Czech Republic now officially called the Czechia

Czech Republic now officially called the Czechia

That is the new official name of the country in English.


(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)
A country name will be carefully considered: Is it too bulky, it may no one can say – as in the case of the Czech Republic, which now assumes its colloquial counterpart. Unfortunately for many anglophile Czechs, the likelihood of confusion worry.

The Czech Republic is now officially shortly Czechia. That the representatives of the highest constitutional bodies decided on Thursday night, as a government spokesman said. In English the state’s in the middle of Europe now briefly “Czechia”, in French “la Tchéquie”. This ends a more than 20 years of discussion in Prague politics, during which proposals as “Czech land” were discarded.

The one word comprehensive expression is to be used especially at sporting events and in marketing materials. At the meeting at Prague Castle attended by President Milos Zeman and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, the chairman of the two chambers of parliament and the foreign, defense and industry ministers participated. The new state name will now be officially registered at the United Nations.

Critics of innovation had referred to the likelihood of confusion of English “Czechia” with “Chechnya”, ie the Russian republic of Chechnya. An opponent of the short form “Cesko” (Bohemia) was the 2011 deceased former president, essayist and playwright Vaclav Havel. “I run shivers down your spine when I see this expression in letters from readers,” he once said in an interview.


As a man who was born in 1977 in Czechoslovakia, then later after velvet revelation in 1989 it was called CSFR(Czech and Slovak Federal Republic) and later in 1993 when czechs and Slovaks decided seperate it became Czech Republic I am seriously worried and embarrassed.
My origin country was for thousands of years Bohemia. Why politicians cannot do right thing and again messing up? I am afraid I do not understand.