Gnostic View of ‘Christ Versus Antichrist’

Dazzling intellectualism, as the manifested functionalism of the psychological “I,” is without a doubt the Antichrist.

Those who suppose that the Antichrist is a strange personage born somewhere on the Earth or coming from this or that country are certainly completely mistaken. We have emphatically stated that the Antichrist is definitely not a particular person, but all people. Obviously, the Antichrist itself exists deep within each person and expresses itself in many ways.

Intellect which is placed in the service of the Spirit is useful; intellect which is divorced from the Spirit becomes useless. Villains arise from intellectualism without spirituality: a vivid manifestation of the Antichrist. Obviously, the villain, in and for itself, is the Antichrist.

Unfortunately, the world today with all its tragedies and miseries is governed by the Antichrist. The state of chaos in which modern humanity finds itself is undoubtedly due to the Antichrist. [ ]

Clearly, the intellectual animal mistakenly called human being is a robot, programmed at kindergarten, primary and secondary school, college and the university, etc. No one can deny that a programmed robot functions according to its programming. In no way could it function if the program were removed. The Antichrist has produced the program with which the humanoid robots of these decadent times are programmed. [ ] 

A child is born innocent and pure. The Essence expressing itself through each child is exceedingly precious. Without a doubt, Nature deposits in the brain of newborns all the wild, natural, sylvan, cosmic and spontaneous information indispensable for the capture or comprehension of truths. These are contained in any natural phenomena perceivable by the senses. This means that a new born baby can discover by itself the reality of each natural phenomenon. Regrettably, the Antichrist’s program interferes with it, and the marvelous qualities placed by Nature in the brains of the newborns are soon destroyed. The Antichrist prohibits different ways of thinking; all babies that are born must be programmed by order of the Antichrist.

There is no doubt that the Antichrist mortally hates that precious sense of the Being known as the ‘faculty of instinctive perception of cosmic truths.’

-Samael Aun Weor, The Great Rebellion


The antichrist is materialism and intellectualism. Antichristic materialistic values permeate our world, causing us to think that material, physical reality is all that exists.

The Christ is a universal and cosmic force that enters into creation to redeem and elevate, to forgive and to love. The antichrist can never understand sacrifice born of love, compassion and mercy which is a pure action of the Christ force.

In our current psychological state we are human robots programmed by the antichrist with the values of materialism and intellectualism. We do not listen to our hearts that cry out before injustice and suffering, we merely escape into theories of the mind or distracting pleasures.

Robots are created in the world by the intellectual values, and may be programmed to have a great intelligence and even to learn new things. But a robot can never have consciousness in the truest sense, which is a faculty of the divine, internal Essence that comes from the superior worlds. Samael Aun Weor writes that in ancient Atlantis they developed a technology that could transplant the consciousness of an elemental (spirit of plant or animal) into a robot so that it had some level of autonomy, but this is a violation of nature, and not a true birth of a living creature with a real consciousness.

Robots built by humans are becoming more and more advanced, and unfortunately because of our psychological state of sleep and disconnection from our true Being, we think that robots will eventually become equal or superior to humans in every respect. We believe that a robot with great abilities with calculation, memory, and learning is the highest level of being, but this just shows our disconnection from our true internal Being, from God, from love and compassion through a superior emotion.
Everything that is created is from sex, the mixture of the positive, negative and neutral forces. Robots are created by humans with their consciousness trapped and conditioned by materialism; robots are not imbued with the divine consciousness that is a natural outgrowth of sexual creation.

Robots can never truly love, they cannot develop the higher emotions of mercy, wisdom, discernment, they cannot develop Christic virtues of sacrifice for others out of love. The antichrist is intellectual materialism; Christ is love beyond what we can even imagine, and yet Christic love can exist in the smallest moments of our lives, which we cherish forever and spread out into the world.