How WatchTower ( Makes Money-Tax Fraud

Its all about the MONEY!!!

*UPDATED AS OF February 28th, 2015*In 2001, The Watchtower Society was reported as being one of the top 40 NYC corporations with an Annual revenue of 951 million dollars. Where does all of that money go?

If you don’t believe the information below, please check with your local elder. Please remember, you have to sound as if you are curious. Asking in a rude manner, or arguing with an elder will get you in trouble.

This is how the old system worked….

Every Kingdom Hall is built on a loan from the WTBTS. That loan was given out of donated money! That loan has to be paid back with interest by each individual congregations. If that loan is not paid in a month, the body of elders of each congregation have to use their own money and pay out of their own pocket, or somehow raise money to pay for the loan.

In 2014 however, there has been a new letter to the Body of Elders sent out to the society.

In 2015, there has been an even newer arrangement to read it, scroll all the way down.

The letter states that ALL congregations have been forgiven their debts. But, they are to PERMANENTLY send in donations to the society in an amount that’s either EQUAL TO, or GREATER than their previous mortgage payments. It’s like a NEVER ENDING Debt. It’s a compulsory “Donation” that EACH CONGREGATION HAS to send in to the society.

Now let’s do some math…..

The letter says that there are 13000 Kingdom Hall PROJECTS  and 35 assembly hall PROJECTS in progress worldwide.

Total Congregations Worldwide: 113,823

If on a monthly basis, each congregation gives

US$ 100 The WTBTS gets US$ 11,382,300 – That’s over 11 MILLION DOLLARS!!! PER MONTH!!!
Annually = US$ 136,587,600

US$ 200 The WTBTS gets US$ 22,764,600 – That’s over 22.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!! PER MONTH!!!
Annually = US$ 273,175,200

US$ 300 The WTBTS gets US$ 34,146,900 – That’s over 34 MILLION DOLLARS!!! PER MONTH!!!
Annually = US$ 409,762,800

This time…. the WTBTS has hit the ultimate JACKPOT!!! raking in millions of dollars from the congregations worldwide, making them believe that this is what “Jehovah” wants. In reality…. About over 80 percent of witnesses accept everything without question from the society. This reminds me of the November Watchtower Study edition, where the society tells the rank and file members, “at that time the life-saving message that they receive must be obeyed, even if it seems unpractical from a human standpoint”.

An additional thing that the letter mentions is that there is a need for 13,000 Kingdom Hall projects, and 35 Assembly halls. MOST witnesses automatically figure that 13000 Kingdom Halls are needed… In reality, If you built 13,000 Kingdom Halls, each with just 1 congregation and 50 publishers in total, you would need 650,000 new publishers!!! But the growth the society has, is not equivalent to 650,000 Publishers per year. Let’s take a look at the real growth:

This factual information is based on the 2014, and 2013 yearbook provided on

2012 2013 Increase
Total Average Publishers 7,538,994 7,698,377 159,383
Baptized 268,777 277,344 8,567
Total Peak Publishers 7,782,346 7,965,954 183,608

If you divide the increase of the Total Average Publishers of 159,383 by 50 publishers per congregation, per Kingdom Hall, you would have 3188 Kingdom Halls that would be required to be built.
If you divide the increase of the Total Peak Publishers of 183,608 by 50 publishers per congregation, per Kingdom Hall, you would have 3672 Kingdom Halls that would be required to be built.

If you divide the number of people baptized in 2013 of 277,344 by 50 publishers per congregation, per Kingdom Hall, you would have 5547 Kingdom Halls that would be required to be built. But the number of baptized cannot be taken into consideration due to the fact that they were already publishers before getting baptized. The congregations counts publishers, not the number of baptized witnesses. The number of baptized just shows how many people actually went all the way to believe the organization and hand-over their lives to the organization. Number of baptized also shows the org how many people can commit to pioneering, either auxiliary or regular.

I used the number 50 to show an extremely low number of publishers per congregation. However, if you increase that number to 100…. the number of Kingdom Halls decrease even further, not counting the fact that most Kingdom Halls are shared by at least 2 congregations. At that rate, you would have to divide by 200. For example, if you divide the Total Average Publishers of 159,383 by 100 publishers for 2 congregations, per Kingdom Hall, you would have 797 Kingdom Halls that would be required to be built. If you divide the Total Peak Publishers of 183,608 by 100 publishers for 2 congregations, per Kingdom Hall, you would have 918 Kingdom Halls that would be required to be built.

If I confused you, I apologize 🙂 The point of the above was to show that 13,000 Kingdom Halls is just a ridiculously high number for witnesses to think that they are growing that much.

In fact, now with this new arrangement, I doubt that the society is going to be investing that much money into building new Kingdom Halls, unless of course, with the intent to get more monthly income from them.They will also MOST LIKELY STOP doing Kingdom Hall renovations…. because renovating a kingdom hall will now directly cost them money out of their own pockets.

They just bought another property near Warwick for 8 million dollars!!! They will be manufacturing bathrooms to take to Warwick!!! Just how many bathrooms do they need? Whatever happened to simplifying? They could’ve built normal small bathrooms, instead of luxurious bathrooms that they would need to manufacture in one place, then transfer to another. Who really knows how much more they own!!! For the new purchase, go to this link… If you dont believe it, call up the NY bethel and verify the purchase and ask for the purchasing department.

So the only part that costs WTBTS money is when it comes to the  printing of books and magazines. The rest is done by volunteers for free. In addition, all those volunteers worldwide, presently at at almost 8 million people donate money to their local WTBTS branches, and also to the headquarters.

How much money do they need? Selling buildings has been the specialty of the WTBTS. They buy a building, renovate it with free labor, then resell the building for double or triple the value. And then they keep asking for more money from their rank and file members.

The purpose of the 1st circuit overseer visit in 2013 was to beg for money. Now you can donate online with a credit card. Where does all of that money go? There’s no real accountability.

Local congregations show accountability. Where is the accounts report from the WTBTS headquarters?

In 2015, there has been an even newer arrangement of building Kingdom Halls that are commercially designed. This was showed in a video-conference to all of the elders in the US. Most likely the rank and file Jehovah’s Witnesses do not know about this new plan. However, all those new Kingdom Halls are going to be built using their donations. Why would a religious organization build a commercially styled place of worship? So that it can be readily sold to new bidders who are willing to pay money. The new Kingdom halls can be readily converted into a bank, a restaurant, or any other business. Was Solomon’s temple built with a commercial-applications plan? Was Solomon ever planning on selling his temple?

People are too blind to see the scam and keep donating their hard-earned money to an organization that’s after their money in more subtle ways than any church. I hope someone wakes up and smell the truth for what it really is. Do lots of research. This organization has a lot to hide and hopes you never find out because the Internet is filled with information that will show that this organization teaches the Bible in a twisted manner. They label everything else as apostate and worldly, and show themselves as the truth. They are afraid that you’ll find out the truth about them, and then leave them, which will mean lesser income. Jwfacts is a good place to find out how the JW’s have been duped. I too was duped for 20 years…. until I found out the real truth.