Now the blatant wrong teachings of, the lies of, the watchtower are being told. This in order that, the many who are being deceived by her, that is the organization, might come to see, the glorious good news according to the word of God.
Now the word of God is plain for all to see. Let us therefore examine what God’s word has to say about our Mediator.
For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom FOR ALL, 1 Tim. 2:5

This is very clear, is it not? What however does the watchtower say? Notice:

“So in this strict Biblical sense Jesus is the “mediator” ONLY FOR ANOINTED CHRISTIANS. Watchtower 1979 April 1, page 31

But is THIS what God’s word says? I did not notice that in reading this verse,,,did you? I did not see the BIBLE say that Jesus is the mediator ONLY FOR SOME, ON THE CONTRARY, GOD’S WORD SAYS JESUS IS THE RANSOM FOR ALL,YES ALL CHRISTIANS!

So then, where does this leave the great crowd? Who is Their mediator??

“The “great crowd” of “other sheep” that is forming today is not in that new covenant. However, by their associating with the “little flock” of those yet in that covenant they come under benefits that flow from that new covenant.”Watchtower 1979 Apr 1 p.31

To keep in relationship with “our Savior, God,” the “great crowd” needs to remain united with the remnant of spiritual Israelites.” Watchtower 1979 Nov 15 p.27 Benefiting from “One Mediator Between God and Men”

So then, according to the watchtower, the great crowd ONLY BENEFIT BY REMAINING WITH THE REMNANT, hmmm, WHO is their mediator then??

“… the new covenant is between Jehovah God and spiritual Israel, with Jesus as its Mediator.” God’s Word For Us Through Jeremiah p.173
The watchtower continues with this teaching, in their 2010 publication, God’s Word For Us Through Jeremiah.

This teaching continues by the watchtower, although many Jehovah’s Witnesses are not aware of this teaching today.

“He mediates the new covenant between God and those taken into the new covenant, the congregation of spiritual Israel. The total number of those who are finally and permanently sealed is revealed in Revelation 7:4-8 as 144,000.”Insight on the Scriptures, Volume 2 p.362 (Mediator)

Since most congregations no longer have any anointed to associate with, the REALITY IS THE MEDIATOR FOR THE GREAT CROWD IS THE GOVERNING BODY! This begs the question, WHO APPOINTED THEM AS YOUR MEDIATOR?? According to the Word of God, Only Jesus Christ is the mediator, FOR ALL MANKIND. The governing body HAS APPOINTED ITSELF AS YOUR MEDIATOR. I wonder if God recognizes them as your mediator? Do your pray through them? Do you end your prayers with, in the name of the governing body amen? JUST WHEN DID GOD APPOINT THEM AS YOUR MEDIATOR? ARE THEY NOT UNINSPIRED, SINFUL MEN AS THE REST OF US ARE?

Why then do you put your trust and faith in them? Does not God’s Word say: Do NOT put your trust in nobles, IN WHOM NO SALVATION BELONGS?? WHY THEN DO YOU LOOK TO MEN FOR SALVATION, OR TO AN ORGANIZATION? DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS IS IDOLATRY?

“We cannot take part in any modern version of idolatry-be it worshipful gestures toward an image or symbol or the IMPUTING OF SALVATION TO A PERSON OR AN ORGANIZATION. Watchtower Nov. 1, 1990 page 26

The watchtower and the governing body recognizes this is idolatry!! Notice this above quote was published in 1990, yet LOOK at Another statement published ALSO in 1990, see below.

“They must appreciate that identifying themselves with Jehovah’s organization is essential to their salvation.” Kingdom Ministry 1990 Nov p.1

Here the ORGANIZATION IS LINKED TO SALVATION!! YET the WATCHTOWER SAID TO DO THIS IS IDOLATRY!! Can you SEE the watchtower contradicting itself?? Can you see it contradicting God’s Word?? Why then do you continue to be faithful, to have faith in, to obey, AN ORGANIZATION RATHER THAN GOD??

Who then are you really worshiping God or the governing body?