut clings to Zeir Anpin there will be Zivug (coupling), connection between them. This will connect the Creator and the Shechina, Zeir Anpin and Malchut, law and ordinance, the written Torah and the oral Torah. Everything will connect.

It is not the Torah that we know as a printed book or as text on parchment. Rather, the Torah is a revelation of the Creator to the creature. According to our level of revelation, we have the written Torah and the oral Torah, either at the level of Malchut or at the level of Zeir Anpin. The Zohar relates to our ascent from souls scattered in the worlds Beria, Yetzira, Assiya, to the collection of our souls, desires, our cravings to reveal the Creator, to rise to His degree, when all of us gather in Malchut, the Assembly of Israel. By the force of our desire to be together we compel Malchut to rise to Zeir Anpin and unite with him. This is how we achieve Dvekut with the Creator.

Do reward and punishment indicate where we are not acting according to nature’s laws, so nature acts toward us in an unfavorable manner?

We live in the world we have built for us. Even now we are standing right before the light of Ein Sof (infinity). The world is a projection of our own qualities. The Creator fills everything; we only feel the world outside and others. That is, we only feel our own qualities: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking, projecting various shades on the abstract light, which we see as the image of the world. We have no idea how truly immersed we are in that depiction, in the charade. We build our world by ourselves. The wisdom of Kabbalah often writes about it, such as in Baal HaSulam’s “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” and in the ARI’s Gate to Intentions.

Today even science is saying that to the extent that we correct ourselves, we see an opposite world. If we change one of our qualities from bad to good, we will see a different world. This is how we correct all the desires that the light that reforms shows us. Of course, it is impossible to correct them alone, but one can ask for the correction and sympathize with it, and thus achieve the corrected state.

In other words, the animate degree that humanity is currently in must pass away and rise to a higher degree, called Adam (human). Only then will we understand what reward and punishment truly are feel them.

When and how will that transformation take place?

It will happen only through disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah, as the Kabbalists write. This is why the Kabbalists hid it until now, as Baal HaSulam writes in his essay, “Time to Act.” Today we must disseminate the wisdom and correct ourselves, as well as work for the correction of the world, thus being a “light for the nations.”

Is this the natural flow of humanity?

Of course, we have to do it. It is the future of the whole of humanity. In the near future all of us will have to make that change. First, the people of Israel will dispel anti-Semitism and the negative attitude toward Israel that is prevailing in the world today.

Actually, anti-Semitism is a natural attitude, which will only worsen as the ego grows and the people of Israel delay the correction. Israel will be blamed for the world not being in good condition. It is arranged this way from above. The world is feeling it subconsciously, and we are witnessing reflections of that accusation on a daily basis.

From The Zohar: Seven Times More for Your Sins

The Creator’s sublime love for Israel is like a king who had an only son who sinned before the king. One day, he sinned before the king. The king said, “All those days I have been striking you but you did not receive. Henceforth, see what I will do to you. If I expel you from the land and take you out of the kingdom, bears might charge you in the field, or wild wolves or murderers could obliterate you from the world. What should I do? Instead, you and I will go out of the land.”

“You and I will leave the land and go into exile.” This is what the Creator said to Israel. “What shall I do with you? I have stricken you but you would not listen; I have brought upon you enemies at war and harm-doers to strike you, but you would not listen. If I take you out of the land alone, I fear that several bears and several wolves will rise against you and obliterate you from the world. But what shall I do with you? Thus, you and I will leave the land and go into exile, as it is written, ‘And I will chastise you,’ to go into exile. And if you say that I will leave you, I, too, am with you.”

Zohar for All, BeHukotai (In My Statutes), item 49-50

The above text does not concern exile from the plot of land we live on and call “the land of Israel.” rather; it is exile from the spiritual land of Israel. The word Eretz (land) comes from the word Ratzon (desire). Ysrael (Israel) comes from the words Yashar El (straight to God). We want to correct all of our 613 desires one at a time, so they all aim Yashar El, in order to bestow, like the Creator.

It is called being in the “complete land of Israel.” As long as we want to correct our desires so they are Israel, we will be worthy of being in those desires, as well as in the physical land of Israel. Baal HaSulam writes that we have received the land of Israel and the state of Israel as an advance so we may begin the correction. However, we have not actually won it, and if we do not carry out the correction, it will be taken away from us.

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Biblical Numerology Hints at Obama’s Destructive Role in the Messianic Prophecies 

“Whatsoever cometh into being, the name thereof was given long ago, and it is foreknown what man is; neither can he contend with Him that is mightier than he. Seeing there are many words that increase vanity, what is man the better?” Ecclesiastes 6:10-11 (The Israel Bible™)
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Judaism holds that a name is a powerful aspect of a person’s identity. Gematria, a method of Hebrew numerology, is commonly used as a method to understand how one fits into the divine plan. A glimpse into what numerologists have said about US President Barack Obama may reveal some uncomfortable truths, or simply confirm what we already suspect.

Gematria is the practice of assigning each Hebrew letter a numerical value. Rabbis teach that calculations of the Gematria of Hebrew names and words reveal hidden layers of meaning by linking together words and phrases of similar or identical numbers.  

Torah scholars Joel Gallis and Dr. Robert Wolf, who taught the Bible for almost two decades, are experts in making connections through numerology. They wrote extensively about Obama in their blog, Redemption 5768, during Obama’s first term, and many of their conclusions are still quoted by Jewish thinkers today.

Gallis and Wolf noted that Obama was destined for leadership since the Gematria of his full name, Barack Hussein Obama (בּרק חוסיין אובּאמה), is 501, equal to the Gematria of the word ראש (head, or leader). The type of leader he will be is revealed through another calculation: Obama’s first term was as the 44th president of the United States, and the 44th word in the Torah is ולחשׁך (and to the darkness).

Though he self-identifies as a Christian, his mother’s religion, their numerology of Obama’s name connects him to Islam, the religion of his adoptive and biological fathers. The Gematria of his full name is equal to the Gematria of the word יִּשְׁמְעֵאלִּים (Ishmaelites), who are considered by most Biblical commentaries to represent Arabs and the world of Islam. The Gematria of Barack Obama, without his middle name (בּרק אובּאמה), is 357, the same value as קוראן (Koran), the holy book of the Ishmaelites.

Gallis and Wolf also found hints at Obama’s place in the Messianic process. At Mount Sinai, Moses prophesied about what would happen to Israel at the End of Days.

For I know that after my death ye will in any wise deal corruptly, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the end of days; because ye will do that which is evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke Him through the work of your hands. (Deuteronomy 31:29)

Moses predicted that evil would befall Israel as a result of their own actions (במעֲשֵה יְַדֵיכֶם). The Gematria of במעֲשֵה יְַדֵיכֶם is 501, equal to Barack Hussein Obama, who was elected two times by over 70 percent of the Jews in America, despite his decidedly anti-Israel policies.

In the verse, Moses uses the word וְקָרָאת (and it will happen). The only other time this form of the word is used in the entire Torah is when an angel tells Hagar that she is with child and that she should call her son Ishmael (Genesis 16:11). The angel reveals the future of Ishmael:

And he shall be a wild ass of a man: his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the face of all his brethren. (Genesis 16:12)

Despite calling for peace, Obama has fulfilled the prophecy concerning Ishmael’s influence in the world and his destructive role in Moses’ prediction of the end of days. Last month, Obama claimed at a speech in Germany that we are living in the “most peaceful era” in history. However, a recent study by Mida, a liberal Israeli current affairs and opinion online magazine, showed that 80 percent more people were killed in wars around the globe under Obama than under Bush.

The Gematria of Obama’s full name is also equal to the Gematria of the phrase מי במים ומי באשׁ (who by water and who by fire). This is the first method of divine retribution listed in the liturgy recited on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Gallis and Wolf claim this is related to Obama’s hubris as exhibited in Obamacare, his healthcare program. The president now decides who will receive healthcare, who will live and who will die.

Interestingly, the Torah teachers note that the Gematria of Obama’s name actually indicates that he is indeed very close to being the messiah – with one significant difference.

“The Gematria of Barack Obama בּרק אובּאמה is 357, just one short of the 358 of Mashiach (Hebrew for messiah). But the ONE that is missing is Hashem, the Master of the Universe who is ONE. Without God on his side, he is nothing but a false messiah.”

President Obama has been in office for almost seven and a half years. While next year’s candidates campaign for votes, it is important to understand what happened under the last president in order to determine what is needed from a future leader. Gematria is a unique tool for presenting possible interpretations of modern events from a Biblical perspective.
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