Hebrew Prophetic End of Hebrew Alphabet

We’ve seen t hat in t he Divine calendar f rom Adam t o Mashiach, year 0 t o year 5778 HC t here is midpoint marked by t he midpoint of King David’s 70 years life, the year 2889 HC. And it’s known by chazal that אדם (ADAM) stands for Adam-David-Mashiach.It’salsoknownthat becauseDavidwasnecessaryfor mankind but given no life of his own until the end of time in 5778 that Adam gave 70 years of his proposed 1000 year lif e f or David and t hus lived only 930 years.
But it’s also known that Jacob gave up 33 of the years of his life since he was supposed t o live as love as Isaac, his f at her (180) and t hat Joseph likewise gave up 37 years of his life since he was to live to 147 like Jacob, and not the 110 t hat he did. T oget her t hey sacrif iced 33 + 37 = 70 years, but since David already had his lif e allot t ed t o him by Adam, who received t he pat riarch’s 70 years.Just perhapsthesearethe70finalyearsfromthefoundingof Israelin 5708 t o t he f inal redempt ion in 5778.
So considering t his divine calendar so perf ect in it s const ruct as delineat ed in t he Book The Divine Calendar, what signif icance is t here in David’s birt h in 2854 HC, exactly 406 years after the reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai in 2448, seeing as 406 is the numerical value of the letter Tav, the last of the 22 regular let t ers, t he one represent ing t he end and malchut. If David’s birt h was t he end, what followed?
And while there were 406 years from the giving of the Torah to King David’s birth in 2854 and 406 is the spelled-out value of the letter tav (ת), there were an additional 906 years until the year 3760, the pivotal year 0 CE in the .)ק( Gregorian calendar and 906 is t he sofit value f or t he spelled out let t er koof T here were also 906 years (represent ing Koof) f rom t he Covenant of Abraham t o t he Birt h of King David, displaying symmet ry wit h t he Birt h of King David at t he apex and/or bot t om depending on your perspect ive.
Now t he let t er combinat ion Tav-koofתק is not commonly used as a word in Hebrew, but t he Zohar does use it t o describe t he act ual dist ance/lengt h of the Tree-of-Life, which is 500 parsangs פרסה according to the Zohar, the Book of Splendor.It isaninterestingdescriptionforthedistance(inspiritualitytime is measured as dist ance, and dist ance as similarit y of f orm) bet ween t he giving of the Torah and the pivotal beginning of the Gregorian calendar-from one end of the tree-of-life unto the other.

But if we were to extend outwards from the year 0 CE (3760) that same distance of 500 parsangs, which we now know to be 406 + 906 = 1312 years, the next edge of the Tree-of-Life would reach the year 1312 CE or 5072 HC, which is 706 years bef ore 5778 HC, t he prophesied dat e of t he arrival of t he Messiah. And 706 is t he value of t he composit e let t ers (nun sofit and vav) in the letter ץ Zaddi sofit, the last of the 5 final letters םןץףך, and the last of the t ot al 27 let t ers in t he Hebrew Alphabet (alef-bet), t he end of t he end.
Since we know Adam was to live 1000 years and 1000 is Elef (אלף) and thus also Alef (אלף) t han we see t he 2889 calendar spread out f rom Adam t o David and from Alef-to-Tav. There is a kabbalistic refrain for the word Atah, אתה, said in every blessing, and that is from Alef to tav to the ה hey of malchut. This hey whose simple ,)םןץףך, ךםןףץ( ,represent s t he 5 f inal let t ers, Manzipach )ה( numerical value is 280 and who collect ively represent judgment . T heir f inal value is 3500 and 3500 – 2889 = 611, t he numerical value of t he “T orah.”
And considering t hat Zaddi is t he last of t he 5 f inal let t ers, it ’s very apropos that the spelled-out values of the composite letters (ן nun sofit and vav ו) that make of the Zaddi sofit(ץ) is 778, as in 5778.
We know that the 78 in 5778 represents the tree-of-life through its initials, the Ayin-Chet (numerical value 78) of YZ ChYYM, and we’ve just learned t he t he letter Zaddi sofit (ץ) will be found at the end of time (5778), so now we can
bet t er underst and t he reason David had t o be given 70 years of lif e, and also the reason that the Patriarchs had to give up 70 years of their lives in order to support us during t he f inal 70 years f rom Israel becoming a nat ion in 5708 unt il 5778. The 70 years is the Ayin (Y) of value 70 in the word tree, which in the end of days will be combined with the Zaddi sofit (ץ) to form Etz, (ץ), the tree. And Chaim (lif e) (ChYYM) can be permut ed t o f orm Mashiach (MShYCh) when t he second let t er Yud is convert ed t o a Shin t hrough gemat ria albam. T hus when Mashiach comes in the end of days, we’ll have available to us the tree-of-life (10 sefirot) consciousness, t he abilit y t o see beyond t he illusion of reality.

And t he word f or realit y in Hebrew (MZYEVT ) is comprised on Metz (MZ) meaning chaf f (t he surrounding husks we t hrow of f /away) and 10 (Y) Ot (EVT ), meaning signs, or possibly 10 sefira, t hus what we call realit y now is in act ually a covering of the signs we need to guide us through life, a covering of the 10 sefirot, which is lif e it self , t he lif e of t he soul. Once H’Mashiach comes along the chaff will be blown away for those that really want to see, to live. For 3330 (or 50 jubilee x 66.6 years) since t he t ime of t he 10 signs/plagues we’ve sampled this every Pesach (Passover) when we cleansed our homes of all H’MZ (chaf f ). But we haven’t been able t o rid ourselves of t he Metz (chaf f ) inside us, inside our heads.
So it seems t hat t he year 5778 is not only t he end of t he Divine Calendar, but of t he Hebrew alef-bet as well. What happens t hereaf t er has yet t o be writ t en.
We do need to work on getting rid of the metz (chaff) in our heads; that much is clear. No drop f rom above happens wit hout t wo drops f rom below, work and faith. The Mashiach will come. It’s up to each of us to benefit from it. Remember, the future is yet to be written