ELohim’s (Almighty’s) GREAT NATION – Yisra’EL!


ELohim’s (Almighty’s) GREAT NATION – Yisra’EL!
Are you wise and have understanding?

In a previous post last week, we established from Scripture that there is ONLY ONE
Torah (law) for both Jew and Stranger (non-Jew), including Gentiles (Exo 12:49).
Ecc 12:13 teaches us that these laws APPLY TO ALL MANKIND (including you and I, NOT only the Jews).
We also confirmed that Gentiles (including Christians) can BECOME PART of the restored nation of Yisra’EL, if they REPENT from lawlessness [taught in the majority of “churches” today (Acts 11:18)]!
Gentiles can thus be grafted into Yisra’EL, [IF they OBEY the COMMANDS of The Almighty] Eze 37:16-23 and Rom 11:13-27.

Let’s go back to Torah (first 5 Books of Scripture) to SEE, HEAR and LISTEN to WHAT was commanded to Yisra’EL (INCLUDES ALL who OBEY the COMMANDS of The Almighty, both Jew and Gentile) . . .
Deut 4:1 “And now, O Yisra’ĕl, LISTEN to the laws and the right-rulings which I am teaching you to do, so that you LIVE, and shall go in and POSSESS the land which YHUH Elohim (Almighty) of your fathers is giving you.

Deut 4:6-9 “And you shall GUARD and DO them (laws and right-rulings), for this is your WISDOM and your UNDERSTANDING before the eyes of the PEOPLES (including Gentiles) who HEAR all these LAWS, and they shall say, ‘Only a WISE and UNDERSTANDING people is this GREAT NATION!’ “For what great nation is there which has Elohim so near to it, as YHUH our Elohim is to us, whenever we call on Him? “And what great nation is there that has such laws and righteous right-rulings like ALL this TORAH which I set before you this day? “Only, GUARD YOURSELF, and guard your LIFE DILIGENTLY, lest you forget the Words your eyes have seen, and lest they turn aside from
your heart all the days of your life. And you shall MAKE them KNOWN to your CHILDREN and your GRANDCHILDREN.

From the above verses we see that those who OBEY the commands of Almighty Yahuah (YHUH) are called WISE and UNDERSTANDING, and a GREAT NATION!
The COMMAND (not a suggestion) of The Almighty is to GUARD His laws and right-rulings and to MAKE THEM KNOW to our CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN!
The vast majority of believers are GUILTY before Almighty Yahuah, as they have NOT GUARDED these laws, NOR have they taught it to their children and grandchildren!
Instead they have listened to man’s counterfeit and corrupt laws that has kept them bound to a corrupt babylonian system (spiritual Babylon)! We are COMMANDED to COME-OUT of this false and corrupt system (Jer 51:6 and Rev 18:4).

This passage of Scripture continues to COMMAND [Yisra’EL] to GUARD COVENANT with Yahuah (YHUH)!
Deut 4:13-14 “And He made known to you His COVENANT which He commanded you to do, the TEN WORDS (marriage vows), and He wrote them on two tablets of stone. “And YHUH [commanded] me at that time to TEACH you LAWS and RIGHT-RULINGS, for you to DO THEM in the land which you pass over to possess.

Sadly the majority of believers have BROKEN COVENANT with Yahuah and [mostly unknowingly] embraced COVENANT with corrupt “spiritual babylon” by observing their counterfeit pagan traditions and laws.
From Deut 4 (verses 23-28), we read that the Yisraelites’ would turn away from what they were COMMANDED and BREAK COVENANT with Almighty Yahuah (YHUH/YHWH).

The CONSEQUENCE of this rebellion and disobedience were that they would beSCATTERED amongst gentiles, where they would serve other “gods” IN DISTRESS.
This is exactly what we see in the world today – believers serving man and their traditions through a corrupt “babylonian church system”, keeping believers bound to all their man-made doctrine’s, twisting and changing Scripture to suit their lawless structures/lifestyles!

In Almighty Yahuah’s great compassion, He gives all scattered Yisraelites (both Jew and Gentile) the opportunity to REPENT [when they are in distress]. He guides them to SEEK Him, RETURN to Him and be SAVED and DELIVERED from the corruptions of spiritual babylon (the corrupt church or religious system, teaching the doctrines and traditions of man) . . .
Deut 4:29-31 “But from there you shall SEEK YHUH your Elohim, and shall FIND, when you SEARCH for Him with ALL your HEART and with all your BEING. “In your DISTRESS, when all these words shall come upon you in the LATTER DAYS, then you shall RETURN to YHUH your Elohim and shall OBEY His voice. “For YHUH your Elohim is a compassionate Ěl, He does NOT FORSAKE YOU, nor destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers
which He swore to them. PLEASE NOTE the SEQUENCE of events in the above verses!
1) SEEK Yahuah (YHUH)
2) FIND Yahuah [if He is sought with all our heart and being]
3) RETURN to Yahuah [and His COVENANT (Torah)]
4) OBEY His voice [guarding His commands/Torah]
5) Yahuah will NOT FORSAKE or DESTROY us

The PROMISE to all Yisraelites who RETURN to Yahuah and His COVENANT (Torah)!.
Deut 4:39-40 “And you shall know today, and shall RECALL to your HEART that YHUH Himself is Elohim in the heavens above and on the earth beneath; there is none else. “And you shall GUARD His LAWS and His COMMANDS which I command you today, so that it is
WELL WITH YOU and with your CHILDREN AFTER YOU, and so that you PROLONG YOUR DAYS on the soil which YHUH your Elohim is giving you for all time.”

ARE you PART of Yisra’EL – the nation (people) of The Almighty?
Then you should REPENT from the laws and traditions of “spiritual babylon” [the “church”], contradicting and changing the laws of The Almighty; SEEK Yahuah with all your heart and all your being;
FIND Yahuah; RETURN to His COVENANT – His commands and laws (Torah)!
Read also Deut 28-29.

May all the WISE and UNDERSTANDING LISTEN to The Word of The Almighty! They will HEAR His voice, and willingly and obediently DO all that He has commanded through His Word, guiding them to redemption, deliverance and everlasting life!